Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 4: Hogwarts Express!

It would be a lie to say that Erela's father wasn't worried. He wasn't freaking out worried, but he was a little concerned ever since he learned of the core of Erela's new wand. Being an Auror, it was somewhat devastating to learn that your own child might fall into the Dark Arts if she wasn't too careful.

Not only that, she was going away to Hogwarts without him supervising her. The professors would be doing that, but . . . could they really identify when a student was evil?

Erela was actually nervous using her wand. For the rest of the summer, it stayed in her luggage . . . she felt it was staring at her and telling her to use it and try some new tricks. It was easy to resist though, no witch or wizard under seventeen were allowed to perform magic outside of school.

Her departure to Hogwarts was tomorrow . . .

New classmates, new environment, new lifestyle to fit into. She wouldn't be alone though, there would be a lot of other first years she would be attending with who would be learning how to control their own magic as well. It won't be completely scary . . . not entirely . . .

The next morning, the Harris family traveled to King's Cross and grabbed a trolley to carry all of Erela's things. Laila, Erela's black cat that her mum had gotten her back in Diagon Alley, sat in her cage. Her ears were moving around from side to side and her wide yellow eyes looking around at the loud noises in the train station that echoed and bounced off the walls. She was rather anxious to get out of her cage as well as hide away from the loud noises.

"You and me both, Laila," Erela mumbled.

"Are you sure we're going the right way, sweetie?" Erela's mum asked her dad.

"Yes, dear. I know where I'm going," Erela's dad chuckled.

Platform 9¾ was somewhere, Erela had never heard of it either, but she trusted her dad since he was the one that went to Hogwarts. Erela looked around for any other students that was going the same way as them, maybe someone with an owl would give them away.

After all, how often do you see an owl at the train station?

They crossed a bridge pathway when Erela saw another family ahead of them with an owl in its cage. At least she knew they were going the right way.

"You excited, babe?" her mum asked her.

"Nervous more than anything," she answered honestly.

"Don't be, dear. You'll be fine," her dad said and pet the girl's head. She really did hope so. The constant worry that her father had been going through the rest of the summer wasn't really reassuring.

They followed the other family just behind them when more and more students were appearing left and right. They must be getting close. One of the families bolted and was approaching a wall at a fast pace. Wait . . . what were they doing?

And before her eyes, the family disappeared. Erela blinked a couple times and rubbed her eyes. Where did they go? Honestly, her dad probably should have raised her more in a magical environment, she was sort of like her mother when it came to certain surprises from the magical world that she was unfamiliar with.

"Umm . . ." Erela started.

"Just follow after them," her dad reassured her before another family did the exact same thing and disappeared into a wall.

"You should have raised me more into a magical lifestyle," Erela smiled.

"And miss the reactions you're making now? Not a chance," he shook his head.

Erela took in a deep breath and ran toward the wall with her parents just following behind her. Don't stop . . . don't stop . . . don't stop, she was telling herself. She was literally expecting to crash into the wall, but it never came. Her parents appeared through the wall just moments later and her dad guided her around the corner, finding a train of black and red with the Hogwarts Express plated in the front.

It was really happening . . . she was leaving to a school dedicated to teaching her magic.

Erela's brown eyes looked around her, other students and parents were saying their farewells to one another and looking for some things that had gone missing just moments ago. The excited voices of first timers and returning students seeing their friends again buzzed around the large tunnel, it was hard not to be absorbed in the atmosphere.

Erela looked back to her parents before her mum gave her a really strong hug. "Mum, I can't breath," Erela choked.

"I'm going to miss you, honey," she cooed and ran her fingers through her daughter's dark brown hair. "Be safe, do all your homework, don't skip any classes, stay healthy—"

"Mum, mum, I'll be okay," she laughed when her mum loosened her death hold of a hug. Her mum always became nervous whenever Erela left her sight, even for a day. She would babble on and one about what to do and so on. It was pretty bad the first time when she had left for an all science camp for a week for a school field trip.

"I love you, sweetie. Write to us," her mum smiled at her.

"I will, mum. I love you too," Erela nodded before her dad gave her a gentle hug.

"Be careful there, dear," her dad sighed. Erela couldn't help but nod.

"I will."

Mr. Harris let go and caressed Erela's pink cheeks. Erela lightly smiled and turned to the train and jumped inside with other students. She was starting to have a little panic attack, the realization that she wouldn't see them for a while hit her like running into a brick wall and it became a little difficult to breathe.

She looked around for a room with very few people or no people at all. Most were full of bubbly students and some had a few kids, but a few too many in her opinion. Some kids were running up and down the hall looking for rooms or for the candy trolley that was located somewhere on the train.

She found a room all the way in the back of the train and looked out the window for her mum and dad. Then again, she was all the way in the back, there was probably no way they would know she had traveled some ways away for a room to herself. The crowd outside had gotten smaller since moments ago, all but family and friends were out there waving to someone they knew that was going to Hogwarts.

The train whistled to life and rumbled underneath Erela, messaging the departure of the Hogwarts Express. As the train started to move inch by inch, her eyes searched the crowd of unfamiliar faces for her parents. Erela's heart was beating faster and faster as the train was picking up a little more speed. Finally she saw her parents, her mum noticed her immediately and waved to Erela followed by her father when he finally saw the big brown-eyed girl past the windows.

Erela waved back for a few moments before her sight of them was cut off.

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