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Visitors from the Future

By Joanne Loo

Drama / Romance

Chapter 1

Title: Visitors from the Future

Genre: General/Romance/Friendship


Pairings: Zero/Kaname

Disclaimer: No, I do not own Vampire Knights. It belongs to Hino Matsuri - I only borrow the characters from the series and use it in my own fic. However, I do own the three original characters featured in this story.

Summary: (AU) - Includes Time Travel. One unknown teenage female & Two kids landed in the Cross Academy's Woods surrounding the Moon Dormitory - out from nowhere in particular. Who are they and Why are they calling Kaname Kuran and Kiryuu Zero - 'Daddy' & 'Father'? Not only that - why are they emitting the aura of both a Pureblood Vampire and a Vampire Hunter at the same time?


Chapter 1 - Time Vortex

Silence reigned. The stinging scent of blood lingers on within a desolated villa building, standing tall on a hill top of a country-side. Bodies of dead corpse lays forgotten and scattered about the interior and the outside of the villa house - taking a moment of minute before they turned into nothing but sheer dusts.

Deeper within the inside of the villa house, two men fought valiantly against the swarming troops of enemies. Slightly further behind them, stood a trio of youngsters - one teenage girl, and two little boys of six.

"Akane, take them and go - immediately! Never mind which point of the past - did you guys ended up returning to, in particular. Just get the two of them out of here, right now!" The silver-haired man ordered, as he fired yet another shot towards one of the approaching enemy.

The enemies were none other than what was being known to the rest of the vampires society as the 'Level E'. The ultimate end level for an ex-human vampire, which just happened to be on the very last position within the vampires ranking chart.

About two centuries had passes by since the battle against Rido Kuran - that took away the life of the Pureblood Princess, Yuuki Kuran. Though unbelievable, both somehow Kiryuu Zero - the ex-human and the Pureblood - Kaname Kuran, had found love along the way.

Life had pretty much continues on since then, and Kaname Kuran still continues to promote peace and co-existence among humans and vampires alike. With the passing of Kaien Cross sometime after Yuuki herself, Kaname Kuran had took on the responsibility of keeping the school operated himself - while engaging another trusted candidate from the human world to continue leading the school as the Chairman.

The night class still existed within the Cross Academy - only it was now no longer leaded by Kaname Kuran. Instead, it was now under the lead of a new batch of students comprising of the off-springs of the majority of the original night class members.

Still, that ultimate aim of attaining co-existence among humans and vampires was still far from being accomplished. Every now and then, things are bound to get nasty. This time around, the situation was simply getting out of control - not wanting to have the kids hanging around to witness just how 'gloomy' the current situation is, at this point of time.

Kaname Kuran had simply decided to send the kids away for their own good, and it was also partly to keep the two younger boys safe from dangers. The two boys had been a miracle for both Zero and himself, seeing as they had been their own flesh and blood - created and made possible with the aid of an ancient spell from centuries ago. Due to that sheer fact itself, the two boys was always been seen as an outcast by the New Vampire Council and the hunters' association - alike.

The elder female child had been their daughter since they decided to adopt her, about a century ago - when her family members were brutally slaughtered by the hunters' association. For her mother had simply decided to go against the family ideals and associated herself with a noble-ranking vampire. The girl, herself had a narrow escape from the fate of 'death' only because - she had been away visiting a family friend's house.

"Akane, hurry up with the process." Kaname Kuran called out to the group of youngsters, hovering at the back of the room.

The girl, going by the name of Akane did heard what the two adults were telling her; but she did not respond to any of their calls. For what she had been entrusted to do was something which required a whole lot of attention and focus, a moment of distraction was enough to ruin things for them all.

"Alright, here it goes ... Heed my words and my commands - the time of gate, I hereby summoned you to me - Time Vortex!"

After what seemed to be an eternity, when in actual fact - only five minutes had gone by since the start of the preparation ritual; the girl finally opened her mouth to speak.

Almost promptly, following the end of her words - a giant black hole appeared in the middle portion of a wall situated within the room.

"Done! The two of you hurry up and get in there, I'll followed shortly." Akane barked out an order to the two boys whom seemed to be in a daze-like manner; and when she failed to get any response out from them. She had all but dragged the two boys towards where the hole was and dumped them both in - roughly.

Turning back to the two adults whom were still fighting off the enemies, trying to gain them time for their escape - Akane called out for their attention.

"Dad ... Father ... Please do take care!" With that said, Akane turned away and stepped within the black swirling hole herself - before murmuring yet another chantation to close off the gate of time.

"Kaname - I think that's the first time, Akane had ever called you 'father' since we adopted her." The silver-haired man, commented dryly.

"...I know, and Zero - On the count of five, please turn and run. I'm going to bring down this whole place." Kaname Kuran told his silver-haired companion, as he started counting mentally before releasing his powers in full-fledge.


Meanwhile, at another time period - a giant black hole opened up and deposited the three time travellers from the top of the sky.




All the three voices called out at once, as they landed hard on their bottoms upon the rough bald surface of the grasses within the woods of somewhere - in the past.

"... Where are we now?" The boy with wavy brown hair and lilac eyes, peered about their surrounding area warily and asked.

The eldest of the trio, stood up and surveyed the area - narrowing her eyes as she tried to pin-point their exact location amidst the dark.

"... No need to guess where we are now, I think the answers' clear enough ... " The other member of the trio, suddenly spoke up - catching the duo's attention.

"What do you mean? ... Never mind, forget that I'd asked." Akane's voice faded off, when she heard rapid footsteps heading towards their direction.

"Hey! It's night fall now, and you people should not be out here. Get back to your dorm - right ... " Yuuki Cross's voice faded, once she registered the fact that the group of trio which she had came across while conducting her routine patrolling check - was not anyone whom she had seen before in the academy.

"... Under usual circumstances, I would have taken your advice and head back to the dorms - but I'm afraid that would be kind of impossible, at this point of time. Seeing as, I had no particular idea of whether my dorm room exists - in this particular time frame. Ms. Yuuki Cross - I believe?"

It was Akane whom had spoken out, since neither of the two boys had any idea as to just whom exactly the female standing in front of them - was.

The two little boys whom had been listening on to Akane's words to the girl standing in front of them, finally realized that they had all landed in the midst of the woods surrounding the Moon Dormitory of the Cross Academy.

Just then, Akane frowned for she sensed several vampires heading towards their location. For a while, she had nearly panicked - but she forced herself to remain calm, as she regarded the two boys with intent while she asked.

"Did anyone of you injured yourselves - while landing? I hope not, cause' I'm in no condition to hold back several noble class vampires whom are in the midst of a bloodlust. "

The two boys shared a look among themselves, before shaking their heads in unison and said. "Come on, give us some credit - Akane. As though, we're that stupid enough to injure ourselves before we even figure out just where exactly - did we ended up at. "

"... If its' not the two of you, then who's the one bleeding now? For I can sense at least four nobles, one pureblood and one level D heading towards us ... " Akane responded, before realization dawns in as she turned towards the female guardian whom was still standing in front of them, apparently in shock.

"...Ms. Cross, you're bleeding." Akane commented, drawing the said female out from her daze-like manner.

"What? ...Oh, shit!" Yuuki Cross groaned aloud, and nearly slapped herself hard on the forehead.

"..." The trio said nothing, but sighed inwardly at just how clumsy and absent-minded, the female guardian was.


That was exactly how Kiryuu Zero; Kaname Kuran and his group of vampire friends - found them, later on. The unknown trio standing together and looking on in amusement as Yuuki Cross tried desperately to stop her wounded knees from bleeding. Apparently, Yuuki had gotten her knees scratched across a rough surface earlier while jumping down from the higher trees, upon discovering the trio's untimely arrival from the middle of nowhere. Hence, resulting in her bleeding injury.

"Yuuki - is everything alright?" Kiryuu Zero asked, looking towards his guardian friend for an answer.

He knew it could not be the fault of the night class, this time around - since he had arrived at the site together with those vampires. So just what exactly is the reason behind Yuuki's blood being scented in the air?

"Ah ... Zero, nothing to worry about. I kind of fell and scratched my knees on the rough surface of the ground, a while ago. "

"I see ... and Yuuki, who are these people?" Kaname Kuran asked, politely while eyeing the trio standing by the side with wary eyes.

"Yes, Yuuki - I would like to know that too ... Why are you hanging around these 'vampires' - from outside ... " Zero added in, as an afterthought - too.

"..." Akane fought to keep herself from wincing upon sensing the underlying disgust hidden behind Kiryuu Zero's words - when he mentioned the terms 'vampires'.

No sooner had Zero finished speaking, there was a movement of swift action and when he looked back down - again. He was met up by the sight of a vampire child with wavy brown hair attaching to the front of his pants, hugging his legs - preventing him from moving.

The same could be said for the opposite side of the woods, where the vampires of the night class had been standing together. Kaname Kuran was now facing the other child with silver hair, the only difference was that the child did not attached himself to the pureblood's legs. Namely, because - Aidou Hanabusa was in the way; hindering the child's initial actions.

Silence, followed by the subsequent movements of the boys' lips - the term 'Daddy', 'Uncle Aidou' and 'Father' was out from their mouth - before anyone else could stopped them.

"Shit!" was the only word Akane could uttered aloud, before all hell break loose and chaos reigned.

~to be continued~

Date started: 26/04/09

Date completed: 26/04/09

Date edited: 26/04/09

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