Beyond the Foggy Path

Epilogue: Eight Years Later

Erela had her nose in some paperwork and books, the same usual routine. Every title on werewolves and known research on the 'beasts' right in front of her she had for reference. And a reminder on how the authors didn't spend near as much time around werewolves to know anything more than the basics. Still no cure for their lycanthropy disease, still the same prejudice articles against them, and still little to know about werewolves.

Erela and Landon started a werewolf refuge in the countryside of Scotland where people without guidance wouldn't find them. There home started off small, then gradually grew as more and more werewolves came for help. Which led to numerous remodeling with magic to add more rooms in order for the size to grow from the inside. Their home had become more of a bed and breakfast than anything. They had a shed outside where they made Wolfsbane and a garden in the backyard for food and ingredients for potions. Their house sat on a slightly elevated hill in the middle of a meadow with a forest creating a bowl-like wall around them. There, werewolves could transform and wander into the forest or walk around the meadow without worrying about wandering humans seeing them. Landon and Erela gave Wolfsbane and food to the werewolves, giving that hardly anyone in the wizarding world hired them and therefore were more or less homeless and couldn't afford food or ingredients to make the potion that kept their humanity during full moons. Their refuge also gave Erela a chance to study them and write a research article she planned to publish for the whole wizarding community to discover. Hopefully, the werewolf reputation shall be cleansed and accepted.

Landon had worked in the Muggle community to earn money in order to help Erela save up on the money she had earned from working in the Ministry so long ago. It wasn't easy at first, but they managed after the first year since opening up the refuge. It made things easier as well since Landon had to fake his death to get the Ministry off his trail and to keep Erela from being discovered she was affiliated with a criminal. Without Aurors hunting him down, Landon could walk around freely in the Muggle community with other werewolves to help them find work. The others had to be spread out throughout the country to keep others from suspecting something was wrong when they all called in sick at the same time, don't want the Ministry to figure it out somehow.

Overall, they had been busy that past couple of years. It was a busy life.

Erela looked outside the window, finding Landon looking around the trees behind the house. She couldn't help but chuckle. The woman suspected what he was doing and watching him helped her relax if she ever hit a wall in her research. So far from what she had learned through experience: werewolves, depending on their mentality and how they were raised, were gentle people when they had someone they could trust. Some of the werewolves that had come to stay with them were like Landon, happy people but often fell into a dark hole of their insecurities. Then there were others that weren't very trusting toward Erela, given that she was human and might as well inform the Ministry of the people that had come to her were werewolves. The Ministry always wanted to know who suffered lycanthropy; so they could 'protect' their community from those 'monsters'.

Yet people couldn't seem to understand them. Wouldn't even TRY to figure them out because they were too scared to be near them.

She looked down at her notebook that was opened up in front of her, notes in unreadable scribbles. Erela had put her life in studying werewolves so she could publish what she learned to add to lycan research. So people would actually see the half-wolf people as citizens of society and not as constant killing machines. There was always hope for a change.

Erela pulled herself from her chair and went outside in the backyard, where Landon looked behind some trees. She heard giggling coming from above them. Her eyes shifted to the tree house over their heads, there she saw a mass of brown hair move out of view. Followed by louder snickers. Erela pursed her lips to stifle her laugh and looked back at Landon, whom tried to hold back a big smile too.

"You didn't lose him, did you?" she asked casually.

"I could have sworn I left him right here," the freckled man answered. "Would it be too much to replace him? He's kind of broken."

"No refunds," she shook her head.

"Dang," he sighed. "Guess we're stuck with this one . . ." Landon slowly turned around, playfully searching for their son with his eyes only while Erela tried to keep herself from laughing. "Wherever he may be," he werewolf whispered.

"Have you checked under the house?" she raised a brow. "He's probably in the water," Erela nodded toward the small stream in front of their house.

"Good idea, you look there and I'll keep looking over here," Landon smirked as he raised his finger to his lips, signaling her not to give away his plan. Erela rolled her eyes at the man as she turned around and walked back toward the house. She went toward the water and pretended to look through the hilariously shallow stream, glanced over her shoulder to find her husband climbing up the tree while their son watched her. He had absolutely no idea.

Erela leaned a little lower to look underneath the little hole underneath their house when she heard Landon's growl and Alex's shriek. She laughed and turned around to find the boys playfully wrestling each other while Alex was going through a giggle fit. The boy had freckles just like his father, growing taller and taller like a weed each and every day, and was the most open and accepting child they had ever known. Alex was always surrounded by werewolves, Erela being one of few humans he ever met and didn't treat the werewolves any differently.

He was born human. The lycanthropy wasn't genetically passed down to him. To Landon's relief.

"Come on down before you hurt yourself and go wash yourself," Erela called them and turned toward the house. "Dinner will be ready in an hour," she added as she went inside the house. Erela went into the kitchen, everything was still flying around and moving by itself. From the looks of it, nothing had gone wrong and the aroma was just divine. Hopefully the werewolves spending their time around the house didn't smell anything wrong with the food.

The backyard door opened and small feet scurried around the corner and up the stairs. Boy was always so energetic there was only one explanation where he got it from. Landon came in, right on cue, and picked her up. Erela panicked for a moment, the sudden rush coming without warning before it faded away with every second. He put her back down, a big smile spread across his face that Erela mirrored a moment later. His smile as contagious as ever and she couldn't put on her poker face as well as when they were kids.

The mask was gone and she wasn't afraid.

Their foreheads gently pressed against one another, gentle smiles and eyes closed, feeling utterly relaxed as they moved at their own pace. "So how's your research?" the man asked and caressed her cheek.

"Pretty slow, but it's progress," she answered with a shrug.

He shrugged too. "Don't hurt yourself," Landon reminded. Erela stuck her tongue out at him playfully with a pouty look in her eyes, he merely chuckled and gave her a quick kiss on her forehead. "Don't ignore the kitchen either, don't want anything burning again." She groaned at him as he went upstairs laughing halfway up, of course he would remind her. It was rare that the kitchen would catch fire, but it happened once too many times years ago when they first got the house.

Erela often checked on the kitchen to make sure nothing went wrong in between working on her research and how to word out her discoveries. The biggest new thing she had learned in the years since werewolves became a common visitor was that they were hormonal days before the transformation and a day or two afterward, depending on the person. It explained Landon's moodiness before the full moon when they were in school and how likely he was to snap at people. At that point, she started to think that maybe she should just write an anonymous article about living with werewolves to make a point on her safe home experience. Definitely add the fact that children were still safe around them as long as they had Wolfsbane. That might add some points for some people, but not all.

Alex came downstairs, all three and a half feet of him, and went into the kitchen with a smile near as wide as his father's. "Hey, dear. Could you ring the bell for the others to know food is ready for them?" she asked as she put everything on the table. The werewolves living with them for the time being weren't the most social bunch and often got their food and went wherever they felt like to eat their meal.

"Yeah!" he replied and went to the bell by the stairs and started hit the small bell with a drumstick. One would have to hit it hard enough for the whole house to hear, but circumstances wasn't in need of that and it would only irritate the werewolves throughout the house with their sensitive hearing. Alex came back to the table and took an empty plate just when Landon came downstairs, his hair still wet and sighed with relief. Erela glanced over her shoulder, giving the man a slight smile and put a third dish of potatoes onto the table.

"Smells disgusting."

"God, I hope not," Erela pursed her lips.

"It was a joke," he sighed. "You still have to work on your sarcasm."


"Dork." Erela narrowed her eyes at the man. Fifteen years and he still called her a dork. How wonderful. He leaned in to get himself a plate, all while Alex filled up his plate with mostly mashed potatoes and corn, Landon slyly pecked her on the cheek. Erela looked up at him with an unamused look in her eyes that made Landon laugh and kiss her on the lips sweetly.

"Bleeeeeeeeh," Alex gagged. "Gross."

The Wisenburg couple laughed in between kisses, only to press deeper into a more affectionate kiss until they were fresh out of air. Their lives was pleasant and quiet. At last.

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