Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 48: Two More Months

Hot . . . gentle . . . comforting . . . and completely right. Landon's kissed worked up from her collar up to her neck. Her pulse fast against his soft lips. Their sweat mixed with one another and—

"Ms. Harris?"

Erela snapped out of her erotica memory up at Edgar Parkin, the Ministry of Magic official and Apparition Instructor. It had been weeks since Erela and Landon's sensual night and it still liked to replay in her head at the most inconvenient time. She looked around her and everyone stared at her curiously. Erela daydreamed from time to time (mostly during her easy classes) and the professors always tried to catch her when she was at her most vulnerable. The students merely waited on her to answer whatever it was the instructor asked her.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Erela asked, her face red in embarrassment.

"Could you please answer what the three D's of Apparition is . . .?" he asked again.

Erela collected her thoughts as fast as she could, but her mind couldn't think clearly on the answer. Her mind was completely blank and she was baffled for being caught daydreaming and not being able to come back with the answer ready. "Sorry, sir . . . I—I don't—"

"Thank you, Ms. Harris," Edgar answer stiffly and pried his hard eyes off of the lanky teenager. "The answer is: Destination, Determination, and Deliberation. As in, you should be completely determined to reach yourdestination, and must move without haste, but with deliberation," he stated.

The lanky Hufflepuff girl felt her body temperature decrease and dropped her eyes in embarrassment. She felt utterly humiliated. Of course she knew that . . . They were only constantly reminded of the three D's of Apparition every single class since week one. God . . . such an idiot . . .

The strange trio were some of few seventh year students whom had to wait for their late seventeenth birthdays to take the Apparition class, which was offered in their sixth year if you reached your seventh birthday by then.

Landon took Erela's hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze, recognizing her incredibly low self-esteem level from Parkin's crude attitude towards her. She pursed her lips into a hard line before it curled into a light smile and returned the squeeze.

Edgar Parkin droned on and on about how Apparition/Disapparition was founded, the consequences of that form of transportation, and jinxes that stop humans from Disapparating. The closest thing they even got to practicing was the desti11nation part. Determination depended on each individual, which everyone should practice during their own free time. Deliberation was the most difficult part of the lesson. Nine weeks into the program and everyone was antsy to actually Disapparate and get their license.

The one most excited to get his license was Landon. He was more than happy to travel wherever he wanted within seconds. Stacee and Erela, both of which shared the same mindset, were more nervous of the consequences of losing a limb if they didn't determine and deliberate hard enough.

The students were dismissed from the Great Hall and out to do whatever. Erela let out a sigh and ran her hands through her hair; she didn't feel like putting it up in its common braid and had it down in an unusually chaotic mess of messy curls. "You look like you need sleep," Landon commented.

"I feel like I need sleep," Erela blinked slowly and looked up at the young werewolf.

"Feel like skipping class to take a nap?"

Erela was about to protest when she slumped her shoulders and let out a calm sigh. "That would be nice actually," she lightly smiled.

Landon lightly chuckled with a smile and kissed the corner of her eye as they made way toward the Hufflepuff common room. Missing one day of class wasn't the end of the world. The strange trio had been doing extremely well with their studies, always going to each other for help on each other for studies.

Two more months until the end of their seventh year . . .

Erela usually avoided asking Landon what he wanted to do after Hogwarts, only because he knew they would both be depressed of the answer. He could never get a job for what he was. That would all change eventually once Stacee became Minister of Magic and passed a bill for werewolves to have equal rights. It would take a long time, but it would all be worth it in the end. Landon would just have to wait on it.

"Have you finally made the decision on what you want to do after Hogwarts?" he asked Erela as they went through the barrels.

"With a lot of consideration, I was thinking of applying to be an Auror," she answered. She thought about it long and hard during Christmas break and talked to her father about it. He was skeptical about it for a while, but he eventually warmed up to the idea and shared what she would have to do in order to get accepted and that not everyone who applied would get the job on the first try. "Dad has an application ready for me to fill out back at home," Erela added.

Landon raised a brow at he and pinched a bit of skin around her triceps area. "I think you need to get more muscles. Never heard of a scrawny Auror before," he teased.

Erela giggled and slapped his hand away. Landon poked at her waste, feeling rather playful and tickled the girl. She responded by running further into the common room, but Landon caught up to her and picked her up from her waist. Erela kept laughing as Landon carried her to the couch and held her carefully.

She felt so safe in his arms. It was ridiculous how much she trusted him.

They both dropped on the couch and Erela turned around to face him and wrapped her arms around his waist, her cheek rested over his chest and listened carefully to his beating heart. Listening to the rhythm of it. It was rather comforting. The young werewolf kissed the top of Erela's head and pet her hair until they both fell asleep. It felt right to feel that relaxed with each other. No fights, but the usual bicker from time to time. Their relationship was far more successful than the other times they kept trying.

It felt like there was promise in their relationship . . .


Erela twitched awake, waking up Landon and groaned awake. They both stretched a little before they sat up and looked up at Stacee. His hair bright yellow, the brightest Erela had ever seen. "Hey, sunshine," Landon joked sleepily. "What's up?"

"I asked her," Stacee said and sat on the coffee table across from Erela and Landon. "I asked Laila."

" 'Bout what?" she yawned.

Stacee pursed his lips to hide a big smile of his that competed against Landon's usual smiles in comparison. "I asked her to marry me."

It took about three seconds for Erela to process the information when her eyes widened and stared at Stacee. "Oh my god," Landon answered for her.

"Wh—wha—what—what did she say?" she stuttered. Oh wait, dumb question. Stacee's hair was evidence enough about what she had said. "She said yes . . ." she muttered before a delighted smile formed upon her face.

"She said yes," Stacee nodded.

"Congratulations!" Landon said and pulled Stacee in for a hug.

"Congrats," Erela nodded and hugged Stacee after Landon.

It really was happening. They were all growing up, Hogwarts would end fairly soon, and they were all ready . . .

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