Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 59: The Wolf

Erela wasn't sure how else to react but push the werewolf away and stare at him with a bewildered look on her face. Why was he there at all? Too many thoughts were jumbled in her mind and she couldn't collect them all to form a structured sentence. God, she must look like an idiot just standing there staring at him.

But from the look of it, Wisenburg was shocked as well. His light brown eyes were wide as he stared at her, cursing under his breath while the rest of his body remained frozen to the spot. They were both at a complete loss for words. The Auror swallowed the lump that swelled in her throat and looked around the wandering students. It wasn't the right place for their awkward reunion and it wasn't like they were hard to notice. Erela blinked quickly and dropped her eyes away from Wisenburg and swerved around him into the Defense Against the Dark Arts room.

A part of her hoped that he would follow her inside so they would discuss . . . something. She didn't think of what . . . then again, what else was there to discuss? They both had nothing to say to each other. Erela had moved on and Wisenburg made it clear he didn't want anything to do with her. Erela ran her hands through her hair and pulled her roots roughly in frustration.

What the ever-loving fuck . . .

The young Auror pursed her lips and quickly turned around out the door. When she peeked her head out the door, the werewolf had disappeared. She whipped her head left and right until she found the tall werewolf some ways down the corridor. She took in deep breaths and bounded after him and called: "So what brings you here?"

Wisenburg looked back at her and couldn't help but scoff, "None of your business."

"Answer the question, Wisenburg," she demanded and took longer strides toward him. Don't make a big deal chasing after him, don't bring more attention to them than they already were. "What brings you here?" she tried again. God, it was like their breakup fights all over again.

"Screw you." He pivoted and turned the opposite direction weaving through the ocean of teenage students.

"For the love of god . . ." she rolled her eyes and wrapped her hand around her wand to ready herself. "Friendly as usual . . ." Seriously the most terrible time to run into each other with all the kids going everywhere out of their classes. The werewolf dodged into the courtyard and headed toward the Forbidden Forest, how very like him to go there of all places. Erela followed just behind him and picked up her feet once she reached the courtyard and toward the bridge. "Seriously, Wisenburg!" she called. "What are you doing here out in the open?"

"I could ask you the same of you, couldn't I?" he called without looking at her as he stride into the trees.

Erela pursed her lips and finally caught up with him. "Personal business . . . you?"

"Saying "hi" to an old friend." He took a quick glance toward her and his eyes looked up and down the Auror. "Man, the years have been good on you, Miss Harris."

Erela raised her brows at him and glanced down at herself for a short moment. "Thank you . . ." she answered quietly. "Kind of grew into your looks yourself . . ."

"You know, as soon as we're off Hogwarts grounds I'm Apparating out, right?" he asked. The level of discomfort showed from the way he moved and tried to change the subject altogether.

"Fine . . ." she shrugged casually. What the hell was she doing following him anyway? A sense of duty to the Ministry? Because it was him? Erela ran her hand through her hair awkwardly and glanced down at the ground. "Another question before ?I let you be. Have you . . . had any weird hallucinations lately? Of Stacee?"

"Ha, not just lately. But I think that it's just wishful thinking. Could that be valid for you as well?" the werewolf asked and turned to the Auror.

Erela pursed her lips for a moment before letting out a quiet sigh. "For about a month . . . kind of been bothering me a bit . . ."

"I don't think Stacee's the kind to linger for five whole years, Miss Harris," he shrugged and adjusted his coat on his shoulders.

"Yeah . . ." she nodded. Right, then she really had been hallucinating.

"Uh . . . So . . . about that stuff I said . . ." he started as he ran his hand through his lengthened hair.

Erela looked up at him in slight interest with a twinge of fear. "Okay . . .?"

"It's not your fault Stacee died. I just wanted a scapegoat," he huffed and eyed Erela.

Erela pursed her lips into a hard line to keep herself from breaking and shook her head at him. "You know that really hurt when you said it . . ." Just the fact that she had lived with that guilt for five years kept gnawing at her. Haunting nightmares that their friend had died because of her, especially the fact that he protected her from the killing curse. Erela pinched the bridge of her nose and inhaled a deep breath before she continued: "I've been thinking of finding the guy that got Stacee . . . just thought I'd let you know," she started and walked past him.

"Fine by me," he huffed and tapped the scar across his chin. "What you do isn't my business anymore."

"It probably could have," she stopped and turned to the werewolf. "Instead, you went and—" She stopped herself and let out a frustrated huff. She swore she always picked a fight with him in any shape or form and couldn't exactly figure out why they pushed each others' buttons as much as they used to.

Wisenburg threw his hands in the air and walked in the opposite direction of her. Of course Erela threw that at him, she felt she had to. She WANTED him to be the one and wanted them to work out. But that all changed their seventh year and her idea of a future together crumbled to the ground.

"Yeah, see you later too," she rolled her eyes at him and walked toward the edge of the forest toward Hogsmeade. Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.

"You know what?" Wisenburg called for her attention, and she looked toward his general direction. "At some point, Erela, you are going to get to a point in your like that you can't blame shit on me anymore," he said and shook his head.

Was he ACTUALLY serious? Erela narrowed her eyes at him, tempted to let her walls down and take a hard hit at him. "I've done plenty of blaming on myself for the past five years. It's pretty much a relief to point my finger at you, the one who shoved all the blame on," she snarled at him. Landon just rolled his eyes at her and walked deeper into the trees. "Is the werewolf a loss for words now? SHOCKING!" she called after him and rolled her eyes.

The wanted criminal turned back around stormed toward her when he grabbed the Auror's shirt and hoisted her up. "Say that again. To my face. I'll kill you I swear, I will," he snapped at her.

Erela took hold of his hands for support as she dangled off the ground. Holy shit, has he always been this strong? she thought to herself. "You don't have the balls to do it . . ."

"Would you put money on that?" he growled, "We aren't friends, Erela, in case you haven't noticed."

Erela thought of challenging him more, to see if he would actually do it. Although, he had done a number of killings from what she read and who was to say he would actually do it, history or not. "No . . . I'm just some random Auror you were unfortunate enough to run into it. Quite literally."

"So shut the hell up with the werewolf bullshit and just go talk to Haxel." He then dropped her back onto her feet and turned away again, in hopes of being the last time. "Jesus Fucking Christ."

It wasn't like she made canine comments much like Michael had in the past. "I lied about the last question. Since you didn't say anything, you haven't found the guy, have you?"

"None of your business, I think." He rolled his eyes, " You would think someone of your office would know something like that."

"You know the case," she rolled her eyes back. "Disappeared before we could get him and assumed dead with the others," Erela shrugged. "Thanks anyway," she waves him off and turned toward the castle.

"Look," Wisenburg turned back at her. "I heard he changed his name to an anagram of his original and he registered back into the system," he scoffed and walked back into the tree line.

"That's helpful," she turned to him as she backed away. "Anything else you feel like sharing?" the Auror raises a brow at him

Wisenburg folded his arms across his chest. "Not with you."

"Friendly as always," the Auror rolled her eyes at him.

"Look, Erela," he grumbled, "You really don't know me anymore. It has been five years since we've even seen each other. So shut up . . ."

"Just a sarcastic remark," she said with a forced smirk. "Didn't think I would pick that up ever, huh?" Erela wrinkled her nose at him

"Why do you do this to yourself? Just go back home."

"I keep trying, but you keep talking," Erela replied and pursed her lips as she turned away from him. "Write to me when you feel like it." As if he would ever, even if he knew where she lived. She kept on walking as she kept herself from looking back at him. It would be the last time she would see him in person and they ended up budding horns at each other just like before. She grinded her teeth and snuck a quick peek toward the werewolf, but he was too far for her to see.

The last time they would run into each other . . . Erela reminded herself she was over him. She had moved on and was engaged to a brilliant man. Yet, that hard pang in her chest still ached. A fresh pain she hadn't felt in years.

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