Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 15: Bothered

Maybe brushing it off like it was no big deal was a better reaction than staying quiet. At least she was being honest rather than lie and say it was cool to befriend a werewolf. She was a terrible liar anyway. They would have read it on her face if she attempted to lie. There was just no positive reaction when you discover your friend and crush transformed into a werewolf two days out of the month. Her father wouldn't exactly be pleased if he discovered his little girl hung out with a monster. Her mum, on the other hand, would find it fascinating. Being a constant explorer and discoverer of the magical world and all.

Erela walked out of her tunnel from the girls' room and found Landon lying on the couch with a pillow over his face. She immediately recognized him by the number of freckles down his arm. "Rough morning?"

Landon peeked from underneath the couch cushion at his tall housemate. "I guess?" he answered and covered himself again.

From his tone, he obviously was troubled. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing . . ."

As much as she wanted to press on, the voice in her head was telling her to leave him be in order to avoid him being annoyed at her. If it were possible for him to even get angry. "Okay . . ." she muttered and left the Hufflepuff common room to the Great Hall. As she was about to enter the grand mess room of the school, someone jumped on her back and almost brought her down from the extra weight.

"Hey robot," Michael greeted.

"Hey cow. You're heavy," she groaned.

"New goal for the summer, go to the gym and gain some muscles for this lanky body of yours."

"How about you get off or else I won't be capable of getting any muscle if your weight snaps these scrawny legs of mine in half," she growled and pushed him off.

"I missed yooooooou," Michel cooed jokingly and hugged her.

"Yeah yeah yeah," she rolled her eyes and pressed her palm against his forehead to push him away. "Too close, Michael."

"You must be the only girl in this school who has issues with hugs."

"I don't mind your hugs really. Your face being that close to my face, especially when you have a history of pecking me on the cheek, you can't blame me for pushing you away it," she stated grimly and sat at the Hufflepuff table. The Slytherin tables never welcomed people outside of their house, the Hufflepuffs were usually known for their over-the-top friendliness, next to the fact that they were extremely hard workers.

"That's because I love you," he rolled his eyes at her.

"I love you too, Michael," she sighed.

As the two friends dished up their plates, Michael studied his childhood friend and furrowed his brows at her. "What's wrong?"

"Christ almighty . . ." she groaned. How did he always figure out something was wrong with her? Was she that readable? Or did he just know her expressions that well? She might have to go to goblins to learn how to keep a stone face some more. Erela pursed her lips and stabbed her sausage with a fork before she started, "I discovered that Landon is a werewolf . . ."

"Discovered? You mean you didn't know?" he raised a brow at her. She nibbled on her food as she ignored his chuckling beside her. "Just now?"

"No . . . yesterday I found out . . ."

"How could you have missed it? The signs were there! Hell! You're housemates! You see him around more than the other houses," he kept going.

"I know!" she snapped. "I just . . . don't poke around in people's business. It's not my problem and it's not my business to know what goes on in people's lives," she sighed and sipped her milk.

"You're an incredibly studious person . . . and you NEVER realized that he disappears on full moons—OW!"

"Feel like teasing me some more?" she raised a brow at him, her brown eyes grim and hard. The screeching noise was nothing more than a whisper in her head and she could see that Michael could feel it tickling his head, threatening for it to shoot into pain.

"Fine fine, I'll stop. Freaking honey badger," he muttered.

"Annoying snake," she countered back and drained down her drink.

"So you're conflicted that you don't know how to react to your precious pup being a werewolf," he started.

Erela sighed and pushed her food with a knife. "I don't know . . . I definitely have nothing against werewolves. I'm not exactly bothered by it really . . ." she shrugged.

"So what's the problem?"

"I don't know . . . I guess I'm a little bit overwhelmed by the news," Erela said as she combed her fingers through her bangs. "I mean . . . it's a lot sit on. Kind of like how your family felt when they discovered I'm half Muggle."

"Yeah. But the difference between those reactions is that you actually like the animal—OW! Fucking bitch!" he growled as she pulled his ear.

"Be nice. It's not exactly a picnic in the park when I'm around your other friends. They're not exactly pleasant."

"Neither are you, but I tolerate you."

She tugged at his ear once before letting go and went back to her food. "Besides. I didn't talk the rest of the day to him after finding out. He probably thinks I freaked out."

"You did freak out, just in your own way," Michael sighed.

"That's reassuring . . ." The girl sighed and rest her chin on the palm of her hand.

"As much as I hate that guy, go fix your dumb problem with him. Just have dog treats on you so he'll cooperate and reward him for listening," he smirked.

Erela ran her fingers through the boy's dark hair and shoved him to the side before excusing herself. "Don't be an asshole." She could hear him laugh just behind her as she left the Great Hall to the common room entrance close to the kitchen. Just around the corner, there were Ravenclaws snogging. She rolled her eyes at the two and passed by them, but couldn't help but recognize the blonde girl.

Mable . . . Landon's girlfriend. And she had her tongue down someone else's throat.

Erela furrowed her brows and quickened her pace toward the common room, tapped the barrels for the code, and climbed into one of the barrels to the common room. Landon was still on the couch with his head covered by the pillow cushion. "Still a bad morning?" she started uncomfortably.

"Everything is peachy . . ." the freckled werewolf sighed.

Erela rubbed her hands against her jeans to dry the sweat from her palms as she proceeded to the couch and sat on the arm of it. "You don't want to talk about it?"

"Nope . . ."

She could only imagine. It wasn't like his girlfriend was cheating on him or something. Most likely it was that that was bothering him. Erela made sure to keep quiet and allow him to say anything if he felt like sharing it, giving him the mental space to think. When he did, he told her that he had broken up with Mable yesterday after he got back from Hogsmeade with Erela and Stacee . . .

Erela knew she shouldn't feel the way she did when he said he was single again, but she kind of felt relieved and ecstatic . . .

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