Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 44: Discovered

"Another fight with your boyfriend?" Michael asked.

"He's not my boyfriend . . ." Erela sighed as she through a rock at the lake.

"Sorry. You two break up and get back together so often it's hard to keep track what your relationship statues is," he rolled his eyes and skipped a rock at the surface of the Black Lake.

"So I've been told . . ." she mumbled to herself.

"And this is when you two stop talking to each other for a couple days or weeks."

"Depends on how dumb the topic was."

"What was the topic this time? That your hair wasn't curled the right way or something?" he joked.

"Ha ha, think you're so funny," Erela rolled her eyes.


The Hufflepuff girl pursed her lips and skipped another rock. "My little sleepover dare at the Shrieking Shack . . . and the fact that you were the one that dared me to do it . . ."

Michael scoffed at her answer. "It was just for fun. Besides, you came out alive and well. He overreacted, as usual."

Erela didn't answer him as she thought on the argument. Yeah, Landon overreacted on the matter. She came out unscathed, just a little horrified of a dream. But that was it. "I think what really ticked him off was that you were the one that got me to do it."

The grey-eyed Slytherin boy rolled his eyes at her. "I don't like him either, but at least I let you hang out with him, no matter how worried I get about you hanging around a werewolf," he said and gave her a little side hug.

"Thanks, Michael . . ." she mumbled and returned the awkward side hug.

"Can I kill him yet?" Erela's lips curled into a little smile and lightly laughed at his question. "He's made you feel like shit way too many times than you deserve. Can I PLEASE strangle him?"

"No," she laughed. "Half of the time the reason we broke up was because of me too, you know."

"You get a free pass since you're my friend. HE'S not, so I can take him on for bringing you down," Michael started as he puffed his chest and turned toward the castle.

"No no no," she laughed a little louder and pulled him back by his wrist. "You're not allowed to kill him. Besides, you DO remember he's a werewolf right?"

"He's not going to change for another week or so anyway. In human form, he's weaker," Michael laughed and ran his fingers through his hair. "Seriously, you deserve so much better."

Erela pursed her lips and brushed her escaped bangs behind her ear. She didn't know about that . . . "Well, nice of you to think that," she nodded. "I'm going to go back and practice on potion making."

"Don't destroy your Hufflepuff common room. I know your house is full of aliens who are too nice for their own good, but I don't think it would be possible for them to not be mad at you for setting their home on fire."

Erela rolled her eyes at him and waved him farewell. "I'll see you later." She wasn't exactly sure where Landon would be, probably hiding in his room if she guessed correctly. She had a little more time to kill before having to go back to the common room around curfew, might as well walk around some more to think about her possession with Landon. Practicing potions could wait another time.

She let out a sigh and scratched her nose as passed the entrance to the dungeons. Erela was about to tighten her rubber band around her hair when she saw Stacee walk by. Strange. No Laila in sight. From the looks of their relationship, they were practically inseparable. Erela pursed her lips and followed just behind him. She made sure to pad her steps so he wouldn't hear her, all the more to spy on what he was doing, after all. Stacee slipped into the dungeons and Erela's heart skipped a beat.

What was he doing . . .? All the classes were locked and the professors had left for the night. Unless . . .

Oh no . . .

"Stacee . . ." Erela whispered, which ended up sounding like a hiss.

Stacee turned around and raised his arms at her. "What are you doing here?" Stacee whisper hissed back.

"Following YOU. What are you doing?" Stacee looked back as the chanting started. Her guess confirmed. "No. Stacee. Lets go!"

"I'm finally getting close to where they are—"

"Stacee, no! Come on, lets go before they find us," Erela shook her head and took his wrist.

"Wait, I—"

Something then crashed around the corner that made he and Erela jump. "What happened back there?" some called from the direction Stacee was heading.

Shit! Shit! Shit!

They were utterly trapped!

"Go!" Stacee hissed and pushed Erela toward the only exit out of the dungeon.

"Hey! Catch them!" someone ordered from behind them.

Erela and Stacee ran around the corner to where the accident had happened. Erela crashed into the person, but then Stacee took her by the wrist and pulled her along. When—

"Petrificus totalus!"

Erela and Stacee then froze in place. Erela couldn't move, she tried to wiggle her fingers, but her muscles were completely immobile. She could only move her eyes and see what went on around her. "Erase their memories."

"What if they come wandering around again? There has been word going around for years of this group as it is, they would hear them and do this all over again," another person said.

They huffed in frustration and stared at Erela and Stacee. Erela stared at them and noticed a patch of a skull underneath their robes. She blinked a couple times, curious why she feels as if she had seen it somewhere before. With a wave of their wand, they tapped Stacee's head and then he fell to the floor unconscious. They came to Erela and did the same.

Erela collapsed and blacked out within seconds.


She then woke up, looking eye to eye with one of the cult members who had just woken her up. Erela looked around for Stacee, only to find a large number of students with the same patch their capturers wore. Most she recognized from Slytherin house, a small handful from Gryffindor, and very few Ravenclaws. The memory of Landon's suspicion of Michael being a part of the cult came to mind and eyeballed for the Hughes boy.

"What do you know?" one of the Slytherins asked.

"Nothing . . ." To be honest, she wasn't sure if it was the honest truth. She was aware that the cult was an actual thing and they were secret enough to make a blood sacrifice. But that was it. What else they did and why was an utter mystery.

"How did you find us?"

Erela merely stared at them with hard eyes.

One of the members came over and whispered into the interrogator's ear. Erela eyed them carefully on what they were saying when the interrogator pointed his wand at her and pain electrocuted through her body. Erela screamed out in agony, the hurt just kept becoming more and more blinding each second. What felt like hours to her, but seconds to them, the torment stopped. Her body relaxed, but with a cost of her energy.

Erela felt numb and exhausted . . .

"So you're the Cruciatus curse girl . . ." one of them said with a smirk. "The one that can torture anyone just by looking at them. Seems fitting to use the same kind of power on you, don't you think?"

Erela kept her eyes down from the staring eyes, feeling utterly ashamed for even having such a power. It was a natural ability she had known since coming to Hogwarts and the Headmistress allowed her to stay since it was a "gift" she was born with. It wasn't a crime. Yet, the students that had her prisoner made her feel like she should have been sent to Azkaban years ago.

The tip of the wand pushed against her chin and lifted her head up to look up at them. "So answer the question and we don't use that little curse on you again," she smirked.

Erela blinked at the dark haired student and let out a quiet huff. "You're not exactly the quietest folks. You chant pretty loudly when it's quiet and you chant a little too early before your hide out disappears," Erela huffed.

They look to one another while Erela searched some more for Stacee or Michael. She couldn't see any of them. Where was Stacee? What happened to him? Was he okay? What about Michael? Was he in on the whole fiasco? "So . . ." Erela looked up at them again, his wand still rough underneath her jaw. "Don't tell anyone . . ." he hissed acid before Erela blacked out again.

"Snitch on us and we kill everyone important to you . . ."

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