A Fresh Start (Damon, OC, Klaus FanFic)

Chapter 20

Damon was nervous, he didn't know if she would ever forgive him for what he has done. When he got her to turn her emotions back on maybe the best thing he could do for her was to leave and never see her again. Too many people have died as a result of him. Even if he wasn't the one to end their lives their deaths could be placed at his feet. Knowing his face wouldn't be the one she would want to see when she woke up Damon quickly got up and left the cell.

When my eyes opened the bright light of the bulb stung my eyes, causing me to blink rapidly. I pulled myself up until I was sitting on the side of the bed. I let my head fall into my hands, groaning. Whatever I drank last night was giving me one hell of a hangover. What the hell did I...

In a flash it came back to me. Damon, he stuck a god-damn needle in me. I could feel the growl start to form in my throat but I stopped it as I took in my surroundings. I was still in the cell he had thrown me into, but the door was ajar.

Ignoring the thumping headache I stood up and without making a sound I made my way to the door. Was this some trick or had they messed up inadvertently. A quick look outside showed the coast was clear... or at least seemed clear. I took an extra second to expand my hearing. I wasn't exactly sure where I was but I could make out Stefan and Elena talking. But considering how good my hearing is and the fact that I could only hear them faintly I knew there were a fair distance away from me. I couldn't hear anything... or anyone, else.

Smiling to myself I quickly exited my cell and made my way along a corridor filled with boxes when suddenly a beautiful aroma filled my nostrils. There was a deep freezer on my right and when I pulled the lid open I felt my teeth extend automatically at the sight. It was filled with blood bags. Without thinking about wasting time or escape I quickly bit into one, finishing it in seconds. I wanted to stay and drink more but I remembered I was trying to get out of here.

I continued on until I came to a staircase and as quietly as I could manage I ran up the stairs and found myself in the main hallway of the Salvatore Boarding house. Without pausing I used my speed to make it to the front door, pulling it open. I was so out of here...

I screamed and rand back into the house when the sunlight hit me, burning my skin wherever it touched. I quickly closed the door, blocking out the day light. As I leaned against the closed door my eyes fell to my finger. Where my daylight ring once sat there was now just bare skin. The growl I had been holding back finally worked its way out of my throat.

"You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?"

My head snapped up at the familiar voice. Damon stood a few feet in front of me. His expression was one of regret. My mind was racing, I wanted to rip his freaking heart out for what he did to me... but that wouldn't get me my ring back, now would it? Then a thought came to me.

I forced a look of confusion onto my face, "Damon?"

My voice came out small and frightened. His eyebrows rose slightly as I took a step closer to him. "Damon... what happened... I don't know..."

I could see the questioning look in his eyes as I stopped right in front of him. He didn't move, just kept watching me. I took his hands in mine and cold hear his breath hitch at the contact. In the next second he lay before me with a broken neck. I laughed down at his body.

Too easy, I thought to myself as I slipped Damon's daylight ring onto my thumb. It was loose but would have to do for now.

I turned to leave... and of course Stefan was now blocking my way. Oh, he did not look happy. "Stefan?" I ask meekly.

"Not going to work." He said, his expression sombre. He held out his hand, palm side up. Sighing I dropped Damon's ring onto it. "Well, can't blame a girl for trying."

Turning my back on him I stepped over Damon's body and into the library. Elena was standing there trying to look calm but I could clearly see the fear in her eyes. "Oh look, it's everybody's favourite pet." I spat at her as I walked to the drinks cabinet. I poured myself a drink and sat down.

"You know," I turned my attention to Stefan as he walked over to stand by Elena, "You can't keep me here forever. The sun is gonna go down, and unless you plan on keeping me in the 'dungeon'..."

My voice trailed off as Stefan's phone began to ring. He answered it quickly, a few seconds passed when he turned his back to me which is when I made my move. Elena's eyes widened and her mouth opened to scream but no sound came out.

Just as I was about to grab her two things happened. Stefan had Elena on one side of the room and I was pulled to the other and pinned to the wall by Damon.

"Why the hell is Elena here, in the same house with an emotionless vampire?" he snapped at Stefan. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I could ask you the same thing." Stefan retorted, throwing something at his brother, which Damon easily caught. And with that Stefan and Elena were gone. Damon looked down at his hand which held his daylight ring. He was still holding me with his free hand.

I pouted up at him, "I've been a bad wittle girl." I said in my best little girl voice, my lips curling up in a smile. "Maybe I need a spanking."

Angrily he pulled away from me. "You think this is some kind of joke?"

I poured myself another drink, having spilled my last one when I went for Elena. "Yeah Damon, I think it's a joke. I think that been kidnapped and held against my will is the awesomest thing to ever happen to me. I think my mother been murdered in front of my eyes by my father is a scream and I think that me been turned into a fucking vampire just fills me with laughter." I was all but screaming at him now, my hand clutching the glass so tight it shattered.

Wow... where did that come from? Being a vampire was the best thing to happen to me and I didn't care about my parents. I took a deep breath to focus myself.

Damon just stood there, not saying anything but wearing a curious expression. I wiped my hand clearing it of any bits of broken glass before speaking again. "Now as I said to your whining brother and his precious Elena, you can't keep me here. I will get out."

Damon's phone beeped, he pulled it out and quickly read the text message he had received before looking up at me. Ok, that's just plain rude. That's both brothers who interrupted me to answer their freaking phones.

Damon reached into his back pocket and pulled out my daylight ring. "You're right Jessica," he started, holding out his hand, "I can't force you to stay!"

I eyed him warily for a second. He was up to something, I just knew it. But he didn't try and stop me taking my ring. In just half a second I had my ring back on my finger and made it to the front door, once again pulling it open. This time however I was a bit more cautious, stopping for a moment. When the sun hit me this time and merely warmed my skin rather than setting it alight I felt my smile get bigger.

Oh the fun I am going to have. I ran from the house...

And slammed into an invisible barrier. What the hell? I looked up into the eyes of Bonnie Bennett. "See, I wasn't going to kill you," I informed her in a dangerous voice, "after all you did make my ring... but now..."

Damon's mocking voice came up behind me. "Oh wait, I guess I can keep you here."

Straightening myself I turned to him with a flip of my hair. "You know Damon, it's kind of desperate of you. I mean, keeping me here will make me realise what? That I love you? Please."

I smirked when I saw the hurt flash in his eyes.

"Well if you'll excuse me," I said walking past him, "I'm going to go find a shower. Being drugged and locked in a cell tends to leave a girl feeling dirty."

With that I went upstairs leaving Damon staring up after me.

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