Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 64: Dead End

No . . . she couldn't do it. Erela stared at the work in front of her but she hit a dead end. There had been no progress in days and she had little to no lead.

She had gone to the family of the two students as an authority that wanted to "get to the bottom of the case." They were told it was an accident and Erela kept it at that, it was an accident. She just wanted to know a little more about these students and figure out what sort of "curse" incinerated them.

They were always fascinated with the dark arts, yet they had no idea just how intense that fascination was.

Erela asked them if there was some job they always had a liking toward and if they had any interest in the muggle world. No! Of course not! Why would they associate with muggles?!

Well, she got her answer from that. Her assumptions only grew stronger that he was hiding among the muggles so his family would never find him. The job he had in mind would only work fine if he knew anything about muggles and their strangeness, so being a lawyer was out of the question. He probably worked in some small business of some kind since taking orders was easier than learning the world of the non-magical.

But after that, nothing.

Erela curses how there wasn't a tracking spell to find people by the use of their belongings like the silly muggles have made up in their fantasy television shows. That power would be incredibly useful.

As much as she hated to admit it, but she had no other option.

The young auror let out a sigh and flicked her wand for everything to get into her bag while she went to get the rest of her things around the bed space. Time to go traveling.


Erela looked around her dark surrounding, no ray of light to break through the blackness. Not even a speck. She didn't dare scream or call out for anyone, she just stood there. Erela had gotten used to dreams like that and she had learned to study it to find it's meaning. So she had to wait patiently for that meaning to manifest.

Right on cue, Markus' figure began to solidify in front of her. Erela lightly smiled and stared at him with love in her eyes just as his reflected the same amount of love in his. But then, that smile began to fade and the light in his eyes dimmed. Yet, he kept his eyes on her. Erela stared back and tried to read the look in his eye.

Why did he stare at her like that?

Then a growling rumbled just behind her. Not the sound of a mechs roaring to life, but the sound of an animal. And it sounded big. Erela slowly began to turn her head toward the snarl of the animal and the only thing she could see in the utter blackness were angry golden eyes.

A lump formed in her throat that was too big for her to swallow down. Those angry eyes...she hadn't seen them in so long she had forgotten how frightening they were. The wolf came closer and it's body solidifying the closer it got. He was bigger. So much bigger than the last time she had seen his wolf form. Maybe it had been a long time or maybe he actually did double in size, but he appeared more vicious than before. And the golden eyes that stared at her were the eyes of a predator.

Nothing had changed. She was still prey to him . . .


He snarled at her and leapt toward her for the kill—

Erela gasped awake, sweating cold bullets, and hyperventilating like she had just run a marathon.

Erela looked out the window down at the lights just beneath her. It had gotten pretty dark and she assumed that she was over Belgium, making her hours away from Köln. She thought about Apparating there, but she was completely unfamiliar with the city and it would be dangerous to try to think of a place you've never even visited before.

The young auror tried to get some more sleep, but her dream had spooked her and made it harder to get some shuteye. She couldn't work on we case with the fact she had hit a dead end and a muggle sat right beside her, so she whipped out her notebook and began to doodle whatever came to mind. It had been so long since she drew anything and she could feel the stress just wisp away the more she scribbled into the paper.

In between shading the hair of the wolf, she thought about the reason she wanted to go to Köln in the first place. Wisenburg had said that she could go to his flat if she were to find anything, in other words it meant he was there and he expected her to go to him to tell him about her findings. Erela disliked how he predicted her actions and hated that he was right all along. Their meetings haven't exactly been calm and ideal, being stuck in a flat together to work on the case would be an absolute nightmare . . .

The plane landed and Erela immediately went to get a taxi to take her to the flat, she shared the address with the driver in clumsy German and stayed quiet after the driver picked out her sloppy instructions to her destination. As they drove throughout the city Erela couldn't help but stare in wonder at the lights and architecture, no wonder he decided to own a place.

About an hour away from the airport, she finally arrived at Wisenburg's flat. Once Erela paid the fee she took small steps toward the door, her heart pumping vigorously against her chest, and her cheeks burning red. She was just nervous. It was only nerves getting to her. The lights were on and it only made her want to stop and turn around.

He was home he was home he was home he was home . . .

Oh my god he was home . . .

Erela ran her hand through her short hair and swallowed the lump caught in her throat. How stupid, she shouldn't feel nervous. They've been done for years. They were never compatible in the first place. For the time being, hopefully, he was a companion. Once all the loose ends have been died, it would be the last time they see each other.

She let out a quiet sigh and knocked on the door. Erela shoved her hands in her jacket pockets and tapped her foot for a couple of seconds before the door opened and Wisenburg's tall figure stood over her as it always had. "Harris? What are you doing here?"

The auror forced a smirk and answered, "Hey. You said I could come around if I found anything."


She opened her mouth before she closed it and shook her head. "I got stuck at a dead end . . ." she finally said after a long pause. "I need help . . ."

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