Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 21: Sleep

Erela was woken up by a frequent meowing at her ear, followed by a soft paw poking the corner of her eye. Her cat, Laila, kept meowing at her and poking her face with her paw until Erela cracked her eyes open and pet the black cat's head.

"Shut up, Laila . . ." Erela groaned and slowly sat up. "I was hoping to sleep in a little more before leaving," the sixteen-year-old girl growled and threw the covers off of herself. Erela checked her alarm clock and sighed to see she still had three hours before the Hogwarts Express left for the school. "Damn cat," she sighed as Laila hopped off the bed and down the stairs to the kitchen.

Erela slipped into a hoodie and stridden down the stairs and rounded the corner into the kitchen. Her parents were probably still asleep and their old cat, Stephen, was most likely curled up in a ball somewhere in their flat. Laila was the attention whore pet, always meowed at your feet to get your attention and followed people around that she liked. She was a pain in the ass sometimes.

"Here you go," Erela yawned and spooned Laila's canned wet food into her bowl before putting it on the floor beside the sink. "You don't like it when I sleep in, do you?" Erela asked as she stretched her arms up and arched her back until her body relaxed awake.

Laila merely meowed at her and continued eating her breakfast.

Erela rolled her eyes and combed through her bed head tangle of hair with her fingers. She had that dream again. She stood between a forked road, one clean and easy to walk on while the other was rugged and appeared difficult to walk on. The girl had a theory of the meaning behind her dream from two years of Divinations and came to the conclusion that the clean and easy road was the right way. With good choices result in a better life . . . an easier life. With terrible choices resulted in a harder and rugged life.

She was always about to start her stroll down the easy rode until she woke up. Erela felt calm that she was choosing the right path. Distracted herself with schoolwork to avoid the hard life. Education of what was good and what was bad resulted in becoming a hard working citizen of the magical world. Studied Defense Against the Dark Arts to see the wrongs and History of Magic to know what led every dark witch and wizard to their path.

Not only that, but she tried to use her ability as little as possible. She never intended on using it to hurt people she disliked. Sure, she used to in order to "discipline" her friends in any way, but Erela never made it worse than a pinch. The boy from first year was the only person she had actually harmed to the point of making her ears bleed. The experimentation on Michael was something different in order to understand how to use her ability and how to keep it under control.

Erela felt she HAD to keep her "stone face" personality. With her ability, thinking of willing the person to die was all that was needed. If she avoided socializing with others and stay away from the possibility of getting hurt, she wouldn't grow to dislike the person and want them to lie. Much like most teenagers who act on their hormones and want someone to die for good reasons or no reason at all. Yes, it was a terrible way to develop . . . but it was all in order to protect herself and others . . .

But with the boys . . . Stacee, Michael, and Landon . . . they had managed to wriggle their way through. They were safe for now . . . she just hoped that nothing would happen in order for her to hate them . . .


Erela yawned as she walked with her parents toward the entrance of Platform 9 3/4. It was close to the afternoon, but the girl felt exhausted. Might as well sleep during the train ride. They wouldn't get to Hogwarts until dinnertime. The Harris family ran through the wall and rounded the corner with other magical families that were about to drop off their children with the rest when Erela turned to her parents.

"We'll see you for Christmas holidays, right?" Mr. Harris asked and hugged Erela.

"Yes. I'll come then," the girl chuckled and went to hug her mum.

"Write us whenever you feel like it," her blonde mum said sweetly.

"Only if there's something interesting to share," she rolled her eyes and let her mum kiss both cheeks. Erela waved to her parents and pushed her trolley toward the baggage car, Laila meowed at her from the top of the trolley for her attention when she felt a tug at her braid.

The tall freckled boy had lightly pulled her hair until she was just looking up at him when her head stopped at the end of her neck. "Hey."

"Must you ALWAYS get my attention like this?" she growled.

"It's much easier than calling for your attention," he smirked at her and let go.

"Your logic is strange . . ."

"You're not exactly the most normal person I've ever met either," the boy rolled his eyes.

The girl sighed and puffed her escaped bangs from her face. Erela yawned and placed her trunks with the baggage claimers with Landon, Erela's cat jumped off the top of her trunk onto Erela's back as the two went into the train with the others. "Do you know if Stacee is already here?"

"Haven't seen him," the boy shrugged. "He might have gotten here earlier, so finding him won't be too hard."

Erela couldn't help but chuckle a little and looked through the windows of each room for their pink haired friend. Laila got comfortable around Erela's shoulders like a scarf and played around with some loose bangs of Erela's.

"Didn't know you were the owner," Landon said.

"Hm?" She looked up at him before Laila swat Erela's hair toward her eye. "Oh yeah. She wanders around the castle often and only comes back when she wants to eat something," she explained.

"At least I know who to go to when she wanders into the boys' dorm. She started jumping on my bed and Stacee's when we started to hang out with you."

"Yeah . . . she bothers people she likes," she mumbled.

"Does she like your Slytherin buddy . . ."

There it was again. The bitterness toward the topic of Michael. Erela merely rolled her eyes at him. "Surprisingly, no. She absolutely HATES Michael."

Landon busted out laughing, which made the cat jump and Erela shot a look at him. But she wouldn't say a thing. Erela remembered that Landon was often bullied by students from Slytherin house and grew an accustom dislike toward anyone from that house. Whether they were nice or not, Landon kept his unfriendly demeanor toward the house of snakes.

They eventually found Stacee in an empty car and joined the metamorphmagus boy. As usual, the guys talked animatedly while Erela zoned out and pet her sleeping pet that was curled in a ball on her lap. Just when the Hogwarts Express whistled to life and started to move, Erela closed her eyes and tuned everything out.

The lanky girl fell asleep within minutes of the train ride and was slowly leaning lifelessly with every little bump that the train rode across of the railing until her head rest against Landon's shoulder.

The freckled Hufflepuff boy looked down at the girl and gently brushed some strands of her hair from her face. Landon bit the corner of his lip and leaned his head back onto the cushioned seating of the train car, and looked to Stacee. Stacee snickered a little at Landon before the freckled werewolf rolled his eyes at him.

"Shut up . . ." he mumbled.

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