A Fresh Start (Damon, OC, Klaus FanFic)

Chapter 24

Weeks passed with us all getting back to normal. Well as normal as you could get with a group of vampires, witches, werewolves and humans. I couldn't help but think it was like something out of a tv show as I entered the classroom and took my seat. As I waited for class to start I felt my mind start to wonder again.

I had learnt a lot over the last month. The moonstone I had read about in the text when my emotions were off was some kind of ingredient. Apparently there was a vampire name Klaus, possibly one of the oldest of our kind, who wanted the moonstone to break some age old 'Sun and Moon' curse. If a vampire broke the curse then we would never need a daylight ring again, however if a werewolf broke the curse then it would be their kind that would never again be ruled my the full moon. Whereas the thought of vampires being able to walk in the sun without fear of death sounded good the second ingredient in breaking the curse was the death of the doppelganger, which of course was Elena so the group had opted against it.

So once again we were all on 'Protect Elena' detail. I didn't know why I had this constant annoyance regarding her these days but honestly, it wouldn't bother me all that much if Elena lived or died. A thought which I kept to myself.

Of course, with this new Elena threat it meant I had a lot more freedom from the ever watchful eyes of Bonnie and Damon. I know they were just worried about me but it was like they were expecting me to snap again and go on some kind of murderous rampage.

Obviously that was ridiculous. I mean, seriously, I've only killed three people in the last month. Three murders do not make a rampage. Don't get me wrong, I had fed from a lot more than that, but they don't count because I have great self control... most of the time... and I've become very good with the compelling of said victims.

There had only been those three instances where I hadn't been able to stop myself in time, but I did clean up after myself. With that Elijah guy in town, the Scooby gang have been blaming him for any and all disappearances. Which meant I had that going for me as well.

I was pulled from my thoughts by the teacher walking in.

"Good Morning Class."

"Morning Mr. Saltzman." Most of us chorused.

Alaric Saltzman put his case on his desk and ran his eyes over the class, coming to a stop at Elena. Although none of the humans around me noticed it, I, with my powerful vampire sight saw the briefest flicker of shock pass over Alaric's eyes.

Huh, I wonder what that's all about. It's not like he has never seen her before. Hell, 'Ric is part of group now. Originally he came to town for revenge. He came to Mystic Falls with a secret agenda.

By day, mild mannered history teacher...by night, and on weekends, Vampire Hunter extraordinaire.

Alaric's gaze swung to me and I realised I had laughed out loud, I quickly turned the laugh into a cough. "Sorry Ric... I mean Mr. Saltzman."

As if he suddenly realised he was supposed to be doing something he turned to the class and clapped his hands together once, "Right class... today we're studying..." His voice trailed off as if he were uncertain. Once of the girls behind me, Samantha I think, reminded Alaric that we were covering the 1920's because of the decade dance coming up.

As Alaric busied himself at the blackboard I thought back to his face when he first found out I was a vampire. We had all known that there was something off about the teacher that replaced Mr Tanner from the beginning. He asked way too many questions about Damon and Stefan.

Then it all came out one night when he attacked Damon with an air gun that shot stakes. He had shot Damon in the stomach and before he had a chance to reload I had him by the throat against the wall. He hadn't realised that Damon was waiting on me and the look of fear on his face when I revealed my teeth with a growl was almost enough to make me laugh. I was about to end him when I was pulled away by Stefan.

Damon had pulled the stake out of himself and was standing beside me.

"You better have a good reason for stopping her Stefan." He spat at his brother, a murderous rage in his eyes.

Stefan had just looked at Alaric and told him to explain himself. It turned out that Alaric had been married, but his wife was killed. Officially she was reported missing and never found. But Alaric had seen his wife been drained by a vampire. Yup, you guessed it, by Damon.

Of course he wasn't happy when he found out that his wife had actually gone to Damon begging to be turned, which he did.

Stefan convinced us to not harm Alaric, and at first he was an uneasy truce as he got to know Elena, started dating her Aunt Jenna. Then eventually he and Damon actually became friends.

You know, thinking about it I should probably drop the 'extraordinaire' part from vampire hunter. I'm pretty sure that 'Don't become their drinking buddies' is rule number one in the vampire hunter's guide book. Of course I could be wrong on that. Class was almost over when I felt the anger hit me.

Crap... not again.

Ever since I had turned my humanity back on it was like I couldn't control my emotions any more. It was more like they were controlling me. For the most part I could hide it. Every now and then though, anger engulfs me. I feel like it's suffocating me. That was when the need to feed was at its strongest.

I looked at the clock above the blackboard and watched the seconds slowly tick towards the ends of class. Finally the bell rang and I got out of there as fast as I could without raising suspicion.

If I didn't feed, and soon, I was going to end up killing someone... again. I had to be careful... find someone on their own, away from others. Everybody was heading to their next class. I stood by my locker watching them all mill by, oblivious to the dangers all around them in a town filled with supernatural beings.

Finally the crowds disappeared and the only person left in the hallway other than myself was Natasha Franklyn, which was perfect. She was a class A bitch anyway.

I called out to her just before she reached her English class. She looked back in my direction, "What do you want orphan Annie?" she snapped.

I felt the snarl build in my throat, I was so going to enjoy this. I felt my teeth lengthen behind my lip.

"Why don't you get to class? I need to speak to Jessica alone."

We both spun at the sound of Alaric's voice. He was looking directly at Natasha. Throwing me a dirty look she too disappeared into her class, leaving me with very little options.

Alaric turned his attention to me now, "I was hoping we could talk..." he began. However he didn't get to finish his sentence as I moved faster than he could follow until I was inches from him.

"I'm so sorry Ric." I truly was, but I couldn't wait any longer.

"For what?" Ric looked confused for a second.

I felt my face transition, I know I shouldn't but I revelled in the change. Before Ric could register what was happening I pulled his head to the side and sunk my teeth in.

The sensation that hit me when the first drop of his blood entered my mouth was like nothing I had ever felt before. I wanted to keep drinking, but the anger had already passed and I was in control again.

Ric had just started to fight against me when I pulled away from him. He raised his hand to cover the wound on his neck, his eyes filled with both shock and anger of his own. I quickly bit into my wrist, ripping the flesh and causing my own blood to flow. I held it out to him but he didn't move, just kept staring at me.

"Come on Ric," I sighed, "I can't exactly cover up your murder as easily as the others. You're Damon's pub buddy and you're dating Jenna."

The wound on my wrist had started to close, so I bit down a second time and once again my blood flowed. This time however, when I held my wrist out to him he lifted it to his lips, at first gingerly, but then he really started to drink. I watched as his eyes opened in shock at the taste.

Maybe it was his first time tasting vampire blood, probably wouldn't be his last. Not in this town.

I pulled my arm away from him and watched as the bite marks on both his throat and my wrist healed, as if they had never been there.

Once healed I grabbed his chin, forcing him to look me in the eye. "That may have been the absolutely best blood I have tasted since becoming a vampire, but I am sorry. I don't know why I'm like this, but the others cannot find out. They will try to stop me and I don't want that."

His expression was vacant as I spoke. "You saw me in the hall and asked me if Damon was going to be at the Grill later. I told you he was and then you left. You won't remember anything else."

He just nodded, emotionless. I turned away from him and walked down the hall and out the front door. I wasn't in the mood to go to more classes. I briefly thought of going to visit my mother's grave, but then realised that would be like opening Pandora's Box right now. Instead I decided to go meet Damon at the boarding house.

That evening I was sitting in the Grill with Damon, Stefan, Elena and Bonnie. They were deep in conversation about the Sun and Moon curse. Apparently Elena had made some kind of deal with Elijah, the vampire who had almost killed me while trying to kill Damon.

I was staying out of it mainly because I didn't want another fight. When Elijah first appeared on the scene it was all fights and threats. Then we found out that Elijah also wanted to kill Klaus, and Elena goes running to him, making promises that if he protects her and her friends then we wouldn't try and stop him or get in his way.

Never mind the fact that he stuck a piece of wood in my chest, or that he tried to kill my boyfriend. Oh no, that didn't matter as long as Elena got what she wanted.

I was pulled back to the present when Damon reached over and took my hand. Looking at our entwined fingers I smiled. I lifted my head... and the smile disappeared. He wasn't even looking at me. He was that focused on whatever Saint Elena was saying that he didn't even notice when I pulled my hand from his, got up and walked to the bar. I knew I was being petty and jealous, but I couldn't help it. Ever since I changed I just no longer liked Elena.

I stood at the bar and waited to be served, finally he came over and I ordered a whiskey. He raised his eyebrow at me, "Nice try, I know you're underage. You had your 18th here a couple months ago." He smirked at me, the bastard actually smirked.

I contemplated reaching across the bar and snapping the moron's neck, but I restrained myself and he walked away. I closed my eyes and tried counting to ten.

They snapped open at the sound of someone putting a glass on the bar in front of me. I looked down at the glass of whiskey and then up at Ric, who was standing beside me holding a glass of his own.

"You look like you need that." He smiled at me, indicating the drink on the bar.

"Mr Saltzman, buying your underage student alcohol. What would people say?" I said, sarcasm dripping from my words.

He sat on the stool next to me. "Probably a lot less than what they would say if you killed the barman."

I looked around me nervously, how had he known what I was thinking? Was it that obvious, and had anybody else noticed?

Everybody was going about their own business, no-one was even looking in our direction. I looked back at Ric who was still wearing that goddamn smile, then lifted the glass and lowered the drink, enjoying the burn of the alcohol as it went down my throat. When I was finished I put the empty glass down and thanked him.

"It's the least I could do to repay the compliment sweetheart."

I looked at him questioningly. Did he just call me sweetheart? And what compliment?

Looking me in the eye Ric smiled, "The absolutely best blood you have ever tasted since becoming a vampire." He quoted.

Oh crap...

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