A Fresh Start (Damon, OC, Klaus FanFic)

Chapter 18

AN: For the readers from different parts of the world, Michael is pronounced My-kill.

"I would like to stay here in Mystic Falls, if that's ok with everybody?"

Everybody turned at the sound of my voice, I was standing in the doorway. Caroline was by my side in a flash. So she was a vampire too. She hugged me tightly,

"Oh Jessica, we would love for you to stay. You're part of our big messed up family now."

She led me in to the room. Damon poured me a whiskey and I sat on the arm of his chair. I downed the drink in one gulp and without saying a word he just filled up my glass again. This time I sipped it. Elena spoke up,

"Well the house is already yours, and you have money so if you want to stay we would love you to. But what are you going to do? Are you going to stay in school," she laughed, "I mean you're going to live forever, you probably don't want to put up with teachers and homework anymore."

They all looked at me in shock, I looked down at my hand. I hadn't realised when Elena mentioned teachers I thought of Mr. Tanner and had squeezed my hand breaking the glass I was holding. I started picking up the bits of glass from the floor, "I'm so sorry. I didn't... I just..."

Damon pulled me to my feet causing me to drop the bits of glass I had managed to pick up,

"Jessica, do not apologise again. You have done nothing wrong, it's just a glass."

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I opened them when I was calm. Damon was staring down at me, a soft smile on his lips. He took my hand and placed a ring on the ring finger of my right hand. It looked kinda like his, I realised it was a daylight ring. I hugged Bonnie, knowing it was thanks to her.

We sat down again, this time I sat in the chair and Damon sat on the arm of it. I subconsciously leaned towards him and my hand snaked into his. I turned to the group who hadn't missed the way I was sitting. I spoke up,

"I want to stay in Mystic Falls. And yes, I want to stay in school. Hell, I even want to go to college. My mom would come back just to kill me if I didn't finish my education. Plus, I enjoy classes. I'm just afraid in case I..." I couldn't finish the sentence.

They all knew what I was thinking. What if when I went back to school I attacked or killed someone. I couldn't do that again. Stefan was gone in a flash and back just as quick. I had to admit the speed thing, although cool, still kinda freaked me out. He was carrying a hospital blood bag. He handed it to me.

"These should keep your hunger at bay while you're in class," Stefan explained, "and I'll be there if you ever feel your control starting to slip, I can help and so can Caroline."

I looked at the blood bag in my hands and then up at Damon. He just smiled at me, a part of me felt like I could kill everybody in this town and he would just keep smiling at me.

The thought of killing anybody upset me, so I didn't think I could... on purpose anyway. However I did feel a weird powerful thirst in the back of my throat as I thought about it. Suddenly I was very aware of the five beating hearts in the room. I must have been staring at them because I heard Damon speak beside me, "Drink the bag Jessica."

I snapped out of my daze, 8 pairs of eyes watching me. Taking another deep breath I started drinking, I was a bit uncomfortable doing it in front of everybody but I had to admit the relief was instant.

As the others started talking about normal everyday things, such as parties and school dances I let my mind wander. I was thinking about my life now, I did want to stay here and I did want to honor my mother by finishing school and college. I knew if I wanted to Damon would let me live here in the boarding house, but the more I thought about it I realised I wanted my own home.

Not the one my mother died in, that I would sell. Actually I would be happy with my own little apartment. I realised Jeremy was talking to me,

"Are you alright Jessi?"

I nodded to him the spoke to the whole group, "I'm going to sell the house and buy an apartment."

"Are you sure you want to do that?" Bonnie asked.

"That house means nothing to me. We were only living there such a short while. It's just the house where everything went wrong." I explained.

I stood up, my mind set on doing this. Damon stood as well.

"You don't have to do this now." He whispered.

I smiled up at him, "Yes I do, and I want to do it myself." I could see he was going to argue, I put my hand on his cheek, "Really Damon, I'll be ok, but I need to at least try to do this on my own."

Keeping eye contact he nodded and then ignoring everyone he bent his head, placing his lips on mine. The kiss was both gentle and intense and caused me to blush.

When the kiss ended I said goodbye to the others without looking at them. I could hear a few chuckles and then I was gone.

It felt like only moments later I was at my house. I could get used to this speed. Taking a breath I opened the door and entered. As I stood in the hallway a copper like smell filled my nostrils, it took me a moment to realise I was smelling my own blood from the night my mother died and my father attacked me. I felt like I was going to throw up so I ran to the bathroom and sat by the toilet.

Could vampires even get sick?

The smell filled my nostrils again and I answered my own question. Yes, vampires could get sick. I started vomiting blood.

When I finished I stayed there for a few seconds to make sure there was no more. I pushed myself up off the floor and cleaned up the mess I had made. I slowly made my way down the hallway to my mother's bedroom. I pushed open the door and entered the room. It broke my heart as I looked around at the familiar objects. I picked up a framed picture of the two of us at some beach.

Clutching it to my chest I lay down on her bed. I could smell her scent from the pillow. I didn't feel like crying, it was more like a burning anger I felt. At the same time there was an itch at the back of my throat. Maybe doing this on my own hadn't been such a good idea.

Still holding onto the picture I got up. I had friends who honestly just wanted to help me, I should let them. I thought I had wanted to do this on my own but with the anger I was feeling... and the hunger... maybe I shouldn't be on my own just yet. I went back downstairs and phoned Elena, she answered almost immediately.

"Jessi, are you ok?"

Trying to ignore the hunger I spoke quickly, "Elena I was wrong, I can't do this on my own."

"You don't have to. We'll be there soon." She replied, her voice gentle.

I was about to hang up when I remembered the hunger, "Also, if it's ok with Stefan and Damon, can you bring a blood bag. It's just..."

She cut me off, "Don't worry. Damon's getting them now. See you soon."

I thanked her and hung up. I went to the kitchen to get myself a drink while I waited. I had just raised the glass to my lips when there was a knock on the front door. That was quick, I thought to myself as I went to open it.

I pulled the door open, the half smile I wore dropped and I growled, I actually growled. My father's brother Michael was standing there. When I was younger, before we got away, Michael would sometimes stay with us and he would join my father in beating my mother.

He jumped when I growled, his hand raised to knock again. He looked me up and down, contempt on his face.

"Well don't you look like a piece of crap." He spat at me. I could smell the drink on him, some things never changed. He was always a drunk.

I was barely holding it together, "What do you want Michael?"

He scowled at me, "I want to know what the hell happened here. I got a call two days ago, apparently my brother is dead."

I smiled, but it was a smile that made him falter in his words.

"Yes Uncle Michael, he is dead. Pretty much got his head ripped off. And I couldn't be happier."

I started to close the door on him but he pushed it back open, "What the hell did you and your whore of a mother do?" he shouted at me.

The edge I had been clinging to since stepping back into this house crumbled when he insulted my mother. The pain and hunger I had been desperately trying to control took over as I grabbed his shirt and pulled him into the house. I shut the door and dragged him into the sitting room. I stood at the doorway and threw him across the room, sending him crashing into the coffee table. As he scrambled to get up I walked over to him and pinned him to the wall, the fear on his face was beautiful. I had worn that same expression for so long as a result of him and his brother.

I hit him across the face and he fell to his knees. Not giving him a chance to recover I kicked him in the ribs as hard as I could. I could hear some of them snap as he hit the wall and fell to the ground. As I reached him he was trying to crawl away from me.

"Where are you going Uncle Michael? I thought you wanted to know what happened your wonderful brother." I asked, looking down at him. He was so pathetic, how had I ever been afraid of him? I continued taunting him,

"He came here to kill me and my mother. He succeeded in killing her, but not me. He did come close but you see I have great friends here. And my friend Damon, he really did rip his fucking head off. And you know something; no one even batted an eyelid at his death. Because, dear Uncle... because daddy dearest was nothing but scum who deserved to die... just like you do."

With that I flipped him onto his back. Blood was pouring from his nose and mouth, the smell filled me. Just as I was about to finish him his hand shot up. I looked down at the knife that was now protruding from my stomach,

"Did you come here to finish what your brother started?" I laughed, a cold empty laugh, as I pulled the knife out and threw it across the room.

As I looked down at him I noticed a dark stain forming on his trousers and he wet himself. I barked another cold laugh at him, "I can't believe we were ever afraid of you. You are nothing but a worthless piece of shit..."

I straddled his chest, pinning him to the ground, "Well Uncle Michael, I'm here to answer your prayers. You miss your brother so much? Well I'm about to send you to him."

He tried pleading with me, "You can't do this. We're family."

My face was mere inches from his, I bent closer, my mouth beside his ear, "Give daddy my best."

With that I gave into the hunger. I sunk my teeth into the soft flesh at his neck. The blood flowed so easily down my throat and it tasted amazing. Nothing like the blood bag, I drank until there was nothing left.

When I finished I moved away from the body, I sat there on the floor looking down at my uncle's dead body. I no longer felt anger or joy. I felt sick. And not like the way I felt earlier. I felt sick when I realised in one day I had killed two people. It didn't matter what my uncle had done. He didn't deserve to die, not by my hand. And what was worse. It had felt so damn good. I sat there for a while staring at his corpse. What had I done?

I truly was a monster.

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