Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 31: Late Evening

Erela had holed herself in her room to do her study time when her stomach betrayed her and demanded food. The boys were most likely still at the Great Hall eating their late dinner, they both ate like cows and never gained any weight, it was absurd. On her way, she heard an argument and immediately recognized their voices. Geez, what silly thing were they discussing this time? Erela rounded the corner and found Landon and Stacee in a heated argument away from the Great Hall.

It was rather late, so the number of students present was rather small. Not only that, but the Hufflepuff basement was incredibly close to the kitchen, making it to bed before curfew wasn't an issue.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Landon hissed.

"I was thinking of investigating!" Stacee snapped back.

"You're getting involved into something dangerous, Stac," the werewolf boy spat.

Something dangerous . . .? Now that sort of topic wasn't common amongst the boys. "Waiting for something to happen will become far more worse than doing something about it," Stacee argued.

"You're being ridiculous—"

"I'm not and you know it," the metamorphmagus growled.

Better break them up before it would get worse. "You're being irrationally stupid and—" Landon was soon interrupted when Stacee's fist met Landon's eye.

"Woah! Hey, none of that!" Erela started and quickened her pace toward the boys and stopped Landon from throwing a punch back at Stacee. "Hey, easy—"

"You asked for it, you fuck!" Stacee spat.

"Merlin's pants! What the hell is going on?" Erela yelled over them.

"Nothing . . ." Landon sighed and lightly touched his eye that was slowly becoming red and puffy.

Stacee rolled his eyes and answered: "Investigating a rumor . . ."

Landon shot him a look. "What rumor?" she asked.

"It's nothing," the werewolf boy tried again.

"The Dark Arts cult," Stacee said in annoyance. "You've heard about it, right?"

"A couple whispers here and there, yeah," Erela shrugged.

"I've noticed some things—"

"That you shouldn't be poking your nose into," Landon interrupted.

Stacee gave him a hard look and continued, "I've been hearing things . . ." Erela raised her brows at him. "Literally hearing things in the walls."

"Excuse me . . .?"

"They're usually at night times and I would hear chants going on, but could never find where it was coming from," he started.

"So you've been out looking for these kids that are out making demonic chants or something?" Erela started. Obviously she wasn't taking much in the conversation, it was just silly for there to be something terrible in Hogwarts such as a cult dedicated to Dark Magic.

"I started looking around when I smelled blood when I was walking down in the dungeons on our way to Potions class."

Erela blinked and looked up at Landon, he would have smelled something far earlier than anyone else and he hadn't said a word. "Landon . . ." she started in a tone that practically threatened to turn into a stern voice.

"It's none of our business . . ." he rolled his eyes. "And we shouldn't get involved in something like this . . ." There it was, concern. It wasn't that he was afraid; no he was more worried on behalf of his friend's life.

Stacee sighed and ran his fingers through his hair that slowly started to transition to its usual pink color. "Whatever . . . I'm turning in for the night . . ." he started.

"Don't make any detours . . . I'll be able to hear and smell you if you go in a different direction . . ." the freckled boy called without looking to Stacee's way. "I wouldn't be surprised if that asshole was in the cult . . ." he muttered quietly to himself as he scratched the back of his head.


Landon exhaled a breath through his nostrils and shook his head. "It's nothing."

"Nope, say it . . ." Erela said sternly.




"SERIOUSLY . . . say it . . ." she tried with emphasis in the word.

"Fucking fine . . . your Slytherin buddy . . ."

Erela furrowed her brows at him and crossed her arms over her chest. "You think he has something to do with the cult?"

"How often do you see him . . .?" he asked quietly, but in an obvious tone of a challenge.

"During class."

"I meant outside of class, Ela . . ."

Erela pursed her lips and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Once in a blue moon . . ."

"And he hasn't said anything about this club he's in—"

"That's not actual proof, Landon," she interrupted him. The thought of her best friend being accused of dangerous business such as some cult dedicated to evil was just . . . unreal. It was more of something from a nightmare, really.

"Don't be ignorant . . ."

"But you can't go making accusations like that . . ." she snapped and turned away from him.

"Ela, wait," Landon called and grabbed her wrist.

"Let go!" she hissed and tried to pull away from him. But he didn't budge and pulled her in.

"Don't walk away . . ." he said quietly and pressed his lips to her head. "I'm sorry . . . I got all worked up . . ."

"That happens a lot . . ." Erela commented.

The boy let out a sigh and brushed his fingers against her braid and pulled the rubber band off. Erela looked up at him and narrowed her eyes at him, he knew she wasn't crazy about having her hair undone. "It looks nice like this . . ." Landon commented with a smirk and ran his fingers through her hair.

Erela tried to stay angry at him . . . But the damn boy always knew what to say . . .

Landon gently wrapped his arms around her and lightly kissed her lips, as soft as a feather. She pursed her lips and softly touched his cheek, some inches away from his swollen eye. "How's your eye?"

"It stings and I can hardly see through it," Landon shrugged. "It's not the first time Stacee punched me though, so I'm used to it."

"You're way too casual about things like this . . ." Erela said grimly.

Landon laughed lightly and kissed her again, that time a little more passionately.

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