Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 16: Friends

"It's common for them to break up and get back together . . ." Stacee shrugged.

"So it's totally normal . . ." Erela sighed.

"Yeah. Stupid, right?"

Erela pursed her lips and couldn't help but be utterly disappointed in the news. So much for that . . . not like she had any chance with the werewolf anyway since she was still new to the group and was still getting to know each other as well as showing more of her natural self that even she was discovering.

"With Mable, it's just another inconvenience. It honestly doesn't effect her since there's always another guy waiting on the side lines."

"Geez . . ." she started and pinched the bridge of her nose.

"The both of them are idiots," he sighed. "She doesn't see the wrongs she causes and he's too damn blind to see her flaws. He's convinced he's madly in love with her."

So she noticed. Landon was moping around since his break-up until they had to leave Hogwarts home. Erela saw that he was okay and a little more bubbly. It was kind of a relief to see him smile a little bit as he was getting ready to leave school. Landon told Erela and Stacee to go down to the train before him and that he will catch up soon.

"Again, how do you deal with all this chaos?"

"Having a level head on you shoulders is needed," Stacee rolled his eyes. That could be the chase, Erela would have lost it a long time ago if she were in Stacee's shoes. "At least I have one friend that doesn't give me a headache from time to time."

"Glad to keep you sane," she chuckled.

"You two are such assholes," Landon said grimly and leaned on Stacee. "I could hear you guys from ten feet away."

"We were loud?" Erela started.

The freckled werewolf shook his head and pointed at his ear. It took her a couple moments to remember the wolf traits. Strong sense of hearing. Even with the loud crowd of students gathered toward the Hogwarts Express he still managed to hear his friends. Heightened senses of a wolf. "It's easy to find you guys."

"It's not like we were trying to hide anyway," Stacee rolled his eyes.

"Might as well have," Landon growled and messed up Stacee's hair. Erela couldn't help but chuckle. "Everyone here stinks and blends together in crowds." The tall Hufflepuff girl furrowed her brows and sniffed her dark hair. Landon noticed her for a moment before he smirked and shook his head. "Dweeb."

Erela narrowed her eyes at him just when the horn of the train broke through the chattering of students. God that must be painful for the one with sharp hearing such as the werewolf that stood before her. His eye twitched for a moment at the screeching horn before it stopped and left his ears ringing. It was about time they all got on and left to go home.


Erela had completely passed out on the train back home. Her head laid against Michael's shoulder while he was reading a book when the whistle of the train broke through the quiet room and snapped Erela awake. "How long was I out?" she yawned and rubbed the corners of her eyes.

"For about three hours, I believe," Michael shrugged and folded a corner of his book and smirked at Erela. "About time too, we have just arrived."

"And once I get home, I'm going to crash in my bed and pass out from there," the girl groaned and stretched her arms and long legs out before she reached up to get her bag.

"That's rather rude, don't you think? Your parents come to pick you up and you go to sleep immediately after coming home after a long period of time away from them?" Michael raised a brow at her.

"They understand," she yawned. "Long day, long trip, and I fall asleep in mechanical means of transportation," Erela explained.

"Oh that's right. Your family travels by cars."

She nodded as they both left the room into the crowded hall of students causing traffic to leave the train. "Maybe I should try Apparation class next term," she sighed.

"It would be useful after all. Shorter time to get to places," he nodded in agreement before he chuckled lightly and pat Erela's head.

"Less accidents," Erela shrugged.

"Yes, there's that too. More chances of causing a heart attack though or losing a limb if you don't do it correctly," Michael wrinkled his nose.

Erela did the same and furrowed her brows at the idea. "I'll think about it."

"Yeah, it would be best," he nodded and offered her down from when he got off the train. She took him by the shoulder and jumped off before they went to go get the rest of their things. "Most likely my parents are just going to summon my things once they come into view," he rolled his eyes. "I'll write you."

"You're just trying to get your parents out of here so they don't behave . . . well, like assholes to me," she shrugged.

"Yeeeeeaaaaaaaah," Michael wrinkled his nose.

"It's okay," Erela rolled her eyes. "I understand. Now get out of here before your parents has a hissy fit that you're hanging out with someone who has Muggle blood in them," she started and hugged Michael.

"Fine Ms. Antisocial," he hugged back. "I'm not going to be the one telling them that you taught me some of their ways. They'll think I'm turning into one of them," he rolled his eyes.

She chuckled quietly and let him go before she went off looking for her luggage when her braid was tugged. Gee, wonder who that was . . . Erela turned to Landon's smirking face. "That hurt."

"So does your brain tasering power, for now I'm just adding up all the pain you had to put Stacee and I through so you know what it feels like."

"It wasn't THAT bad, was it?" she mumbled and rubbed her scalp.

"Have you FELT what you can do?" he raised a brow at her and pulled his bags from the pile.

"No . . . I've been told what it feels like though . . . before it was demonstrated by using fists crushing my temples," Erela wrinkled her nose.

"I'm guessing your boyfriend was the one that did that?" Landon said unemotionally, showing no interest in the topic..

"Boyfriend?" she furrowed her brows quizzically. "What? You mean Michael? Oh god! No! No no no no no," she laughed. "No, god no," she continued. "No, there would be no way in hell that would ever happen."

"Why not?"

"He has no interest in me whatsoever," she laughed hysterically.

Landon raised his brow at her as if she were crazy and waited for her laugher to calm down. "Have you SEEN the way he acts?"

"Yes," she rolled his eyes. "He's just very friendly."

"You're obvlivious," he shook his head.

"Landon, he's gay."


"Michael," she nodded. "Yeah, he's as straight as a rainbow," she said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes and got the last of her bags. From the look of it, the werewolf boy was completely baffled at the news. "I'll leave that idea in mind," she chuckled. "I'll see you next term," she waved to Landon and left.

Just up ahead, she saw her parents waiting for her. Erela's mother greeted her with kisses on the cheek and her father gave her a strong hug. "Welcome back, Ela."

"Thank you," she slightly smiled before they all started to leave King's Cross Station.

"So, who was that tall boy you were talking to?" her mother started.

"Mum, you've seen Michael. You even met him first year," she reminded her.

"No, not him. The one with all the freckles," her mum teased.

"Oh . . ." Erela started and bit the side of her lip for a moment. "That was a housemate I started spending time with late in the year."

"Erela! Is he your boyfriend!?" she immediately jumped to conclusions. Mr. Harris shot her a look.

"No! No, goodness! Mum, no," she shook her head. "God no, he's just a friend," she corrected her mum, her face blushed deep red.

"Aww, he looks nice," Mrs. Harris giggled.

Erela took a quick glance behind her to Landon who had caught up with Stacee. She timidly bit her lip and pried her eyes away from the werewolf boy and looked away from her mother to hide her blushing red face. "He is . . ."

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