A Fresh Start (Damon, OC, Klaus FanFic)

Chapter 27

The day of the dance arrived and we were all on edge. Tonight we would finally come face to face with the dreaded Klaus. I arrived at the school for nine a.m. I had promised Caroline I would help with any last minute preparations. I wasn't sure why I had made this promise, I think part of me was hoping that spending time with Caroline, some of her humanity would rub off on me. Caroline always seemed to be in control, more than any other vampire that I had met so far.

I entered the gym and had to admit, nobody could organise an event like Caroline Forbes. The 1920's theme was evident no matter where I looked.

"Jessica." I turned at the sound of my name being called. Caroline came skipping... actually skipping... over to me.

"Hi Caroline," I greeted her warmly. I had a soft spot for the lively blonde. How could anybody not? All she ever did was try to please everybody else. "So what do you need me to do?" I asked her, plastering a large smile onto my face.

Her eyes quickly scanned the clipboard she was holding before she answered me. "The only thing left to do really is set up the drinks area. The punch bowls and paper cups are in Alaric's car. Can you help him set up?"

Caroline was still looking at her clipboard so she missed the look of hesitation that crossed my features. I didn't know why Alaric made me so uncomfortable. He just did. I forced another smile as Caroline once again looked at me.

"No problem Care. I'll get right on that." Caroline turned away and I started out to the car park. I would get this done as quickly as I could. It was easy to find the teacher's car. I checked the doors and found them unlocked. Which meant I didn't have to wait for Alaric. I sighed in relief as I opened the trunk.

The bowls, cups and ladles were all over the floor of the trunk. I started piling them together, so focused on what I was doing I didn't even realise he was standing so close behind me until I straightened up.

"Aren't I supposed to be helping you with that Jessica?" Alaric's breath was warm on my ear as he spoke. I stood where I was, if I tried to turn to face him I would actually brush up against him.

"It's ok Alaric. I have it." I could hear the tension in my voice as I spoke.

His arm came around my waist, his hand grabbing the bowl I held. "Don't be silly love."

I let go of the bowl and stepped to the side. Alaric never took his eyes off me as he pulled all the bowls together and lifted them out of the trunk. "Will you grab the cups and ladles?" he asked.

I just nodded at him, afraid of what I would say if I tried to speak. I was going to have to talk to Damon about this, but I would wait until after the dance. We had enough to worry about tonight without this.

I followed Alaric back into the gym and we worked quietly as we set up the drinks area. I didn't look at him but I could feel his eyes on me constantly. Ten minutes passed and we were done. I looked around to find Caroline, to let her know I was leaving, but she wasn't in the gym. There was nobody here but myself and Alaric. Crap.

I started to walk away but suddenly Alaric was standing in front of me. I started to ask him to move but he stepped up close to me, staring me in the eye. His pupils started to dilate and I knew he was going to compel me. My skin started to prickle as every hair on my arms stood up straight. How the hell was he doing this?

"Aren't you hungry?" he asked, I felt myself nodding at him. He tilted his head to the side and without pausing I put my mouth over the pulsing vein. My teeth pierced his skin and as his blood poured down my throat I felt my whole body heat up in excitement. Alaric put his hand on the back of my head and stroked the back of my neck. "That's it sweetheart, drink up."

All too soon he gently pushed me away from him. While looking me in my dazed eyes he waited patiently as I bit into my own wrist and offered it to him. He drank his fill until the would on his neck closed. I think I actually heard him moan.

Why was I so calm, this was defiantly not normal. Alaric was human yet he compelled me, he knows about me feeding from humans. Why wasn't I screaming out for Caroline... for anyone.

When he finished he dropped my wrist and placed his hands on either side of my face, "Sorry about that, I just needed a little taste before tonight. I know you have your doubts about me, your instincts are good. Nobody else even has an inkling that something is wrong with me. But I need you to forget about any problems you think there is with me. I'm just Alaric, we set up the drinks area and we just finished. Everything is ok."

Caroline came back into the gym, I smiled over at her. "Hey Care, all done here. Do you need anything else?"

She looked around one last time, "No, we're good to go. You can head on."

I smiled at her and Alaric, "See you both tonight." I then started to leave, but Alaric called after me.

"Do you need a lift tonight?" he asked.

"No thank you," I replied, "I'll be coming with Damon."

"He told me he was coming with Elena and Stefan. Something about not wanting to leave Elena's safety in the hands of his brother." Alaric informed me.

I felt myself pause, the familiar jealous feeling for Elena firing up inside me once more. I saw Caroline look at Alaric in annoyance before she turned to me. "Jessica don't worry about it. You know Damon loves you, not Elena."

I looked at Caroline in surprise. I didn't realise she knew about my jealousy. That was another thing about the blonde that people underestimated. How much she saw and was aware of. I forced a smile, "I know, it's grand." I looked over to Alaric, "Yes I'll take that lift if it's ok."

He nodded at me and before either of them could say anything further I turned and left. I needed to go home before I killed someone... or Elena. I didn't think that would go over well with everyone if I hurt the precious doppelganger.

I drove to the grill and ordered a drink. I needed to calm my emotions down, the barman tried to refuse me but I quickly compelled his need to see ID away. I sat nursing the whiskey until I felt Damon sit beside me. Concern on his face.

"Are you ok? Did someone hurt you?" he asked.

How could I tell him that I was hurt by how much he seemed to want to run after Elena. That I was jealous and I didn't know why.

I just smiled at him, "I'm just worried about tonight. I don't want anybody getting hurt."

He returned the smile. I was really good at faking emotions these days. He leaned over and kissed me quickly. "Don't worry, tonight will go according to plan. Nobody will get hurt."

I looked down at the glass in my hand. I couldn't shake the feeling in my gut that he was wrong. That tonight someone would get hurt, maybe not physically, but hurt nonetheless.

I looked up and saw my reflection in the mirror. I saw the sadness in my eyes and somehow knew without a doubt that yes... someone would be hurt tonight.

I was just afraid that it was going to be me.

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