A Fresh Start (Damon, OC, Klaus FanFic)

Chapter 3

At the bleachers I saw Jeremy. He waved as I walked over,

"Hey Jessi, way to go with Tanner! That was cool."

Great, if he knew already then so did my mother. Now I defiantly needed a cigarette. He asked me how I was getting on with his sister and her friends. "Yeah I really like them. You definitely called that one. Although..."

He raised his eyebrow, "What?"

I told him about my journals, and about the different reactions I sensed, and saw. Jeremy laughed. He explained that if the crazy stuff in my journals was anything like his, it was about vampires. It did make me feel a bit better that it wasn't just my ancestors. He had to head then to class. I decided to have another cigarette. Just as I lit it, I heard a voice behind me, "What a disgusting habit."

I jumped and spun around. The man from Main Street, the one I had bumped into, was standing behind me. He was standing so close my hand brushed against him as I turned. He grabbed my shoulders, moved his face in close to mine, and without breaking eye contact. "You are repulsed by cigarettes, you will never smoke again." He stepped back, when he broke eye contact, I blinked several times. I noticed I had a cigarette in my hand. I threw it to the ground. Why was I smoking? I hated them.

The man was talking, "So these journals you have, they talk of Stefan, Damon and Katherine?"

I looked at him confused, "How did you know about my Journals?"

"You intrigued me when we met. People around here know to be... polite to me. So I've been following you!"

He said it so calmly, like it was normal behaviour. I gasped, remembering what I thought I had seen at my window the night before. His lips broke into a large smile, showing his sharp teeth. "Yes that was me last night. Now about those journals?"

I found myself answering him, "yes, I found a box of journals belonging to my ancestors, Tomas and Honoria Fell." He moved an inch closer, "And what do they mention about Katherine and the Salvatore's?"

"They mention Katherine being a vampire along with other town members, and about her using some kind of mind control on the brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore. It talks about how they used the Gilbert Compass to round up and kill all the vampires. Damon and Stefan were apparently killed trying to save Katherine, by their own father."

"And what do you think about all of that?"

I tilted my head as I thought, "Obviously mass hysteria was very much alive here in the 1800's, but even if it were true, for any man to kill his own sons for any reason other than self defence is simply horrible and unforgivable. I mean they were basically killed for being in love. I've never been in love, but I saw what my mother put up with when she thought she loved my father. People shouldn't be punished for love."

The man looked both surprised and impressed with my answer, that was twice I had done that to him, which really didn't happen often, he said as much, "You know, you keep surprising me. You're just too interesting to kill yet!"

This man was talking about killing me, and yet I was still standing here calmly. What was going on? He was speaking again. "Right, give me the journals."

I shook my head, "I can't. I gave them to one of my new friends."

"That's fine; who did you give them to? I will just compel them."

"His name is Stefan Salvatore." At first he looked slightly annoyed, and then he just smiled. "Well doesn't that work out nicely; I'll just get them at home."

Before he had a chance to say anything else I found myself talking again, "I have more at home though!"

He was smiling again, "Well aren't you nice and co-operative!" He bent his head and made direct eye contact. "You will not remember this conversation. I was never here. But tonight, when I call to your house you will invite me in and give me the remaining journals."


I blinked, I was standing by the bleachers on my own, what was I doing here? I looked up to see who was calling me. Elena and Stefan were walking towards me. I smiled at them, "Hi guys, what's up?"

They both looked concerned. Elena spoke first. "We were worried about you, you were gone for so long, and you missed our last class. Have you been here smoking this whole time?"

I frowned at them, "What are you talking about? I saw you like two minutes ago after history. And I don't smoke, I think it's disgusting." They both looked at each other, and then back at me. Elena spoke softly, "Jessica, you've been gone for nearly an hour. Plus you have a pack of cigarettes in your hand."

I looked down at the packet in my hands; I could feel my brow furrow in confusion. I looked back up at them, "I... I don't know. I must have blanked out!" I didn't see the look they passed to each other. I walked past them towards the school. Stefan held Elena back, when I was out of earshot, he spoke in a low voice. "Elena, if I didn't know better, I would say she's been compelled." Elena gasped, "But by who? She only moved here yesterday."

"I don't know. But we may want to keep an eye on her. Try and get vervain in or on her." Elena nodded, and they headed in after Jessica.

After school, Elena offered me a lift home. I thanked her and told her I would love one, I just had to let my mother know. I found my mother talking to Mr. Tanner, crap. I waited until he left then walked up to her. The look on her face was not good. "Hey mom."

"Don't you 'hey mom' me! It's the first day Jessica, what the hell?"

"Mom, he was insulting the students. I mean actually calling the stupid. When I was able to answer his questions correctly, he tried to insist that I was wrong. What kind of a teacher does that? All I said was should he wish to brush up on his facts he should check out the library. You taught me to stand up for myself."

Mom sighed, and then smiled, "I have been warned about him from the other teachers here. Look just try and not antagonise him, he's just a sub and will be gone next week. Are you ready to go home?"

"That's why I found you. I'm getting a lift with Elena Gilbert. She lives next door to us."

"Oh honey, you've made friends already. That's wonderful. You go on and I'll see you at home."

I gave her a peck on the cheek and ran back to Elena. When we were in the car, Elena spoke. "So, did you get in trouble for the whole Tanner thing?"

"No, thankfully mom has been warned about what he is like. But she asked me not to do it again."

Elena smiled, "Sounds like you have a cool mom?"

"Yeah, I was pretty pissed at her for making me move. But it's not her fault and she is pretty awesome."

On the drive home Elena filled me in on Mystic Falls. Apparently in town 'Mystic Grill' was the usual place for everybody to meet. However there were parties throughout the year held by the lake or in the woods on the Lockwood estate.

Listening to Elena speak about Mystic Falls it was clear that this was the kind of place where everyone knew everyone. Not like the city life I was used to, where you would be lucky to know your immediate neighbour. I talked about my life, how it's just me and my mom. I learned about her, her parents had died the year before in a car accident. It was just her, Jeremy and their aunt Jenna, who was dating Alaric Saltzman, the usual history teacher. Before too long we were pulling up at her house. As I got out I invited her and Jeremy to dinner to meet my mother, I also told her to bring Jenna. She thanked me and told me they would see me at seven.

I waved goodbye and headed into my house. My mother was just pulling up. I told her about inviting Elena and her family for dinner and asked if it was ok. She said as it was a Friday that it wouldn't be a problem, and that it was a good way to celebrate a successful first day for both of us. I ran up to my room to put my bag away, I saw the journals on my shelf and walked over to them. I was supposed to do something with them tonight, but what? I shook my head. My mind seemed to keep drifting today. It was probably just the stress of the move.

I went back downstairs with the journals and left them on the table by the front door. Mom was in her study. She was getting next week's lessons ready. She always liked to have everything ready on the Friday. So the weekend was hers. I logged onto face-book for an hour to catch up with my old friends. At six o'clock I went into the kitchen and started to prepare for dinner.

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