A Fresh Start (Damon, OC, Klaus FanFic)

Chapter 19

As I sat there staring at the dead body of my uncle I heard a car pull up. With my heightened sense I could hear Elena talking to the others. They were here to help me.

I started to panic, what would they say when they saw this? What would they think of me? It was too much, I quickly ran from the house, taking the back door. I couldn't face my friends after this. They would hate me.

When I stopped running I was back where it all started, so to speak. My mother's grave. I fell to my knees on the still fresh soil as a single tear rolled down my cheek.

"I screwed up mom, I killed Uncle Michael and I'm so sorry. To make matters worse... I liked it. I couldn't stop myself once I had started. In fact I'm still..."

My voice trailed off as I sniffed the air. I felt every hair on my body stand as I took off in the direction of the scent of cigarette smoke. I came upon a group of kids from school who were sitting outside an old crypt drinking and smoking. I didn't even know their names, which is probably why it was so easy to attack. I was on top of them in seconds, they were too stoned to even be fully aware of what was happening.

Just as I was biting into the neck of the third one she started screaming. It seemed to snap me out of the craze I was in. My senses returned as I looked around me in shock. Three people, three innocent people lay almost dead at my feet, by my hand. What was I doing? I was worse than my father and uncle combined.

With that thought I gave up.

I couldn't do this anymore. I closed my eyes, where was that damn switch. Ah... there it was. I opened my eyes at the sound of branches breaking on the ground. Damon and Stefan were standing in front of me, Damon's eyes glued to my face as Stefan took in the people barely alive around me.

Damon took a step towards me, I took a step back.

"Look what I've done. Uncle Michael was bad enough, he came to kill me. But these kids..."

Stefan now focused on me, "The man in your house... he was your uncle?"

I nodded, "My father's brother, he was just as bad. But I shouldn't have killed him. I had no right, and now? I'm a monster who enjoys it. I just can't deal anymore, it's too much." My eyes met Damon's as I smiled, a smile that held nothing buy sorrow and pain. "I'm so sorry Damon."

Stefan looked confused but Damon figured out what I meant, "Jessica don't..." He shouted coming towards me.

I flipped the switch. The pain, the grief, the sadness... it all just disappeared. Damon and Stefan looked on in horror as a cold smile formed on my fac.

"Well boys, if you'll excuse me, I have places to be." Blowing a kiss in their direction I turned and sped off through the trees. Damon started after me but Stefan stopped him.

"Damon, help me. These kids..."

Damon paused, his eyes darting from the direction I had gone to the kids dying on the ground. He knew what Stefan meant. Stefan would be able to give his blood to heal them, but his animal blood diet meant he wouldn't be strong enough to compel all three of them.

Damon cursed under his breath. Normally he wouldn't care about a bunch of stoners, but when Jessica turned her emotions back on, and he vowed he would get her to, she would hate herself if these kids died.

As Stefan healed each one Damon compelled them to forget ever seeing Jessica or either of them. It only took two minutes but it was enough time for Jessica to get away.

I walked into my house. I couldn't believe how free I felt, I couldn't remember the last time I felt this good. Why had they tried to stop me from doing this sooner? As I walked through to the sitting room I noticed immediately that Michael's body was gone and the place was back in order. Well that was awfully nice of them.

I turned at the sound of footsteps. Caroline, Elena and Jeremy were coming in the front door. Elena rushed forward, throwing her arms around me. I just stood there, cold... emotionless.

"Oh Jessi, we were so worried. Are you ok? We got here and there was a man..."

Elena's voice trailed off as I pulled myself away from her and walked through to the kitchen. The bottle of whiskey was still sitting on the sideboard where I left it before Michael showed up. I poured myself a drink as the three of them followed me into the kitchen. I took a mouthful before speaking,

"First of all, have you ever heard of knocking? Kind of rude don't you think, just walking into someone's house uninvited?"

They all looked taken aback at the tone of my voice, I continued talking,

"And the man, he was my uncle, my father's brother. He came here to finish what daddy dearest had started, or revenge because his brother was killed. I don't know... or care really. I killed him, sucked him dry."

They all looked very confused, I knew how cold I sounded but Ijust didn't give a damn, and it felt good. Jeremy stepped closer to me,

"Jess, what's wrong?"

I smiled, "Nothing Jer, absolutely nothing." I could see the vein pulsing on his throat. Caroline's phone started ringing and snapped me out of the trance. She spoke quickly,

"Yeah, we're at her house now... WHAT! Oh my god!" Dropping the phone Caroline looked at me with horror on her face, still looking at me she spoke to Jeremy.

"Jeremy, get away from her."

Elena and Jeremy turned to the blonde vampire, "What are you talking about?" Elena asked.

It was all the distraction I needed, I was on Jeremy in a second. He screamed as I bit into his neck, Elena was screaming at me to stop when I was pulled back and thrown across the kitchen. Caroline stood in front of Jeremy, her fangs out, watching me. I stood up and dusted myself down. I then smiled at Caroline,

"Didn't know you had it in you Care." Laughing I ran from the house. As I opened the front door and left I ran straight into something sharp . I looked down at the large syringe sticking out of my chest, my eyes followed up the arm holding the syringe and into Damon's face, so much pain on that face. I growled and went to attack but suddenly my entire body was on fire, I fell to my knees. I wasn't actually on fire but the pain was unbearable. I felt like I was suffocating and I couldn't move, for what was seconds felt like time was frozen in agony. I looked up into the stricken face of Damon Salvatore. Stefan was standing right behind him, when he saw I was going nowhere he ran in to check on Elena.

My vision started to blur, I started to fall back but Damon caught me. He cradled me to his chest.

"I'm so sorry Jessica, I'm so very sorry." He whispered into my ear before the darkness took over.

When I awoke I was in a darkened room where the only light was a very dim light bulb swinging from a stone ceiling. Looking around I realised all the walls were stone with the only break being a thick wooden door in one of the walls. The door itself had a small open hatch but that was covered in bars. I was lying on what looked like an army issue style cot. It was the only thing in the room. I didn't know how I knew it, but I was aware that I was underground, like a basement of some kind.

I tried standing up but pain, unlike anything I had ever felt in my life ripped through my entire body. An involuntary scream tore its way out of my throat and I fell to the ground. I could feel the anger, the hate coursing through me. I was going to kill them all for this. Every last person in this god forsaken town was going to die.

And I know who I was going to start with,

"DAMON! Where the hell are you?" I screamed. It took more than I had and the pain ripped through me again, I couldn't hold myself up. I heard rather than saw the door open, I tried to make it out the door but I barely made it two steps when I fell again. The pain continued to tear my body apart to the extent that I could barely breathe.

I looked up into the confused faces of Damon and Caroline. I struggled to form a complete sentence.

"What...what did... you do to... me?"

Damon and Caroline looked down at Jessica writhing in pain. Caroline spoke in a low voice, "What the hell is wrong with her? Vervain shouldn't do that... should it?"

Damon couldn't answer. He was looking at the woman he loved in so much pain. Pain he had caused her. From the moment he had stepped into her life it seemed she was in pain. But this, this was not normal. He hadn't even used that much in the vervain injection he used on her.

"Her allergies?" Damon and Caroline both looked up at Elena's voice.

"Don't be silly, when you become a vampire you don't have allergies anymore." Caroline said, although there was doubt in her voice as she looked to Damon for confirmation.

Damon didn't answer, he couldn't. He had never in all his years heard of a vampire carrying a human imperfection with them when they turned. But then looking down at her now, he didn't know what to think.

I wasn't aware that Damon had lifted me to the bed, I wasn't even fully aware of what was goin on or who was in the room. But I was aware of one thing... I could hear a heartbeat. I could hear blood pulsing through a warm body and suddenly I knew it was Elena.

Where all the strength had poured out of me it came rushing back. With a roar of hatred I was up and had Elena against the wall by her throat. She was gasping for air as she scratched feebly at my hand. I was about to snap her pretty little neck when Damon pulled me of her. As Caroline checked on her Damon held me while I struggled against his grasp trying to get to her.

"This is all your fault," I screamed at her, "You knew what they were, what they doing to me and you let them. What did I ever do to you?"

I was almost out of Damon's grasp when one last burst of excruciating pain exploded in my chest, my body couldn't take anymore and I passed out again. Damon, Caroline and Elena looked at me with pity in their eyes as I lay limp in Damon's arms.

"She's right," Elena began while massaging her bruised throat, "From the beginning I knew you were feeding on her, compelling her memories. If I could have explained to her, somehow, then maybe Stefan would have been able to be invited in or maybe..."

Caroline cut her off, "This is not your fault. Do you hear me Elena Gilbert? You cannot start blaming yourself, right Damon?"

Both girls looked over at Damon, but he wasn't even listening to them. He sat on the bed next to Jessica. Elena took a step closer but stopped when she felt Caroline's hand on her arm.

"Come on, let's go upstairs."

With one final look at Damon and Jessica Elena nodded and followed Caroline out and up to the Salvatore sitting room where the others were all waiting.

Damon looked down at Jessica, the pain on her face, even while unconscious was killing him. He stroked the side of her face and noticed that the painful expression she wore seemed to soften ever so slightly. Like the night her mother died and he snuck into her room. He couldn't explain all the feelings that were running rampant through him. He just knew that he couldn't lose her now.

For the next few hours they remained like that with Damon sitting by her side. He was holding her hand when he felt her fingers twitch, he looked to her face and noticed the pain was gone and she was starting to wake up.

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