Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 32: October Moon

"Drink it."


"Drink it."


"Drink it!"

"No, Ela. I don't want to," the sickly looking freckled boy fought.

"Landon . . . Stacee and I love you to death. We've accepted your "illness" for a while, one of us for years, and we don't judge you. At. All," Erela said as she held a bottle of Wolfsbane in her hand, that she managed to ask Stacee to do. Knowing Erela, she would have successfully brewed one after her seventh try since the potion was difficult to make.

Landon stared at her then at the disgusting vial of crap that would help him stay sane in wolf form. As much as she was aware that he hated being reminded he wasn't human like his best friend and girlfriend, his logic to have his instincts run wild was insane. It clearly endangered Stacee and Erela as well as any human that was stupid enough to wander close to the woods on a full moon. Why Stacee hadn't said anything after all those years baffled her. But, all in all, Stacee wanted his best friend to feel comfortable in his own skin, and not being able to remember the nights before seemed passable for the young wolf.

He let out a sigh and took the vial and uncorked it. Immediately, Landon started coughing once smoke gracefully lifted from the mouth of the bottle. "You didn't make this, did you?" Landon asked Erela.

"I take offense to that . . ." Erela answered grimly. "No, Stacee did. He made the batch for the week. So you don't have to worry about me poisoning you . . ."

"Sorry," he shrugged as he plugged his nose and drank down the disgusting brew. Landon had a rather green look upon his face when he readied himself to swallow down the potion, squeezed his eyes tightly and drained his mouth. "It's disgusting."

"I didn't make it," Erela reminded him with a shrug.

"No no . . . it's usually this vile . . . sugar doesn't work either," he shook his head and put the bottle back down.

"I wonder if the taste of it is really over exaggerated considering you have stronger taste buds," she said.

"Do you want to take a taste and find out?" Landon raised a brow and offered the somewhat empty vial with a few finger licks left of the potion.

"Nooooo, I'm good," she shook her head.

"Then how about a kiss? You can probably still taste a bit left in my mouth," Landon teased and leaned in with his lips puckered up.

"Nope! Not going to happen," Erela chuckled and rolled away from him and stood back up on her feet.

"Awww come on. Just one!"

"No!" she squealed and ran behind the couch.

"Seriously guys . . ." Stacee sighed as he was sitting on the couch Erela hid behind. "I'm still in the room when you show your romantic side . . ."

"Sorry Stacee," Erela apologized. Landon jumped over the couch and caught Erela around her waist.

"Fine," Landon rolled his eyes and lifted Erela off the ground by her waist as if she were a briefcase. "We'll snog elsewhere."

"When did I agree to this?"

"When you made a saliva contract with him," Stacee answered for Erela.

"Thanks for making kissing sound disgusting man . . ." Landon rolled his eyes. Erela chuckled quietly and followed behind Landon once they got out of the barrel. He took her hand and pulled her down a corridor with a small number of students that inhabited it. Once he looked and found a spot some ways away from wandering eyes of students, Landon playfully corner her to a wall and planted a kiss to the top of her head.

"You're very affectionate," she commented with a little laugh.

"I should come with a warning sign: "Warning: showers girlfriend with lots of love," Landon rolled his eyes at her, a tiny smirk upon his lips, and kissed the tip of her nose.

"It should also add the fact that you need to be fed five times a day."

"Think you're so funny?" he chuckled.

"I try . . ." Erela shrugged.

"You're weird."

"Says the one who is currently dating the weird one."

"That's because I'm madly in love with the weird one," he said sweetly and lightly kissed her lips.

"You're not annoyed that I made you drink that potion?" she coughed after she took a whiff of his Wolfsbane breath.

"Slightly," he pursed his lips.

Erela pursed her lips as well. What else could she say? "Sorry . . ." Was all she could say.

Landon stared down at her and let out a small sigh. "You mean well though," he started and awkwardly scratched he back of his head. Usually he would argue rather than just end it right there. But Erela didn't think hard into the matter . . . at least he took it and tried to look into Erela's logic.

She bit her lip and kissed his chin, a wee bit below his labret piercing. "I love you . . ." she mumbled quietly.

Landon looked down at her with a surprised expression upon his face for a moment before the boy looked away from her, a tint of pink glowed on his cheeks. "That's the first time you said that on your own . . ."

"I know . . ." she nodded.


The week had passed and the crew made sure that Landon kept drinking his potion. Once the full moon night had arrive, the three of them wandered toward the Forbidden Forest immediately after dinner.

"You took your potion, right?" Erela asked as she zipped up her jacket.

"Yes . . ." Landon sighed and loosened his tie.

"I'll get the tree house ready just in case the potion fails," Stacee started and ran ahead of them. Gee, that was reassuring . . .

Erela and Landon stopped and looked to one another. "Sorry . . ." he apologized and started to unbutton his shirt.

"It's fine . . ." she replied timidly and pulled her hair back into its usual braid. In case the potion DID fail, she didn't want to chase after her boyfriend with her hair blinding her ninety-seven percent of the time.

Landon tossed her his shirt and tie and continued onward to his pants. Erela turned away to give the boy some privacy. "Nice weather we're having . . ." Landon started.

She chuckled a little and nodded in agreement. "Clear skies," she commented. Dammit, why did Stacee have to disappear during THAT part? He was probably laughing at putting them in an awkward moment. Erela hugged herself when the cold autumn wind blew strongly against her and made the forest moan. Freaking cold season . . . Erela then felt Landon hug her from behind and nuzzle his head to her neck. "Uuuuuummmm—"

"It's fine. I still have my pants on, perv."

Her face angrily blushed and pursed her lips. "I'm not a perv . . ." she growled.

"Then explain this," he started and poked her pink cheeks.

"It's cold."

"Sure," he laughed. "Whatever." And let go of her.

Erela tugged at her braid in her uncomfortable manner in response to his uncalled affectionate hug. She went and tightened her braid until Landon cried out in pain and doubled over. Show time . . . Stacee hadn't come back yet to do the comforting words routine she saw him do twice.

She nervously swallowed a large lump away and stiffly hugged him. "You're fine. It'll be over within seconds . . ." she tried to reassure him.

"Not so close, Ela . . ." Landon growled in between pops and a couple whimpers. Her distance seemed just about right compared to how close the metamorphmagus did before, at least to her. She kept her ground and continued to reassure him throughout the painful process. Landon gripped the back of Erela's jacket and started to hyperventilate. The same gruesome transition went on. His body stretched and widened, hair grew excruciatingly faster all over his body and his warm brown eyes melted into gold. She felt his nails grow and pierce through her clothes that gripped the back of her and dig into her. Her eyes winced and kept her strong façade to not scare Landon.

The transformation had become faster. His back snapped which made him double over on all fours, but not without his claws digging more into Erela's flesh and tore down her back and ripped a deep gash to her left arm. Erela cried out in pain, but immediately stopped herself and bit into the sleeve of her jacket to keep the scream. It was nothing . . . it was just a little scratch . . . just a scratch . . .

She immediately realized warmth ran down her back and arm, followed by agonizing pain and looked down at her bloodied arm. Oh god . . . he actually tore into her. Erela immediately looked up at him and covered as much as she could to keep him from seeing the damage. Erela reached to her back pocket for her wand and squeaked at the agony that stung her back. Open flesh against ripped clothing felt as if her entire body had been damaged rather than a portion of her. Erela held her breath and pulled her wand back and stuttered an incantation, but not with Landon's golden eyes looking over at her from the scent of blood and the sound of her voice.

She saw the look in his eyes . . . horrified at the sight of her blood . . . the deep gash that was visible on the side of her arm where his claws had ended. And the amount of blood he could probably smell. The look in his eyes . . . that was Landon the human, not Landon the animal. And Erela knew he would remember what he did to her because of the affect of the potion.

"Landon . . ." she muttered inaudibly. "It was an accident . . ." Erela tried before he had given her a pained look and ran off. "Landon!" Erela cried out to him and ran after him.

"Ela! What happened?" Stacee called out and came into view. He saw the blood on her and his eyes widened. "What the hell happened?"

"It was an accident," she said and winced in pain. "I tried to do what I saw you did before and tried to reassure him through the transformation."

"Dammit, Ela . . ." Stacee groaned and looked back into the forest where Landon had run off into. "Dammit . . . you should stay away from him for a while."

"What? But—"

"He saw you in this state, right?"

"Well, yes—"

"Then he's going to avoid you as much as possible for hurting you," Stacee sighed. "Just stay in the tree house and close those wounds. Sit it out for this month . . ." the irritated hot pink haired boy said before he chased after the Landon.

Erela sighed in defeat and shivered at the chilled blood that had cooled from the autumn temperature. Well . . . she screwed things up . . .

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