Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 28: Reading

The following days fell into a regular routine. Erela would wake up, wondered if the event after the Quidditch match was real, meet the boys in the common room as usual, Erela would behave as if everything were normal while Landon did just the same, and whenever they had to go to their separate classes to elective classes they didn't take together, Landon would slip a quick kiss and leave.

Within four days since their first kiss, Erela finally told herself it wasn't a dream. That Landon being her boyfriend was a reality.

Erela sat in the Great Hall with a small plate of untouched food while she was staring into her foggy crystal ball that she had to purchase in Diagon Alley for her fifth year. As always, seeing other peoples' future was the easy part, all except for hers. She couldn't see past a certain point of her life in Hogwarts. That was her only hint that her future was still being written. She stared hard into the foggy cloud and waited . . . and waited . . . without blinking.

Wait . . . Erela leaned closer when she saw something was coming through. It was slowly starting to become clear. She saw—

"Hey, loser," Landon greeted as he wrapped his arms around her and made Erela jump with small fright. He chuckled at her reaction. "Hard at work, like always."

"Hey to you too . . ." she answered timidly and blushed deep pink. "I almost had something."

"That's progress. Right?"

"It's kind of a big deal with what I was trying to get to," she sighed. Erela would have to try again later. "How was class?"


"So nothing new."

"Nope," Landon smirked and sat across from her. "You?"

"Same old, same old," Erela shrugged. "We got into palm reading this time."

"Cool," he nodded. "Any good at it?"

"I'm okay," she shrugged. "Need some practice, of course."

"Sure," he lightly smiled and placed his hand out in front of her with his palm faced up.

Erela gently smiled and took his hand into hers and rubbed her thumb against his palm. They were unrealistically soft it baffled her. She lightly opened up his palm a little too examine his lines and clumsily identify them. "My palm reading isn't that great," she reminded him.

"Alright," he chuckled.

Erela looked down at his palm and immediately noticed his fate line. It appeared rather deep with lots of breaks on them. "Let's see . . . you have a rather promising fate that for sure will happen. Aaaaaaand, the breaks on the lining show that it is capable of change that you won't be able to control."

"Is that a bad thing?"

Erela shook her head. "Not all the time. It really depends on how you react to it," she answered and looked back down at his palm. "What other things do you want me to look into?"

"I don't know. Ummmm, how's my life?" he shrugged.

"Are you sure?"

"You can have a go."

"Oookay, if you insist," the girl sighed quietly and looked at the main line. "Well, it's long, so your life expectancy will last a long while. You'll be in good health too. Since it crosses your palm, you'll be heavily influenced by travel. And you'll be able to recuperate easily," she read in a monotone.

"Well that sounds good."

Erela rolled her eyes at him. "It sounds great. You'll be fine."

"Didn't you say not to take your readings serious since you're still an amateur at this?" he raised a brow at her.

"Well . . . yeah," she shrugged and brushed her hair off her shoulders and dropped her eyes to his palm again. Erela's dark eyes wandered to his heart line, or his love line and read it through quickly. His line started in between the middle and index finger and little lines that ran downwards from his heart line . . . it all wasn't a good sign. The meaning of it meant he tended to easily give his heart away and the small lines from the heart line indicated disappointments in love. Not only that, but there were so many of them. All were rather short.

Her heart sank when she read the lining before Landon's hand closed around her hands. "Hey."

"Hey," she rolled her eyes with a small smile. As disappointed as she felt, she kept the emotion to herself and put on her mask to hide her feelings. It was probably nothing. She was new at palm reading anyway. For all she knew, she misread it. She really hoped it was a misreading.

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