Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 65: Unfulfilling

"I only have a theory," Erela muttered as she stared at the work she had done in the past couple days alone that now was plastered on Wisenburg's living room wall. "But it's not enough to run out and ask questions," she continued.

The werewolf yawned as he pushed his hands into worn pajama pants and made his way to the couch, "It doesn't look like much honestly."

"It's not . . ." she sighed. "It's all I could get when he made a five year head start to clean up his existence." It was the reason why she chose to go to Wisenburg after all. Erela sipped her coffee and sat on the arm of the couch. "That's why I need your help."

"To sniff him out?" he giggled. By the looks of it, he hadn't slept in a while and was in desperate need to sleep. His own canine jokes were even funny to him. "Because even I'm not that good."

Erela couldn't help but chuckle and rolled her eyes at him. "Sure, let's go with that," she added and sipped her caffeine. "Your way of thinking is different to mine, it can really come in handy." He was more of an out of the box thinker compared to her while Erela was a concrete thinker, they would need both to close the case.

"I'm making more coffee. I can't focus without caffeine . . ." The man muttered and got up from his spot on the couch, and crossed the small flat to the kitchen area.

Erela nodded to him and slipped into the cushion of the couch and propped her legs on the coffee table. Maybe they needed to look into people's trashcans for ingredients of polyjuice potion. Perhaps even go to stores around the country and ask if anyone had been purchasing any of the required ingredients. Apothecary sellers weren't dumb; they had to be knowledgeable enough to know everything there was to know about brewing potions. She probably should have gone for that. Maybe even look around for any missing muggles.

"Where's the closest Apothecary store?" she called to him.

"Outside of town, off the autobahn on the way to Dusseldorf . . . I think, aside from Apparating, I don't practice magic much," he managed between yawns while he watched intently as the coffee maker hummed to life, "This thing is so cool . . ."

Erela lightly smiled and ran her hand through her short hair, which brushed back into place. "Careful, your muggle is showing," she teased. She didn't care to ask why the sudden cease of magic, it was his own business and not her place to be nosey.

Wisenburg shrugged and turned his attention from the coffee maker to the Auror, "Why?"

"Nothing," she shrugged with a slight smile and finished the last bit of her coffee as she hopped off the couch to the kitchen. "I don't have anything against muggles," she reminded him. "It's just funny."

"I was asking why you wanted to know about the closest apothecary."

She swore he enjoyed being vague with his questions. Or at least found amusement in making her squirm when he made an absolute fool out of her.

"You need to be more specific with your questions," she comeback and sat on the counter. "It's not uncommon that I answer a completely different question," she added. "I just have a feeling that our little shit has been using polyjuice potion, why not go to some stores to see if my theory is correct?"

"Because that's like searching for a needle in a stack of needles," the werewolf scoffed while he poured more coffee in his mug, "It's redundant, you don't have conclusive evidence that he's even on the continent."

"Got any better ideas?" Erela rolled her eyes at him. It wasn't like she never thought about it, no one said it would take a couple days to catch the villain and move on with their lives. Once the werewolf was done pouring himself his coffee, Erela refilled hers and immediately drained the rest of her caffeine. "This is basically my cue to leave for the time being. I'll be back in a couple hours," she started and stride toward her bag to fetch her daywear.

"Uh . . . Okay, bye," he nodded before he took a sip of his coffee and adding the amount appropriate sweetener. "Later," he called when Erela slipped into the bathroom to get changed.

She had learned that the one way to avoid them fighting was if one of them walked out of the room. If they were younger and still together, it would have royally annoyed both of them. Especially Wisenburg since Erela always walked away in the middle of an argument. At least there was an upside to their separation, for the time being from what Erela had noticed, was that Wisenburg didn't make a big deal about it like he used to.

That and Erela REALLY needed to get to work to keep everyone at bay.

She buttoned up her vest, pulled into comfortable jeans, and shrugged on her coat after she got out of the bathroom and Disapparated walking midway across the living room. Everything whooshed past her and she was walking down the main floor of the Ministry of Magic.

Erela felt thankful that she and Markus had completely different work schedules or else her little white lie wouldn't work. Their coworkers wouldn't ask questions either, they were a grossly happy couple, nothing terrible ever happened with the two. The only think their coworkers would ask was why they looked so tired or blue.

That was it.

The young woman yawned as she made it to her cubicle and lazily saluted to her cube neighbor, Nero Vuk. "You look tired?" he commented, his Croatian accent as thick as ever.

"Been reading through some cases on my off hours," Erela shrugged and hoped into chair and spun for a little while until it stopped. "How about you?"

"Oh, you know. Same old same old."

"That sounds severely boring," Erela commented.

"Not as bad as you, overachiever," he chuckled and ducked his head into his cube again.

"There's nothing wrong with aiming high," she rolled her eyes and went back to work. Erela did just like last time; doing paperwork, socializing with her coworkers, and look through her plans in her cubicle. It wasn't any different to what she usually did, especially since all the best of the best were sent out to field while the newer ones stay behind until further notice.

Nero had finished off his paperwork and socialized with Erela for a little while as she did a bit of work and answered him with: "mhm" and "right" before he left for the night. Nero had just been accepted in the Aurors department the same time Erela was accepted and hadn't been assigned any fieldwork as of yet like she and Markus had in their first year. He had been one of those coworkers that didn't seem to like Erela in the beginning and slowly began to warm up to her little by little only after she had broken her shoulder from her troll incident two years ago.

Once she was done, Erela left the office toward the main floor of the Ministry. When she was halfway down the main floor towards the Floo Powder gates when she Disapparated and reappeared in Wisenburg's living room. "Honey, I'm home," she called out of force of habit before she stopped in her place and smacked her palm to her forehead. Wisenburg raised his brow at her. Yep, he heard her. Too late now. "Found anything new?" she asked and dropped her things on the couch.

"Just a question . . ." Wisenburg answered.

"Shoot," Erela sighed and kicked her shoes off when she walked closer to the front door and turned back to go steal a water bottle from his fridge.

"So you're assuming that he's hiding in the muggle world with polyjuice. But why is that necessary, aside from you he doesn't have any warrants out. Only you and I know what actually happened so why go through all the trouble." The man ran a hand through his hair and shrugged, "I mean couldn't it be that he's just hiding in plain sight and we can't find him because we're looking for something off in the distance?"

To answer his first question: "I assume because he was reported dead, he continues to play dead by hiding, and there's nothing better than to blend in with others as someone else." Then the werewolf continued with his thought that Erela thought she knew how to answer to, but nothing came out of her gaping mouth, not even a thought either. "So what you're saying is that we might know the guy without realizing it?"

"It's a possibility," he shrugged and pushed himself off the couch. "I'm tired, I'll see you in the morning," the werewolf sighed and ran his large hand through his hair.

"Yeah . . . good night," she waved him off as he went upstairs to his room. Erela slept on the couch of the living room, not that the werewolf had offered her when she came over it was just that she didn't take his offer and would rather the owner of the flat to be able to sleep in his own bed. The auror guzzled down half of her water bottle while her brown eyes studied the living space. It was cleaner than when she got there, books scattered around in piles, an empty coffee mug on the table, and some pieces of clothing that splayed on the couch and armchairs while some that once draped on the furniture had fallen to the floor.

It was such a bachelor pad.

Erela craned her head around toward the window and noticed the same flower that made the treehouse its home. That time, the flowers were dark-red. He must really like those carnations. The auror let out a yawn and sunk into the couch and closed her eyes.

Just another unfulfilling day.

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