A Fresh Start (Damon, OC, Klaus FanFic)

Chapter 21

I had to admit, the shower did feel wonderful. I stayed under the flow of the hot water for nearly an hour as it loosened up my tight muscles. When I finally stepped out of the shower I did feel more relaxed. I left the en-suite bathroom and walked straight into the bedroom. Damon stood there staring at me, his hand un-moving in the drawer of his dresser. I stood for a moment with my hands on my hips. When I finally did speak it seemed to snap him out of a trance.

“Well, if I’m going to be stuck here I’m going to need some clothes, I can’t really walk around like this now can I?” I felt a cold smile form on my lips, “Or maybe I could. Who knows, Stefan might like what he sees...”

Damon left the room, anger on his face causing me to laugh bitterly. I was obviously going to break him before he even had a chance of breaking me. Still laughing I went to his dresser and helped myself to one of his shirts. When I slipped it on it came to just above my knee. I suppose this would have to do for now.

With nothing much else to do I climbed on top of his large bed and made myself comfortable. I grabbed the television remote from his bedside table and turned on the television. After about five minutes I came across an old episode of Supernatural and left it on. I was about half way through the show when there was a knock on the bedroom door. I ignored it hoping whoever it was would just go away.

No such luck, when I didn’t respond after sixty seconds the door opened and Caroline put her head in with her eyes closed. “Are you decent?”

I smirked at her; “I take it you were talking to Damon?” was all I replied. She slowly opened one eye, and upon seeing me clothed opened her other eye and pushed the door open wider letting her self in. “I also see that you still haven’t got the concept of not walking in without permission.”

I didn’t miss the sad look that briefly crossed her face as I turned my attention back to the television. Apparently she didn’t get the subtle hint, as she came deeper into the room. She dropped a suitcase on the floor. “I just thought you might want some of your own clothes and things.” Her voice was very soft as she spoke. Ok that got my attention. My eyes were drawn to case by her feet.

Before Caroline could say anything further I was standing in front of her. She eyed me suspiciously as I stood there, and I realised that there was also the possibility that Damon warned her about how I broke his neck. Before she could back off I threw my arms around her in a hug before letting my arms drop and stepping back.

I stood there, holding my hands behind my back smiling at her. “Thanks Caroline, I didn’t really fancy spending the next god knows how long wearing Damon’s clothes.”

I could see she was still wary, but now she had a big smile on her face. “No problem Jessi, if you need anything else just let me know and I’ll get it for you.”

And with that she was gone. I almost laughed out loud as I took Caroline’s phone from behind my back. It had been too easy to pick it from her back pocket while I hugged her. God these people were so freaking gullible. I quickly turned the phone off and hid it under the mattress. That was going to come in handy. I was in a much better mood now so whistling happily to myself I made my way downstairs.

When I entered the library it was empty so I made a beeline for the music and turned it up full. Then I ran down to the blood fridge... hey, what else was I going to call it... and got myself a blood bag. I mixed the blood with whiskey in a large glass and then started dancing. I mean just because I was stuck here... for now, didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy myself. An hour passed before Damon entered the room again. He took one look at me and took off. I probably should have followed him but I was enjoying myself too much to care what he was doing. Yeah... I was gonna regret that decision.

About twenty minutes after Damon had left the library I went down to get another bag. I lifted the lid, looked in and slammed the lid back down. “Damon!” I started shouting his name as I stormed back upstairs. He was in the library turning off the music.

“Where the hell did you put the blood bags?” I demanded.

“I’ve moved them out of the house, to where you can’t get them.” He replied, smiling at me.

I wanted to hit him so hard at the moment. “Why the hell did you do that? What am I supposed to drink now?” I could feel myself getting angry. And when I saw the hope flicker in his eyes I realised what he was doing. Anger is a freaking emotion. He was trying to make me angry so I’ll flip the switch back. So instead I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. I then went back up to the bedroom; I didn’t even want to be in the same room as him.

This time I didn’t even bother with the television. I just climbed into the bed and turned on my side. I could feel the tiredness take over and knew it was a mixture of the last few days and the alcohol in my system so I let it take me and in moments I was fast asleep.


I was bending over the pool table lining up my shot as Caroline went to the bar to get us all drinks. I potted one of my balls but unfortunately the white ball followed it down the pocket. Groaning I straightened up and Jeremy took the cue off me to take his turn. “Watch how it’s done!” he boasted.

“Don’t get cocky Gilbert. I’m still winning by three balls. You haven’t a chance.” I laughed back at him. Just then Caroline came back with a tray of drinks, I picked up mine and Damon’s and put them on the table beside us. Damon put his arms around my waist as I waited and pulled me closer to him. I looked around at all my friends. Elena was sitting on Stefan’s lap, teasing him about something. Caroline and Tyler were watching Jeremy take his shot, they were all laughing.

“Is everything ok?” Damon asked me when he noticed how I kept looking around me. I didn’t answer immediately. I did have a weird feeling in my stomach, like something wasn’t right. Damon put his hand on my cheek, pulling my attention back to him.

“I love you Jessica... I hope you know that.” He whispered down at me, his eyes were staring into my own, as if he could right down the very core of me. I was starting to reply when it hit me.


I sat up in the bed breathing hard. I didn’t even have to turn my head; I knew he was in here. “Nice try Damon... but it’s going to take a lot more than that to get me to go back.”

Don’t ask me how I knew he had manipulated that dream, I just did. I knew he was trying to show me all my friends around me, make me feel happy. It was kind of pathetic really, like I could be fooled that easily. I heard rather than saw him leave the room, defeated. I lay back down on the bed, wide awake. No way was I going back to sleep to let him try that again.

I concentrated on my hearing and I could hear Stefan ask Damon how it went. “It didn’t work,” Damon replied to his brother, “We’re going to have to go to plan B in the morning.”

What the hell was plan B? And did they really think they could get me to go back to the crappy way I felt. Why couldn’t they understand how miserable I had felt before I flipped the switch? I had hated myself. I was so much better like this. I turned the television back on, I didn’t even know what show was on I just wanted something to keep me awake. I looked over at the clock, 2.47 am. It was going to be a long night.

I must have fallen asleep again at some stage, because when I woke up I was chained to a chair in the library. Damon and Stefan were standing in front of me. I pulled against the chains but they didn’t budge. After a minute of futile struggling I settled down.

“Kinda kinky aren’t we boys.” I spat at them, “If you wanted a bit of threesome fun all you had to do was ask.”

They didn’t say anything at first, just kept watching me. Then Damon came forward and took my ring off my finger. What the hell? He looked at Stefan hesitantly, as if waiting for some cue. Stefan just nodded at him and walked over to the window. The curtains were pulled tightly closed, but when Stefan reached up I knew what they were about to do and I tried to brace myself.

When Stefan pulled the curtain back the sunlight came in and everywhere it touched my skin I started to blister. I couldn’t help the screams that tore from me and before I knew it flames erupted on my arm. In the next instant I was being doused with a fire extinguisher by Damon while Stefan closed the curtains.

The brothers stood before me, watching me. Damon bent down to my level, “Well, don’t you just hate us for putting you through this, for causing you all this pain?”

I laughed at him, “Is this all you have? This is your great plan to get me to switch my emotions back on? Please... it’s pathetic. Just move on Damon, go find yourself another toy.”

I might be in a lot of pain but I wasn’t stupid. I could see in his eyes that he still loved me, he would never let any real harm come to me.

Stefan put his hand on Damon’s shoulder. Damon gave me one last look before standing up and turning from me, I hit the mark with that toy comment. I know he’s remembering the last time I threw it in his face, when I found out what he was after my mother was killed.

Stefan reached out for the curtain again and I shut my eyes, waiting for the pain. But it never came, Stefan’s phone started ringing and he answered it. Whoever it was and whatever was said certainly got his attention and the look of fear that passed over him got my attention. I listened closer to the person on the other side.

“Nobody knows where she is,” Jeremy was saying, “she didn’t come home last night and her phone is off.”

Damon was by Stefan’s side immediately, he had been listening in as well. So poor Elena is in trouble again and needs rescuing, why am I not that surprised?

Jeremy was still talking, “At first we thought it might be Katherine but she’s still stuck in the tomb. What are we going to do?”

Who the hell was Kather... wait! The Katherine in my journals. The one that turned Stefan and Damon, is that who they were talking about? What the hell had she to do with anything, and why was she even here.

Stefan spoke quickly to Jeremy, “Look, grab Bonnie and meet us at the school. We don’t know who took Elena but we can use Bonnie to find her and we’ll get weapons from Rik.”

He then hung up the phone and turned to his brother. “I’m really sorry Damon but this is going to have to wait.”

Damon looked at me for a moment before nodding. “I know. We’ll get Elena back and then we’ll deal with Jessica. Go start the car, I’ll be out in a second.”

Stefan was gone in the blink of an eye but Damon came over to me. He slipped my ring back on my finger then opened the chains. I didn’t move as he stood back up, I refused to look at him.

He was half way out of the house before I spoke, I didn’t want to but I couldn’t help it. “I need blood Damon, I’m starving.”

He stood there for half a second but didn’t answer me, then he too was gone and I heard the car pull away. I stood up and looked down on my arms. They were almost healed but without fresh blood in my system I wasn’t healing quickly enough. I went upstairs to Damon’s bedroom and pulled out Caroline’s cell phone that I had hidden there.

After turning it on I quickly went through the last few texts. Most of it was boring and meaningless but I was curious about a few of them. They had been looking for something called a moonstone, whatever the hell that was and had gotten it of Katherine.

After going through the messages I quickly composed one of my own and sent it out. Now I just had to wait. Looking down at myself I realised I needed another shower and to get changed. I had to do it all at human speed I was just that god damn weak.

I had just finished getting dressed, feeling slightly better after the shower, when the doorbell rang. I felt the smile grow on my face as I went down to answer it. Now the fun could start.

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