Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 24: Tired Morning

That was terribly hard . . .

By the time the sun was rising, Erela sighed with relief as Landon slowly started to turn back to his friendly, freckled, human form. He shrank back into his 6'3 frame, his fur just fell right off him, those dangerous yellow eyes changed back to its usual warm brown eyes, and his self-inflicted wounds from that night became noticeable. Erela quickly tossed his clothes to him before she tended to some minor wounds. A couple scratches here and there from falling over in the forest and running into sharp branches.

From what Erela learned, the smell of blood attracted Landon even more into a bloodthirsty rage. Damn strong sense of smell.

Landon became frustrated that he wasn't able to get Erela or Stacee and tried to dig his claws into his chest and face, but the two teenagers took hold of his wrist with the pull charm as a bind. He didn't like that at all. With an addition to the "werewolf watch," Landon's wolf form was even angrier that he was limited on his morbid fun time.

While the freckled boy put some pants on, Erela walked over to him and started healing his wounds. "You're surprisingly vicious," Erela commented with her wand pointed at the boy's body. His wounds started to heal and close as if the cuts were never there.


"I don't know," Erela shrugged. You're naturally so friendly. Seeing the killer part of you is . . . rather interesting."

Landon darkly chuckled for a moment and ran his fingers through his mess of hair. "Can't expect a monster to have any humanity in them."

There he went again with his mood swings. Friendly one moment and depressing the next. "I wasn't expecting anything."

"Weird, you're the kind of person to look ahead of themselves . . ."

"Doesn't mean I'm not surprised when it does happen . . ." she tried back. "You're right, I plan ahead to prepare for what will come my way."

"Going with the flow isn't your thing."

"Going with the flow has gotten me into trouble," Erela chuckled. "You've seen me destroy the dungeons for Potions class. It isn't about planning ahead, it's about being in the present."

"You're such a dork," he laughed.

Erela rolled her eyes and lowered her want with a yawn. Landon slipped back into his shirt while Stacee dug through his bag for some small snack food for the three of them. "One month down," Stacee sighed.

And years to go if their friendship lasted long.

The three of them yawned as they made way back up to the castle. Erela noticed that she and Stacee were covered in dirt and grass stains, while Landon appeared clean as a whistle. The upside to stripping down, not that it mattered anyway. The girl would have to plan out other spells that could make things easier for them the next time Landon had his fuzzy episode.

The messy trio walked into the Great Hall and smuggled some sticky buns, muffins, goblets of drinks, and a couple sausage links, with a couple seconds of hard looks from the student body. Of course they were aware the last two nights was a full moon and didn't really care for the two students that were protecting the dangerous werewolf that lived in the same castle with them. The three of them left and crashed onto the rug in front of the fireplace of the Hufflepuff common room. It was uncomfortably cold September morning and a fire was needed for the three teenagers that were left in the cold all night.

"That was uncomfortable," Erela said and took a bit of a sticky bun.

"You won't notice them after a couple more tries if you think you can do this again next month," Stacee reassured her.

"Still not going to get rid of me," she shook her head and downed her milk. "I wasn't exactly prepared this time, so we'll see next month," the girl shrugged.

"Unnaturally calm after witnessing your friend turn into a large wolf," Landon commented.

Erela furrowed her brows at him and looked to Stacee. "Then what about Stacee? He's unnaturally calm."

"That's because he's been doing this since the first time I transformed at Hogwarts. He's used to this," Landon nodded to the pink haired boy.

"Sure," Stacee nodded and ripped a sausage link with his teeth.

"I'm far too tired to fight you," Erela yawned before she finished her breakfast and drink.

The batch of odd friends talked to one another, but were obviously too exhausted to stay awake. Within an hour, they all fell asleep beside one another. Erela was propped up on a beanbag chair, Landon's head rest on Erela's lap with his legs sprawled over Stacee's exhausted body. Tired from last night's event and there they slept without a care in the world.

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