Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 14: Realization

"You honestly don't come here often?" Landon asked in astonishment.

"Well no. I do my homework on Saturdays so I can make Sundays my relaxation day. I end up being too exhausted to go out and just stay inside to catch up on sleep," Erela shrugged it off as if it was no big deal before she drank her pint of butterbeer to cover her blushing face.

Landon rolled his eyes at her and said: "Dweeb."

"Shut up . . ." she shot back quietly as she pursed her lips.

The three of them had been walking around Hogsmeade spewing complaints about school and their professors. Stacee, as usual, didn't talk much and let Landon talk for him seventy-eight percent of the time. Every once in a while he would make a comment before listening to Landon and Erela babble on. Whenever there was too long of silence, Landon would bring up a different topic. The longest he allowed any peace and quiet was five seconds.

"What does your family do?" he asked Erela as he ate some chicken.

"Well . . . my father is an Auror and my mum is a hairdresser," she answered.

"A hairdresser?" Stacee looked at Erela quizzically.

She pursed her lips to keep herself from chuckling. The Huflepuff girl had to remind herself that most pureblood witches and wizards didn't quite understand careers that Muggles worked in. "They're people who work with hair. They cut and dye your hair," she simplified for him.

"There's an actual career for that?" he furrowed his brows.

Erela chuckled quietly and nodded her head. "Not all of us have the ability to change our hair color and save hundreds of galleons a month."

"Well excuse me," he rolled his eyes at her and gave her a side hug. "Sorry for being strange."

"Embrace your strangeness," she rolled her eyes back and looked to the freckled boy with a bold pierced below his lip. "Okay, Stacee told me something a while ago and I have been trying to pin point what it is."

"Okay?" Landon raised a brow at her and looked toward Stacee, who was choking on his food a moment ago before he started to have a giggle fit. Erela blinked at him a couple times as Stacee leaned back in his seat and raised his hand to her for her to proceed and entertain him.

"Um . . . Well, Stacee asked me if I was a Veela or some other thing," she started off. She did answer she was half-blood, but nothing more than that. By all means, she could have some other magical being blood in her from her grandparents that made it harder to identify if she was anything else but human. She could be a vampire and show little traits if she were one. "Since he asked that, I'm assuming you're not all human."

Landon blinked at her and was waiting on her to tell she was joking like Stacee did. She only stared at him. Stacee sat back with great difficulty to keep a straight face and keep his chuckles in. "You're actually serious . . ." Landon said.

"I have already been teased by Stacee about this," she rolled her eyes. She had about enough of being completely clueless and wanted to know the little secret so she didn't feel like a total idiot. "So what are you? A werewolf or something?"



"That's exactly what I am," he nodded, crossed his arms, and leaned toward her in interest. Geez, she was just kidding.

And just like that. It made sense. The injuries he would come to class in every month that she always assumed he had gotten in a fight and the scars that peeked from under his shirt that were from self infliction when he transformed, the constant antagonizing from the student body, and the fact that every once in a while she would see him and Stacee run off to the Forbidden Forest on certain nights. She never noticed that those were full moon days.

Wow . . . how DID Landon manage to get Erela to not notice after all those years?

Landon watched her and waved his hand in front of her face to check if she hadn't spaced out. "God, no wonder you treated me the way you did."


"It's not often that you come across someone who is friendly to you, especially when they know you're a monster . . ."

"Yeah . . ." she pursed her lips. Erela wasn't entirely sure how to react. One of her friends was a werewolf. And she had just finally realized that when everyone else had known about Landon for years. "Sorry, I'm not sure how to react at the moment."

"The common reaction is walking away and never talking to us again," the freckled boy shrugged. He said it so casually, he was honest to god really used to it. How depressing . . .

Erela bit the side of her lip and tapped the tip of her nose. "I just need to let the realization sink in a little while longer . . ."

The boys looked to each other before getting back to their food. They didn't speak of the matter the rest of the day.

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