Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 42: Seventh Year

Erela never spoke of her dream she had the Shrieking Shack, much like the fork in the road dream she had had for years. It was something not worth mentioning. The rest of the year went on swiftly in a routine. After the Thanksgiving break of their sixth year, Erela and Landon talked more, Erela apologized for her exploding behavior and got back together with the werewolf weeks later, then broke up weeks later.

The two had their ups and downs. Constantly breaking up and constantly getting back together, always finding something to yell and scream about. Perhaps by their eleventh break up by the end of their sixth year they came to an agreement that no matter how many times they broke up, there was a high chance that they would become a couple again.

Thus, they came to the conclusion that they would still remain friends rather than ignore each others' existence. If they fall in love with each other again, so be it. If they break up again, they would still talk to each other even if it were awkward as hell.

As usual, Erela had her eyes glued to her studies to prepare herself for the N.E.W.T.s. that wouldn't even come until the end of the school year, yet she was so determined to get wonderful grades to get whatever job when she got out of school. She wasn't entirely sure which job she aimed for, but whatever it would be there was a chance that it would ask for the minimum requirement in her N.E.W.T.s.

Charms and Potions had finally lightened up for Erela a little bit. Stacee and Laila helped her out with spell casting in that department while Landon still helped her out with her Potions problems. Overall, there seemed to be some hope for the kids to pass their seventh year with flying colors.

Although . . .

There was something in the atmosphere of the castle that felt . . . rather grim. Perhaps it was nothing. Perhaps it was only Erela that felt it, with it being the last year for the students, the fear of going into the real world and the idea of never seeing their classmates again after that point. Maybe the sudden realization of reality finally slapped them across the face.

Again, it could be nothing. Just a thought in Erela's imagination.

Erela peeked away from her book at Landon across from her in the Great Hall then back down at her book. How many long had it been since they last broke up? Since the middle of summer maybe? All the separations started to melt and mold together, it was hard to keep track what went on with the two.

There was some definite chemistry between them, but compatibility was another thing. There was a difference between being made for each other and actually working with one another. The obvious signs, at least to Erela's overzealous romantic dorm mates, had said that the two were cute together and that the constant attraction worked wonders. As much as Erela wanted to agree, she couldn't help but think of reasons why they always broke up.

Sure, the saying goes: "opposites attract." That WAS true, but that didn't mean it always worked out in the end . . .

Still rather strange that the judgmental ones were rooting for Erela to have a successful love life with a werewolf they alienated since their first year. Well, Erela couldn't complain about that really, so she just shrugged it off.

The lanky Hufflepuff girl swung her leg underneath the chair whilst quizzing herself through her textbook, her foot barely brushed against Landon's leg multiple times but never noticed she kept touching the werewolf boy. Not until Landon muttered: "Are you coming onto me?"

"Hm?" Erela looked up at him quizzically.

"Your foot."

"What about it?"

"You're teasing my leg."

Erela immediately stopped. "Wasn't trying to . . ."

"You sure?" Landon questioned with a teasing smirk.

"Yeah," she rolled her eyes.


"Pretty sure," she raised her brows and nodded, keeping herself from smiling.


"Yeah," Erela chuckled and looked back down at her textbook. They had grown more comfortable with one another again after summer, especially with the occasional letters they sent to one another. Rebuilding their relationship via letter without the awkwardness of having to face each other might have helped. The atmosphere in them wasn't as brutally awkward as it did last year, making it much more bearable to be around one another without running away.

There was also the fact that they were still into each other. No doubt about it. They left hints often and both were aware what the other was doing, they were merely testing the waters with one another. Practically challenging which one of the two would break first. There was also the fact that they didn't want to ruin their rebuilt friendship.

Erela looked around for any sight of their pink haired friend and his girlfriend, Laila. But as usual, they were nowhere to be found. Finding a private place to themselves and away from their friends. Knowing Landon, he'd do anything to pick on his best friend and embarrass him for mere entertainment.

"Still losing a lot of sleep?" Landon asked when Erela yawned.

"Yeah." Quit noticing the small things. It made her feel bad for lacking the ability to show she cared for him. It wasn't as simple for her as it was for him after all. He kind of recognized that, but Landon once in a while challenged that aspect.

"Want me to make you a brew of the draught of living death?" he offered.

NO! "No thanks. I'll figure out my problem," she smirked at him. Nothing sounded more unappealing than being trapped in her nightmares an not being able to wake from it for a number of hours. "It's probably the constant stress with school."

"You need to relax. You'll miss out on all the interesting things," Landon shrugged.

Go with the flow . . . "I'm working on it." Time will pass you by with a flash if you continue looking into the future. Erela ran her fingers through her mess of hair before she stood up and collected her things. "I'm going to turn in early."

"Okay," Landon sighed and stood up. "I'll walk you with you."

"You don't have to."

"Can't really break a habit now, can I?" he rolled his eyes at her and shouldered his book bag. "Besides, I'm bored and want to get some rest too."

"That's fine." Erela pulled the strap of her bag over her head and took long strides toward the exit, Landon just catching up with her seconds later. Additional height advantage. The two walked in comfortable silence about a couple inches away from each other toward the Hufflepuff basement.

"Hey, Stacee and I were thinking of going to Hogsmeade this Saturday. You think you can handle dropping homework for the day to go?" Landon asked. "No doubt Stacee invited Laila to come along. Don't let me be that awkward third wheel in the group."

Erela chuckled lightly and rolled her eyes at him. "I'll look into my schedule."

"Think about it, brown eyes."

"I will," she groaned as they entered the Hufflepuff common room. "I'll give you an answer tomorrow."

"Thanks, Ela," Landon nodded to her. "Night."

"Good night . . ." she nodded back and retreated to her room to "sleep on it". She honestly already knew the answer before she crawled into bed.

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