Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 19: Welcoming Family

The large group found their tent and all of them filed into the small looking tent. Erela's mum furrowed her brows at everyone going into the tent small enough to only fit two people. Erela chuckled and walked in behind her mother after lightly nudging her to go inside and into the large living space full of couches and bean bag chairs around a ceiling fireplace/stove, draped covers to bedrooms, and a dining table in the living space. An incredibly large space for ten people to live in together.

"Is there anything you all don't have or can't do?" Erela's mum asked.

"We can't do things without wands," Erela answered with a slight chuckle and put her small bag in one of the bedrooms. Since the nearly sixteen-year-old girl wasn't allowed to use magic outside of Hogwarts, her father enchanted her bag to hold onto days worth of clothing and other needs. Erela couldn't wait to show her mother how convenient magic can be for even purse space.

When everyone was settled, Mrs. Harris went out to explore with a very excited Braiden while the Hogwarts students stuck around to do their obnoxious amount of homework. "Did you finish anything during the summer?" Stacee asked.

"I finished my Muggle Studies, Transfigurations, History of Magic, and Defense Against the Dark Arts homework," Erela listed as she opened up her notebook.

"Honestly, why did you bother asking?" Landon shook his head and rolled his eyes. "Over achiever . . ."

"Slacker . . ." Erela said in her bored tone.

"Have you even started on Potions?" the freckled werewolf smirked.

The girl pursed her lips and flipped through her pages in irritation. "Shut up . . ."

The boys chuckled quietly and looked back at their homework. "The school really doesn't want us to have any fun during the summer," Landon shook his head.

"We go to a prestigious school, of course they would assign homework during break," the pink haired metamorphmagus rolled his eyes.

"But we're kids, for fuck's sake," Landon sighed.

"So?" Erela scoffed and sipped her cup of tea. She looked down at her cup and swirled the tea leaves some more and drained the rest of her drink.

"Anything in your future?" Landon mumbled.

The girl looked down at her cup and examined the outlining of the mush of leaves at the bottom of her cup. No matter how she viewed it, the shape of it never changed. Her leaves was one of two messages. Either it was a cross, meaning trials and suffering. Or it was an X, a warning or a message to stop. Either way, it was still a bad sign.

Erela often got messages that she had to stop what she was doing or else something terrible would happen. Whenever she tried to look into a crystal ball or meditated and let visions take her, nothing cleared up. She couldn't see what was in her future and that was what scared her. Erela was even too scared to go to her professor to tell her her future in fear of her fear coming true.

"Same old same old," she answered and scribbled her answer into her parcel.

"Maybe you just suck at reading people's fortune," Landon commented.

"Shut up, I'm actually pretty good at it. I can read other's futures. Just not my own," the girl shrugged as if it was no big deal. "Can I at least read your tea leaves?"

"That's probably the weirdest pick-up line I have ever heard in my life," Landon raised his brows and passed his cup to her.

The girl pursed her lips and kept her eyes down at the cup to hide the fact she was blushing lightly. Erela knew he was joking, but she couldn't help but turn a light shade of pink. The girl turned the cup a couple of times to check the correct reading and nodded as she rolled her eyes. "Great happiness is in your future."

"That's not looking into the future. That's looking at the present," Stacee rolled his eyes as he passed his cup too.

"Hey, it's in the leaves," she shrugged and looked down at the pink haired boy's cup. Erela furrowed her brows and turned the cup around a couple times. "Ummm . . . is Mable planning on having friends over any time soon?" she asked.

"Yeah . . .?"

Erela shook her head and gave him a look of pity. "Sorry Stacee. Looks like she's planning on having a party. Aaaaaaaand," she turned the cup around. "That party will lead to some short-term troubles."

"Of course," Stacee rolled his eyes and sighed.

"The leaves said it," the girl said and pointed at the bottom of the cup.

"Doesn't change the fact it might be in my future if you read this correctly," the boy shrugged.

"We'll only see. Write to me when it does come true?" the girl chuckled.

"Yeeeeeeeah," Stacee sighed. Erela came to the conclusion that sighing was his "catchphrase." He honestly did that more than anything worth noticing.

"This is dumb and boring, let's go outside and explore," Landon suggested and closed his notebook.


"Nope, we're doing this. Work is still going to be here when we come back," Landon interrupted her and jumped out of his chair. The freckled boy laughed at the expression on Erela's face and pulled her out of her chair and out the door with Stacee.

"He's very demanding," she sighed.

"You get used to it after a while," Stacee shrugged.

"We're at the Quidditch Cup site for fucks sake," Landon smiled and placed his arms over his friends' shoulders. "It's dumb to be staying inside and ignoring everything that's happening with all this noise going on."

"I think you just have a serious case of ADD," Erela rolled her eyes.


"You can't just say "nope" and expect people to agree with you."

"For this, it's expected. You're just too serious," Landon smirked and rubbed his hand up and down her arm.

Erela thought of arguing, but found no point in the matter given that he was speaking the truth. "Since you're always doing work, what exactly do you want to do after Hogwarts?" Landon asked.

The girl looked up at him for a moment before she thought of the question. She had been trying so hard to learn everything there was to know to get into working in the Ministry that she hadn't thought of which branch to work in. Erela thought of going into being an Auror like her father, but she wasn't the least bit athletic to go into it with the constantly fighting against witches and wizards of the dark arts. She DID have the mentality for it and the stubborn streak to keep going until the work was done, the only thing stopping her was her natural gift and wand used for curses. In fact, she wasn't sure what she wanted to do. She never thought about it.

"Not sure exactly," she shrugged. "Something in the Ministry."

"You know you have to be charismatic to get hired in the Ministry," Stacee yawned.

"I'm working on it," Erela rolled her eyes.

The kids wandered around the area, watched some people here and there upon odd witches and wizards discovering normal muggle materials they find strange, bought some souvenirs, and debated on which Quidditch team would win.

"The Americans are really competitive and only fight harder when they see the opposing team is a threat. Especially when the other team scores," Stacee said. "Their defensive is much stronger than their offensive, so scoring would be greatly difficult."

"Yeah, but this is Germany we're talking about. They are the fine definition of ruthless. Their offensive is just as great as the American's defensive," Landon argued.

Erela only laughed at the guy's argument as she sat there on one of the couches sipping her hot chocolate that Mrs. Wisenburg made for everyone. Mrs. Harris had grown accustom to the large number of witches and wizards around her and had grown comfortable asking some questions about their world with the Eitheridge parents since they appeared to be the most intelligent bunch of the group.

"Feeling comfortable, Erela?" Mrs. Wisenburg asked her and sat beside the girl on the couch.

"More so than usual," she nodded and sipped her hot beverage. Erela grew to really like the boys' parents and they all welcomed them with so much warmth it was ridiculous. Landon's mum treated Erela's mum as if they had been friends for years, making Erela like a part of the family as well. "Thank you for making it okay for Landon to invite us."

"No problem sweetie," the woman smiled. "It's always nice to hear that Landon has more friends."

"He's really nice," the girl lightly smiled. "People are just crazy to not see that," Erela shrugged.

"You're such a sweetheart," the woman smiled and pat Erela's head. "You'll help care for him while he's at school?"

The girl lightly smiled and nodded. "If he's okay with that."

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