Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 17: Letters

Dear Erela,

How's summer so far? I've been stuck on Muggle Studies, big shock. Don't know if you want to join Landon and I and possibly help each other out on subjects we're worst at like when we studied for the O.W.L.S. last term. Hear from you sometime, maybe.


That letter was the first one she had gotten from Stacee within the first couple weeks of summer break. Obviously, Erela had gotten a ton of letters from Michael to talk about homework and bring on some topics here and there to bicker about to one another. Erela often shared some stories of her mum's clumsiness and fascination in whatever topic Erela had to write an essay about.

She even surprisingly got some letters from Landon as well. When Erela got her first letter, her mum would not stop teasing her about it. God, she could even remember it like it was just yesterday.

"Ela, you got mail," she called from downstairs.

"Must be from Michael," she mumbled to herself simply as she walked down the steps.

"Ooooooooooh, who's Landon?" she cooed. Erela stopped midway down the stairs with her eyes wide and her face completely red before her mother saw her expression. "OH! It's that boy from the train station we saw with you, isn't it?" she squealed.

"Give me the letter, mum," she growled embarrassingly and lunged for the letter. But her mum dodged and scurried off into the living room. "Mum!"

"You like this boy! Don't you?"

"Give it already!" she demanded, her voice practically squealed in embarrassment before she snatched it away from her. Thank goodness for longer legs and height compared to her mother. At least she didn't have to run around the house forever with her mother mocking her.

"How cute to be worked up over a letter from a certain boy," she giggled as if remembering her affiliation with young love before ever meeting Erela's father. The nearly sixteen-year old girl went back upstairs to the privacy of her "cave" and read the note of a letter from Landon.

Hey brown eyes,

Thought I could send you a letter and see how things are with you. It has been pretty boring here. Hope your break is coming off to a better start than mine. Hope to see you soon. Don't be a stranger, you dork.


Even if it was just a little letter starting off with small talk, Erela couldn't help but smile. It took some time for her to respond to the letter, but she had to write it as quickly as possible since Landon's owl was hooting loudly for a response and for payment for sending Landon's letter to her. It was rather short, much like the freckled werewolf's, about her summer working on homework and painted a few pictures here and there. And when she meant painting, she meant splattering paint on a canvas before spreading them around, hoping something would come up.

From there the two had sent letters to one another every other day. Erela was even considering buying an owl if she was going to be writing a letter per friend a day. But, the boys had owls, so it wasn't a big deal for her to get one if the mail was just going to and fro from her flat.

After reading Stacee's letter, Erela saw another one with it in Landon's handwriting before she ripped it open and read through the inked parchment:

Hey brown eyes,

Stacee's family managed to smuggle some tickets for the Quidditch World Cup and we have some extras if you and your parents want to come and join us. Just write back soon so we don't have to throw these at someone else. They probably wouldn't appreciate the paper cuts first before realizing we were giving away some tickets.

Erela had to pause and laugh at that last sentence. She could only imagine him awkwardly scratching the back of his head as he was writing that. She continued.

Pack up enough clothes for a couple days. We're planning on camping out there for a few days before the match. Hope to catch you there.


Erela bolted off her bed and out of her room to call her mum.

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