Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 18: To the World Cup

Erela's mum was deathly afraid of using the floo powder system. The fact that fire was involved for a means of transportation was terrifying. So, Mrs. Harris and Erela were traveling by car instead. Mr. Harris was too busy to attend the World Cup because of work, and to be honest Erela was relieved he wasn't coming. She had learned at a young age that her father despised werewolves with a burning passion. A werewolf killed Mr. Harris' sister when Erela was a toddler.

Ever since then, Mr. Harris had fallen into the large percentage of witches and wizards whom alienate werewolves. There were so few people who treat them like equals. Like people rather than monsters.

Erela didn't even plan on telling her father, or her mum, about her friend being a wizard cursed to transform into a wolf every full moon. Mrs. Harris might take it much better than her husband, but she would most likely harass Landon with question upon question about his "awesome" trait. The imagination of her mother being excited meeting a werewolf would be kind of funny, yet embarrassing all at once.

Even with her father not around, there was no way she was going to tell her mum. There would be a chance she would share the information to her husband, which would lead to getting a stern talk about befriending "something" so dangerous.

The Harris girls were in the car while Erela was giving her mum directions on how to get to the Wisenburg household in the rural part of London. Once they were out of the city, they were surrounded by greenery, meadows, creeks and rivers, and dirt roads with patches of grass in the middle where it was obvious cars hadn't driven over.

"It's so lovely here," Mrs. Harris said in awe. "Your friend lives around here?"

"Yeah," she nodded, but couldn't help but look at the very wildness around them. No wonder Landon lived around there, it was perfect to run around during those days of the month. There was hardly anyone out there and enough open space for Landon's family to keep an eye on him. "You know, because they're all magical folks they want to be in their own space to be themselves."

"That makes sense," her mum nodded. "Your father has told me some stories about this sport, remind me of what the rules are?"

"Oh, umm . . . Seven players for each team and they're divided with different roles. Two of the players must keep two balls away from their team players and try to hit them toward the opposing team. Those balls are meant to hurt you and they're called Bludgers. One player is like a goalie in soccer, they keep the Quaffle from going through any of the three hoops. Each passing through the hoop is worth ten points. Then there's the three players who's role is to pass and steal the Quaffle and throw them through the hoops. And we have the Seeker, who's only role is to find the Snitch, which is worth one hundred and fifty points and ends the game," Erela explained.

"Wait, so the game won't end unless one of the Seeker players catches the Snitch?" Erela nodded. "Is there a record for the longest game?"

"I think so. I'll have to look into that," she nodded.

"Hearing how many points that thing is worth and how it ends the game, they make it sound like it's terribly hard to get it."

"That's the point. It IS hard to see and catch," she continued. "It's suppose to be the size of a golf ball and faster than a hummingbird. It actually moves like one too. The only way for the Seekers to find it so easily is the fact that it's painted gold." Erela would simplify explaining magical things to her mother by comparing it to something else that she was familiar with. Must have been hard for her father to explain things without knowing the names of non-magical creatures.

"Do all the balls fly?" she asked.

"No," Erela shook her head. "Only the Snitch and the Bludgers. The Quaffle is as lifeless as a football. The Bludgers, I can tell you from watching the sport, that it looks like everyone is being hit by flying bowling balls."

"Ouch," Mrs. Harris wrinkled her nose. "The sport sounds like football and basketball rolled into one."

"That's EXACTLY what is," she laughed. "I'm also going to point this out too, Quidditch is played on brooms."

Her mum laughed and shook her head. "Your world just gets better and better."

Erela couldn't help but smile at the comment. As silly as her mother could be, she was just excited to learn new things about her daughter's world that her husband belonged in.

The two approached a house at the end of the road, right in the middle of nowhere, where the saw some dots of people outside already. One she immediately recognized the mixed pink and purple hair. Stacee was already there. "I forgot to mention. One of my friends was born with the ability to change appearances. Every once in a while his hair changes color if he doesn't keep his calm composure," Erela warned. "So don't freak out if you see his pink hair turn blue within five seconds."

"You really have an interesting circle of friends."

The tall girl pursed her lips and looked out the window toward the house. No kidding. A metamorphmagus, an all too friendly Slytherin with the occasional flamboyant behavior, and a werewolf. Finding any normal friends was practically a lost cause. "It makes things a little more interesting?"

"I'm not judging," her mum laughed and parked the car. "I'm just happy you have more friends than just Michael."

"Socializing isn't really my thing," Erela rolled her eyes. "By the way, mum." Erela fished through her bag and handed her mother a bracelet. "The area we go to usually has a spell to keep muggles from wandering around and discover that magic exists by covering up the area and making it look as dull as possible. Dad told me to give it to you before we go to the campsite."

"Paranoid of the worse to come, huh?"

"We don't want to go through the witchcraft trials again," Erela shook her head. "Not that the muggles killed anyone," she shrugged.

"Wait, really?" she asked as they got out of the car.

"Oh yeah. You know in old European stories that they burned witches? Well, it didn't really hurt, it actually tickled and the witches and wizards pretended it hurt. By the time the flames "engulfed" their bodies, they apparated away and start a new life from there," Erela explained. "Same thing with the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts. They accused took the Draught of the Living Death potion before their executions to be hanged. Back then the potion wasn't perfected to work within the first sip, so the potion took some time to work. Once they woke up after their bodies were buried, they—"

"Do you know EVERYTHING?" Landon rolled his eyes and tapped Erela's head with a notebook.

"I only know things that I find interesting," she rolled her eyes at him.

"Which is everything . . ."

"We learned this information back in fourth year," Erela reminded him.

"As if I remember anything from nearly two years ago," he sighed.

Erela's mother couldn't help but giggle at the two. The girl introduced Landon and Stacee to her mother and Mrs. Harris smirked at her, teasing her for crushing on the really tall freckled boy. Erela simply ignored her mother's smirk and kept her "trademark" stone face on.

Everyone introduced themselves to one another. A little red headed boy introduced himself to be Landon's little brother about ten years old and Erela immediately saw where Landon got his incredibly friendly personality from when she met his parents. Guess it wasn't a canine thing to love people, having a golden retriever like personality really ran in the family. Maybe not in Landon's brother, Braiden since he gawked at Erela.

"He's not used to seeing girls around the house," Landon told her as they were walking into a clutter of trees.

Really? She didn't ask if Mable came around that often since Erela was afraid it was still a sore topic. Didn't help at all that she was just a couple feet away talking to Erela's mum. Every once in a while, she saw the blonde Eitheridge girl give a nasty look toward Erela before she reverted her attention to Mrs. Harris. The heck was that look for?

"Your hair isn't done," he commented.

"Huh?" Erela blinked and remembered her hair wasn't up in a messy ponytail or a braid. It was so awkward to have her hair undone that feeling her hair brush against her shoulders and back felt foreign. Her mum convinced her to have it undone and let her hair "breathe" a bit. And since she slept with it braided the night before, her hair curled a bit. "Oh yeah . . . mum thinks I need to give my head a break from "restraining" it so much."

She must look like a slob. Especially in her long shoulder hole shirt that was a size too big on her.

"Cool," he nodded. Erela looked up at Landon curiously for a moment before she looked ahead of them.

"Hurry up guys! It's over here!" Braiden called ahead of them enthusiastically. "Over here! The portkey is over here!"

"Calm down, kid," Landon chuckled and jogged over with the others and Erela followed just behind him.

"But this is an old umbrella . . ." Erela's mum said.

"It's not just an umbrella. It's our ride to our destination," Mr. Wisenburg said to the muggle woman. "Gather around before the portkey teleports without us." All ten of them gathered around the umbrella and held onto the old tattered thing. One of the Eitheridge parents looked at their watch and counted down the seconds before everything washed away around them in a complete blur. Wind whipped all of them harshly, the world was spinning faster and faster, higher and higher up they went. Erela looked over at her mother and saw the shocked look on her face that made the girl smile a little. "Okay! Time to let go!" Mr. Wisenburg said.

"What?!" Erela's mum called.

"You have to let go!" Erela repeated and let go the same time as the other Hogwarts classmates. She felt as if she was falling to the ground much faster than she appeared before she hit the ground with a thump. The other kids fell around her, as well as her mother, and saw the magical parents just floating down as if they had wings on their backs.

Show offs . . .

"Ow . . ." Erela groaned and slowly sat up.

"You alright?" Landon asked and pulled her up.

"Yeah, I'm alright," she nodded and brushed grass off of her. "It's not often you travel by portkey."

"It's too bad we'll have to use another one to get back. I don't like traveling by portkey. It's too crowded," he shook his head.

"Same. Floo powder is a little more convenient," Erela nodded. "But mum doesn't trust the floo powder system. She's kind of afraid of fire."

"You told her it doesn't hurt, right?"

"Yeah," she nodded. "So did dad. Isn't convinced at all—" Erela's shoulder was then roughly shoved and saw blonde hair just walk past her. "What's wrong with her?" Erela muttered.

"Who knows," Landon rolled his eyes and sighed. Poor guy had to deal with his ex-girlfriend, whether or not he had feelings for her still.

The parents talked amongst themselves as Stacee, Landon, and Erela walked together just behind their parents and talked amongst themselves. Some witches and wizards flew right over them on their brooms, surprising Erela's mother as they got closer to the loud crowd of witches and wizards all crowded up together around tall tents. Things were flying by, bonfires firing, salespeople trying to sell products and souvenirs, spells and conjurations being performed for entertainment, unimaginable things had gathered around to that one area.

Erela could already sense the amazement level from her mother overloading as she looked around at everything and trying to absorb everything she was seeing at once. The girl smiled and laughed a little at the sight of her mother. What Erela didn't notice was that Landon had glimpsed at her and was in awe at the sigh of the girl smiling.

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