Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 39: Upcoming Holiday

The weekend before Thanksgiving break, Erela had to make her decision soon. By that point, she had started to lean toward staying in Hogwarts and use holiday homework as her excuse. That she had tried her best to get everything done before the holidays, but it felt that she shouldn't rush to get them done and had to stay at Hogwarts instead of work the whole time while she was at home. With Erela being the serious type with her schoolwork, they would understand.

Truth be told, she had already finished her homework for the season. She just didn't want to see them for now.

Snow had started to fall a while ago, making the school grounds unbearably cold for Erela to handle. She had herself bundled up in her thickest coat; thermals underneath her attire, wool socks, and her scarf wrapped around her neck and covered half of her face. She felt she looked utterly ridiculous, but she had made herself look like a ball of warmth since she lived in Hogwarts that her embarrassment meter of her appearance had broken during her third year. In other words, she didn't care anymore.

Erela had written her answer the night before and walked over to the owlry to give one of the owls her letter. She pulled her letter out from her coat pocket and handed it to one of the birds, which took nipped at her vulnerable naked fingers from her texting gloves for payment. "Ouch, fine fine . . ." Ela hissed and fished for a dead rodent from one of her pockets and offered it in her palm. The bug-eyed bird practically attacked its payment and swallowed it whole within seconds. It gave a hoot and took the letter by its beak before it took flight and flew out the window.

The Hufflepuff girl let out a sigh and turned away to leave the owlry and make way back to the castle. The reason why she decided on staying in Hogwarts had to do with her problems with Landon. The awkward atmosphere never lifted, in fact, it became heavier. Heavy to the point that she and Landon started to bicker at each other. But because the two of them were stubborn, they would leave the subject alone and hopefully let it die. Even that didn't do anything; the unspoken bickering only evolved and became loud fights.

Then those arguments started to become attacks toward one another. The things they both found charming about one another started to irritate one another. Landon's vagueness as an answer to anything started to annoy Erela and Erela's resistance to show any affection whatsoever even irked Landon. Just the day before they fought over the fact that Landon tapping his pencil against the table was like nails on a chalkboard to Erela.

Erela had realized the sweet moments in their relationship they once had before the breakup was over. In other words, the honeymoon stage was done. They had both taken off their romance goggles off and had begun to see everything about their partner more clearly. The lanky girl pulled the mitten cover of her texting gloves over her fingers before she shoved them back in her pockets for warmth, her boots made a soft crunch noise against the snow with each stop as she grew closer and closer to the castle. She really didn't feel like seeing Landon and not wanting to see him was what scared her. Erela knew she shouldn't feel that way and yet she did . . .

The two were having such difficulty with one another that she hoped that difficulty would blow over and go back to normal to when they were all hugs and kisses. She hated . . . that feeling that Landon regretted getting back together with her. It could be just her paranoia making up stories in her head, but it was a feeling that hadn't gone away since they became a couple again.

The numbers in students dyed down around Friday when most of the children left for the holidays on that Friday and some stayed back to finish their homework before they disappear to their parents/guardians hopefully before the last train for that Saturday left. The castle felt calmer and quiet since the weekend rolled in and it was kind of nice for once. Erela actually wondered why she didn't stay behind during the holidays more often.

Erela crawled back into the Hufflepuff underground and was immediately welcomed with warmth, thank all that was good fore fireplaces. With a satisfied sigh, she unwrapped her scarf and shrugged off all her layers. When she had taken off her winter covers, she brushed all the snow out of her hair as she went into the girls' dorm to toss her wardrobe and slip into a much more comfortable attire. There was nothing else to do but relax and do nothing for once.

Into a long sleeved shirt and jeans later, Erela came back out of her hole halfway done with her braided hair when she noticed Stacee and Landon had come out of their rooms with their luggage. The lanky girl practically recoiled in response and turned away to her hole to hide in when Landon noticed the plain Hufflepuff.

"Well "hey" to you too . . ." Landon greeted grimly.

Erela pursed her lips and turned away with a forced slight smile. "Hey . . ." she nodded to her and Stacee. "Leaving for the holidays today." Not a question, a statement.

"Yeah," Stacee answered when he felt the intensity in the atmosphere get thicker. He had been aware of what was going on between the two and felt the need to jump in and try to lighten the mood somehow. "Laila still had some work to do and just finished last night. Thought we could all leave together."

"That's nice," Erela commented and brushed her longer bangs behind her ear uncomfortably. "You guys enjoy your holiday then . . ."

"You're not going home?"

She replied with a shake of her head. "Not this year. I'm not . . . really up to seeing my folks this year," the girl shrugged. Erela honestly just wanted to disappear into her room until they were gone, she felt something come off from Landon that felt mighty uncomfortable. "Anyway, don't want you guys to miss your train," she said with a slight smile that didn't reflect in her dark brown eyes. "I'll see you two after the holidays."

"Yeah, see you," she heard Stacee say.

But the presence in the room didn't disappear. There was still one other left. Erela pursed her lips and turned around to find Landon staring at her. "What . . .? You feel like talking without being vague like normally?"

"Can't I say goodbye to my girlfriend?" Landon scoffed.

"Really hasn't felt like that lately . . ." Erela mumbled mostly to herself and crossed her arms over her stomach.

"Then what are we, Ela?" Landon rolled his eyes and set down his bags.

"Here we go . . ." she sighed. "I don't know, definitely not something to label as romantic partners," Erela shrugged. "Haven't exactly felt a lot of "love" coming out of it."

Landon huffed, "I don't know what to tell you, relationships happen to be two-sided."

"Really? I didn't notice . . ." she answered grimly.

"So, ugh, what do you want then? Like why the hell are we pretending to go out at all right now!?"

"Maybe because I was hoping this whole thing," she pointed at the both of them, "would blow over," Erela continued. "OR, or the fact that we seemed completely miserable after we broke up." At least that was her reason before. Instead, she felt more annoyed and twice as miserable being with him again.

The werewolf rolled his eyes at her. "But, like, it isn't going to magically fix itself."

"Yeah," Erela nodded and tapped her finger against his arm. "Yeah, just like the first time when you avoided me for clawing at my arm, that magically fixed itself, didn't it?" Might as well bring that up while they were at it.

"Us getting back together was totally not me. Eventually I would have been fine. For you, fucking, dare blame that on me."

"All of it definitely isn't MY fault," she raised her arms up and slapped them to her side. Erela groaned and pinched the bridge of her nose to calm the permanent wrinkle on her nose. "I can't do this. I'm just not in the mood to deal with you today . . ." she growled.

"Oh, so is it Stacee's fault?! Oh wait, it's mine, right? Because I'm a monster. Fuck!" Landon snatched up his luggage and made towards the door, "I'm done with you. Have a nice Thanksgiving, Harris."

"Oh my GOD!" she exclaimed and threw a pillow at him at his head. "You're FUCKING impossible!" Erela yelled. "You dramatic, over-emotional, little bitch!"

"Fine. Goodbye."

Maybe just a little hit before he leaves. Erela let the walls of her head down, the screeching sound loud in her ears, and threw the violent brain wave at the werewolf. "Bye to you too, Wisenburg," she snapped.

"God damnit!" Landon growled and spun back around. "What the bloody hell is your problem?! Look Erela, I may be the werewolf but you're the one who hurts people on purpose."

Oh so we're going THAT way now. "One, I don't do it THAT often. And two, only when it's needed," she started sternly.

Landon rolled his eyes and left the common room. "Unbelievable."

Interesting, HE was the one leaving during a fight. Suppose they broke up again. Wasn't exactly the clearest message, vague as always. Erela wrinkled her nose and in her last huff she threw another pillow at him. "See you after break," she called after him with a sigh and holed herself up in her dorm.

God she couldn't stand him! She wasn't wrong . . . no, she wasn't wrong for blowing up at him. He deserved it . . . he deserved her attack on him . . . Erela let out a sigh and threw the covers over her head and screamed into her pillow.

She wasn't wrong . . .

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