Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 49: All-Night

Full moon night.

And weeks had passed since Stacee proposed to Laila.

They planned to get married a month after getting out of Hogwarts. They were just too impatient and couldn't stand not being married to each other any longer. A nice summer wedding and Landon would be the best man. Obviously.

Apparition class was over and Landon passed the class with flying colors. He just had to go to the Ministry of Magic to take the official test and get his license from there. Erela would have to take it again after a little splinching accident and left a fingernail being. Stacee was better, but not by much compared to Landon.

The trio walked out to the Forbidden Forest far before it got dark o avoid any of the professors seeing them sneaking away into the extremely dangerous area. As the three waited for it to get dark, Landon helped quiz Stacee and Erela for their N.E.W.T.s they would have to take in a month and a half. The two have improved remarkably with their worst classes.

"Describe the Gemino Curse," Landon pointed to Erela.

"Gemini Curse, also known as the Doubling Charm. Used to duplicate an object to create and exact replica of the object. It can also double the more you touch the object. Invented by Helixa and Syna Hyslop, whom used it to duplicate everything in their mansion," Erela answer hesitantly. "Anything else?"

"Nope. That's good," Landon shook his head and flipped through some pages. "Stacee, what's the charm to transform small objects into dragons?"

"The . . . um, the Draconifor spell. A transfiguration spell that the caster can control. The dragon you make is small though and less powerful than real dragons and the size depends on the size of the object you transfigured."

"Correct," the young werewolf nodded. "Vanishing spell." Erela whipped out her wand and made the textbook on Landon's lap disappear. "You know I still need to be able to see it to quiz you guys," he said sarcastically.

Erela rolled her eyes at him and the book reappeared. The students learned how to vanish things properly the bigger they were and the more something moved. All she could remember was when she had seen the cult their sixth year disappear before her eyes for a blood sacrifice. Unless she assumed so and it just so happened someone conjured the vanishing spell, or cloaking charm, at the exact same time. Erela didn't want to know, really.

Stacee finished the rest of his tea and passed it over to Erela for her to read. Divinations wasn't what the Auror department wanted, but Erela knew she would have to know from the top of her head all the meanings of the tea leaves without the help of the textbook for finals. The class took a gander of "looking" into the future, which brought the students to go into a trance and predict the future from there. Erela had yet to tap into the "spirit world", as her professor called it, and get messages from beyond. She was getting there

Erela looked out the window, the sun was setting and getting dark fast. Landon looked toward where Erela stared and let out a sigh. "Okay, lets get this over with," he said and closed the textbook. Erela pursed her lips as the three of them followed Landon out of their hiding spot. Erela pulled her hair back into a tight bun and stuck bobby pins in to keep any loose hair from escaping. Landon removed his clothing a piece at a time and Erela calmly waited for him to hand her his clothing, keeping only his boxers on. Wonder how many of those he had to replace and pack up each year.

Stacee had given Erela tips on what to do when Landon was at the point of transforming. Don't get too close, make sure Landon wasn't holding onto that person for support or else they would get the same scars Erela got the first time, be the moral support for him. They both knew that Stacee wouldn't always be around to comfort Landon during that time of the month, especially since he planned to get married soon after graduating from Hogwarts. Erela would have to be there for him in his place. Not only that, but Erela had gotten better with her spells getting Landon down when he chased after the two in attack mode. At least that was the plus side on her doing something without the help of Stacee.

Once the moon glowed beautifully in all its glory, Landon collapsed onto his knees. Erela came to his side and carefully took his face as gently as possible. "You'll be okay," she whispered. "Just focus on me. Focus on my voice." Landon nodded and took in deep breaths. As futile as he knew it would be, he half hoped inhaling deeply would sooth the pain.

"Fucking shit," Stacee cursed when he pat his hands around his jacket and pant pockets. "I'll be back soon, Erela. You'll be able to handle this yourself. I left my wand back at the tree house," Stacee said and ran back through the trees.

"Hurry it up." Landon whimpered as his body cracked and popped. His appearance changing into the form of the large wolf Erela had gotten so used to seeing. When she felt his fur grow around his cheeks, she let go and backed away as she watched her boyfriend transform. "It's almost over. You're doing fine. Deep breaths. Slow and deep breaths."

The young werewolf growled for a few seconds before his eyes shot open, brown eyes melted away into gold, teeth long and deadly, and his body growing that much taller on all fours. Erela backed away some more, her eyes on the wolf, not daring to look back for the metamorphmagus whom was taking a really long time to go and get his wand. Erela pulled her want out and had it ready when Landon's groaning stopped, only whimpers could be heard. Get ready . . . once the pain had subsided, he would play his favorite game.

Hunting . . .

Erela looked behind her for a moment when animalistic snarling awoken from the large eight foot werewolf. She whipped her head back and he was already approaching her with his teeth bared at her, his fur rose straight up and made him much bigger than he already was, and his gold eyes glowed in the moonlight like silver. God, it was hard to believe such a friendly boy transformed into such an angry animal.

Landon rose onto his hind legs when Erela waved her wand and Landon was hoisted up in the air by his ankles. That obviously angered the werewolf and snarled ferociously at her, waving his arms at her to get a scratch. But she wasn't within reach of him. She looked back for Stacee, still no sign of the pink haired boy. Where did he go off to? Unless it was some kind of scheme of his? For Erela to take care of Landon in his wolf form on her own and jump in if it went wrong?

Erela didn't notice until Laila shared with her a while before that Stacee faked getting sick and Laila lied about practice in order for Landon and Erela to be alone and make amends with each other. Diabolical and didn't work. Really showed how much Stacee and Laila were meant for each other and how much they liked their friends being happy.

Fine. If that was the case, then Erela would have to work with Landon alone. Thanks a great deal, Stacee.

Erela looked back at the wolf and found that he was clawing at his chest in frustration for not being able to get Erela. She hissed under her breath and let him down. The wolf scrambled back onto his feet and roared at her angrily before he swiped at her. Okay, now he was pissed. The lanky Hufflepuff girl pointed her wand at the large wolf and swiped to the ground when the werewolf sunk to the ground. He trashed about, trying to get out, but his arms and legs wouldn't move.

He was trapped.

The wolf snapped at her every time she made eye contact. "Hey, I'm not too happy about this any more than you are," Erela said grimly while he growled at her.

Whenever he would escape, she would repeat the spell, his paws would sink into the ground and he would trash and howl each and every time. It was surprisingly much easier handling him than her first time when she was still improving on spell casting. Of course it would take the end of their academic career for her to be of some use . . . Erela didn't dare fall asleep, Landon often got out of the charm, so it would be a dumb move to fall asleep when a werewolf glared at you and was ready to bite and infect.

The sun began to rise when Erela took Landon's clothes out from her bag to give him. The wolf's snarling started to calm when sunlight hit his fur and bowed his head at her. His body cracked and popped back into place, the fur fell off to show smooth skin with freckles, and his face morphed back into its human shape. Erela came closer to him and reversed the charm, his legs and hands were free and filthy with blood and dirt. She put the clothes in front of him and muttered the healing charm to close up the wounds he had inflicted upon himself.

"I didn't hurt you, did I?" Landon asked quietly.

"No," she shook her head. "I'm fine. Not a single scratch on me," Erela added and kissed his forehead.

Landon lightly smiled as he put his clothes on and looked around for their missing friend. "Where's Stacee?"

"He disappeared while you were transforming," she answered and got back on her feet. "It's just been me this whole time."

"Wait, seriously—?" his eyes were wide with surprise. Erela nodded with a little smirk on her face. "Wow . . . I'm kind of impressed."

"I'm glad you kind of have faith in my wellbeing," Erela rolled her eyes.

"You know what I mean," he rolled his eyes at her and put his shirt on before he draped his arm over her shoulders. The two walked toward the castle, tired as ever and ready to have their breakfast and sleep off the rest of the day. Another day of skipping class, it was to be expected with one of them was a werewolf and he had companions to distract him all night without a wink of sleep.

Landon and Erela yawned as they sat next to each other in the Great Hall and filled their plates with toast, eggs, sausage, bacon, fruit, and pancakes. The young werewolf always ate a serving big enough to feed a cow and the lanky girl was starving.

Halfway through their meal, Laila came up to Landon and Erela and looked around for something with furrowed brows. "Hey, have you two seen Stacee?" she asked.

"No? We thought he was with you," Erela answered.

"Huh . . . well, when you two see him, could you tell him I was looking for him?" she asked.

"Sure thing," Landon nodded and gave her the thumbs up. When Laila left, Landon looked down at Erela. "That's weird."

"Yeah . . ." Erela dug through her bag, feeling around for her small crystal ball she wanted to take out, but couldn't feel it anywhere. "Damn, I'll be back, I left something back in the tree house."

"Okay. See you," Landon nodded and gave her a quick kiss on the lips before Erela skedaddled away to the Forbidden Forest. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail to keep it from whipping all over her face. Her feet crunched and snapped on twigs as she made way to the usual spot, taking into account that next month would be the last time the three of them would go to the tree house for Landon's transformation day.

How much time went by . . .

When she reached the tall wooden house, she climbed up it and immediately found her crystal ball in a corner with their teacups beside it. Right, she forgot she was suppose to read their tea leaves. Erela took the ball and put it into her bag as she looked through their cups. She didn't bother to look into hers, knowing fairly well it would be a warning of her future. She then looked into Landon's cup and sat it was shaped like an airplane.

Erela furrowed her brows and kept turning the cup around to make sure she read it right. After much enhancement into the book of tea leaf reading, there were more additions to meanings. The meaning behind an aircraft was: a sudden journey, but not without risk. Possible disappointment. The worse part was, that it was broken. Which mean that there would be an accident.

That wasn't good . . .

She put the cup down and looked into Stacee's cup. The moment her brown eyes looked into that cup, her body went cold and dropped the cup, which shattered into a million pieces. Erela bolted out the tree house and ran toward the castle. No . . . no, it couldn't be. No, she had to make sure she read it right. He had to be okay.

Erela saw the grim in Stacee's tea leaves . . .

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