Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 29: Reason One

"Have you kissed her yet?"

"Shut up, Landon . . ." Stacee said grimly.

"Have you?"

"I said stop."

"Was there any tongue?" Landon kept teasing.

"Seriously, man . . ."

"Have you eloped?"

"For the love of god, Landon! Stop asking!" Stacee growled.

"Then talk, Eitheridge!" Landon busted out laughing. Erela just sat back and slowly ate her food while Landon kept harassing Stacee about what was going on between him and Laila, the Gryffindor girl.

"No, just stop asking," Stacee mumbled and looked away. Erela could immediately tell he was keeping himself from blushing as well as was trying to keep his hair in the same shade of pink/purple so he wouldn't satisfy the werewolf's constant teasing.

"You're not answering, so you must be hiding something," Landon rolled his eyes. "Tell me already, Pinky."

Stacee then tackled him from their bench and fell to the ground, which brought on some interest with students to find the two boys wrestling each other. Erela sighed and continued on with her breakfast. It was almost normal at that point for them to wrestle each other, especially when Landon called Stacee: "Pinky." They don't hurt each other anyway, it was more like playing than anything.

"You two are lunatics," Erela yawned and looked over at the entrance of the Great Hall to find Laila walk in. She approached the crowd around the werewolf and metamorphmagus and took a peek at what was going on before she looked toward Erela.

"Should I ask?"

"If you want," she shook her head. "This is pretty normal really. They should be done in a couple seconds after they finish laughing it off."

"They're . . . rather close," Laila commented and sat next to Erela.

"Yeah," she nodded and sipped her pumpkin juice. "That's pretty normal too."

"Any reason why they're doing this?"

"Landon kept harassing Stacee with questions about you and Stacee," she answered simply.

"And he didn't answer them?" Laila laughed.

"Nope," Erela chuckled. "He just kept avoiding all the questions thrown at him. How very Stacee of him."

Laila laughed and saw the guys stood back up and side hug it out when they saw Laila had joined. "Well speak of the devil," Landon started with a giant smile on his face.

"Don't," Stacee growled and nudged his best friend.

"Fine," Landon rolled his eyes and looked at Erela. "Good show?"

"Could have been better," Erela shrugged with an attempt of sarcasm.

"Dweeb," he snickered. "Keep the sarcasm to Stacee."

"Alright," Erela sighed. "I'm too awkward to pull it off?"

"Yes," he nodded and pulled her up to him, his arms wrapped around her waist and held her lovingly. "But that's one of the things I like about you. You're awkward."

He had an odd taste in girls then, but Erela couldn't help but lightly smile. "Interesting reason," she said quietly.

"Obviously I have more than that," Landon rolled his eyes at her and pressed his forehead to hers.

"Gross guys," Stacee commented from his seat at the Hufflepuff table.

The werewolf boy laughed a little, draped his arm over Erela's shoulder, and turned her to the exit of the Great Hall. And he made sure to flip Stacee the bird before the left the mess room. "I don't know how you two can have so much energy," Erela commented.

"You've managed to catch up with us," Landon shrugged and kissed the corner of her eye.

What Erela noticed was that Landon always gave her kisses while it was rare for her to do the same. It was normal for him to express his affection, Erela was still warming up to it. And Landon was more than aware of that, God bless his patience. "I try," Erela shrugged with a yawn.

"Tired already?"

"I've been having a difficult time sleeping lately . . ." she answered. That damn dream kept reoccurring. And, like always, she would wake up before even approaching the road. What was different was that Landon was progressively getting farther and farther away from her. Not physically, more like mentally. He seemed so distant, much different than in reality. Whenever she tried to call out to him, he never turned to look at her. She felt ignored.

"Don't freak out. I know this will sound ridiculous and baffling to you, but why don't you skip class to take a nap?" he shrugged and looked down at her, waiting for her reaction.

Skip class!? What? But then she would be behind on her work! "I can't afford to skip class today," she started.

"See? I knew you would react like that," he laughed. "From what I know, today is your easiest classes. Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts, right?" Of course he would know, every house was stuck with one another for all of their classes except for their electives. "I don't know how often you skip class, I'm thinking never," he rolled his eyes. "Mental health days is healthy. It's fine to take a break, you dork."

Erela sighed and rubbed corner of her eye. "You're going to take notes for me?" she asked.

"Nope," he answered smugly. "I'll just hang out with you."

"You got to stop skipping classes. With the exception of full moon days," Erela shrugged.

"Whatever," Landon rolled his eyes at her. "You make it sound like wanting to spend time with you is a bad thing."

"I'm not saying that at all . . ." Erela muttered and blushed.

Landon gently chuckled and kissed her cheek. "You're so damn awkward it's cute."

"You're strange," she rolled her eyes as the two of them entered the Hufflepuff common room.

The werewolf boy jumped onto the couch and patted his chest. Erela furrowed his brows at him quizzically when Landon rolled his eyes. "Get over here already." Erela blinked before she hesitantly walked over to him. "Never tried cuddling?"

"I never tried any of this," she reminded him and sat between his legs.

Landon pulled her to him and pet her head as she made herself comfortable. Her ear pressed over his chest and listened to quickened beats of his heart. Landon's cheek touched the top of her head, his arms wrapped around her, and closed his eyes. His face burned against the top of her head, indicating that he was blushing if the nervous beats didn't send a clear message.

"You're something else . . ." he whispered quietly and kissed the top of her head.

Erela lightly smiled and closed her eyes before she slipped away mentally. The two slept dreamlessly in great comfort.

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