Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 33: Career Choice

While the gashes on Erela would heal, it would leave massive scars. She healed herself with a charm that closed the wounds, but not fully. Erela refused to go to the Hospital Wing for the nurse to clean it up properly, if word got out to the Headmistress that she was wounded by the only werewolf on campus, there would be dire consequences. It was a good thing that it was getting chilly anyway, Erela would wear long sleeves to cover the large scratches on her arm.

"Ferula . . ." she muttered as bandages spun around the harshly pink wounds, wrapped around her arm just above her elbow and bandaged up her upper back. Erela had to wake up earlier than her roommates to avoid them seeing the damage, they were gossipers, there was no need for them to know anything.

Erela winced a little at the stinging sensation as she slid her arm through her shirt and buttoned it up. And so they didn't see the evidence with the added white underneath her top, Erela slipped into a half sleeved sweater before she crawled out of her dorm room with her yellow and black tie in her hand. Once she stood up, Erela looked up at Landon who had paused at the sight of her and looked away moments before he scurried out of the Hufflepuff basement.

Ever since the incident a few days before, Landon had been completely avoiding her. Erela could see the heavy look of guilt in his eyes as well as self-loathing for accidentally harming his girlfriend . . . at least, she believed they were still together . . .

She didn't bother to chase after time to tell him it wasn't a big deal, the werewolf boy wouldn't believe it for a second. Beside, Erela knew the fault was all on her. She was far too close to him during his transformation and she demanded he drink the potion. Erela had to deal with the guilt of Landon remembering what he did just like Landon had to deal with his conflicted emotion toward himself and Erela's safety.

For the time being, Erela would leave him alone . . .

Stacee sighed and scratched his head in frustration. "Bad morning?" Erela started.

"Can't really describe it as bad," he shrugged. "Landon can frustrate me at time," he rolled his grey eyes.

"And now I get to see that expression," Erela barely raised her brows at him. After a small talk they had had last year with Stacee's frustration but kept his constant calm composure about his best friend and sister dating one another, it was rather new to physically see that frustration in view.

He rolled his eyes at her and sat on the couch in front of the fireplace. At least Stacee still talked to her . . .

"So how long will Landon avoid me?" she asked.

"Depends on what happened. With this," he nodded to her arm, "a long while."

Great . . .

"Just let him do his own thing. He'll either come around or you'll have to chase him down to get over it, most likely he'll take your word for it since he breaks easily for the girl he really likes."

Hopefully option one would be the case.

While Erela knotted her tie, Stacee asked: "What are you going to do after Hogwarts?"

Okay, so they were changing the subject. "I don't know. I've considered being an Auror like my father," Erela answered. But in order to be an Auror, she would have to pass Potions and Charms with an "Exceeds Expectations" grade in her N.E.W.T.s in her seventh year.

"You know you have to pass Potions, right?" Stacee chuckled.

"I know," Erela sighed and leaned her head back. "That's why I said "considered"." She then looked over at the pink haired boy. "So do you have any ideas what you want to do after graduating?" Erela asked.

Stacee laid back on the couch and thought of the question long and hard. "Well, I don't have an exact answer . . ." he started. "But, I want to try for a really high branch in the Ministry. Maybe be Minister," he shrugged.

Erela chuckled lightly. "Minister Stacee Eitheridge," she started in a mocked Cockney accent. Stacee lightly laughed at her sad attempt of a joke. "Not a bad ring to it," she raised her brow. "So what would Minister Stacee do to improve the wizarding world?" she asked..

"First off . . . Civil Rights," Stacee started. That caught Erela's interest. "With the discrimination against Landon and other magical beings that aren't human or partly human, I want to change that," he nodded with a gentle smirk. "It's total crap, you know?"

Erela lightly smiled and nodded. "Yeah . . ." So that was what he wanted to do. It was pretty fitting actually. Stacee had the brains, the motivation, and an authority being in himself that he hadn't quite mustered out of yet. It would take some time to get become Minister, but she somehow knew he would get there. "Well I'll be voting for you when you do run for office," she smirked at him and stood up.

Stacee lightly smiled and stood up after her, and both left the basement for breakfast.

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