A Fresh Start (Damon, OC, Klaus FanFic)

Chapter 4

They arrived at seven on the dot. Mom came out of her study and I introduced Elena and Jeremy, although she had met them both in class as their teacher. Elena introduced us to her aunt Jenna. Jenna was lovely, very bubbly and only a few years older. She was in college, her final year. We all sat down to dinner and chatted about everyday things. After dinner my mom excused herself and went back to her study. Jenna also said good night. I thanked her for coming and told her it was lovely to meet her. She returned the sentiment and left. I turned to Jeremy and Elena.

"Let's go to my room, we can listen to music without bothering my mom."

They smiled and I led the way. When we got to the bottom of the stairs Elena noticed the journals. She picked one up.

"Are these the rest of the journals?"

I nodded, what was it I had to do with those? And why couldn't I remember? Elena was speaking again, I snapped out of my daze. "Do you mind if I borrow one tonight? I could get it back to you tomorrow before school."

"No, you can't. I have to do something with those. I just don't know what yet."

The look that passed between brother and sister was one of worry, but before I could ask them what was wrong there was a knock on the door. Without thinking I took the book out of Elena's hands, lifted the other four and opened the door. I heard Elena and Jeremy gasp behind me when they saw the man on the door step. I also heard Elena say a name. I looked at the man,

"So, your name is Damon?"

He just smiled, "Yes, hello Elena. Hello Jeremy. Now Jessica, don't you want to invite me in?"

Elena grabbed my arm, begging me not to invite him in, but I just ignored her. "Please, Damon, come in." His smile grew larger and he took a step inside. Elena and Jeremy pulled me behind them, but I just reached around them and handed Damon the books. Elena turned to Damon.

"It was you today, wasn't it? You compelled her... to what? Quit smoking? Give you the journals?"

"Ah Elena, yes it was. I'm just glad I got to her before you or my goody goody brother could vervain her. The fells were the ones who spear headed the whole vampire hunt. It was them who told Emily Bennett to spell those inventions of Jonathon Gilbert. These journals will make an interesting read if nothing else. Plus I detest smokers."

Listening to this conversation was confusing me. Compelling, what did that mean? Why did I want to give this stranger my journals? And I hated smoking, so what did he have to do with that? I did understand one thing they had mentioned though, and when I spoke, it caught all their attentions. "I'm allergic to vervain."

Elena broke the silence, "What, you're allergic? How do you know?"

I quickly explained, "When I was younger, my mother brought me here once to visit my grandparents, and my grandma gave me this perfume. I loved the smell. I wore it out that night to a friends birthday party and ended up in hospital, my wrists and neck felt like they were on fire and I couldn't breathe properly. They ran some tests and found out that I was allergic to something called vervain that was in the perfume."

Jeremy and Elena did not look happy at this news, although I couldn't understand why. But the reaction that surprised me the most was Damon's. He started laughing, "Oh this is too good. And to think Elena, if you hadn't been here I would never have found out. I would have assumed that you or Stefan had managed to get vervain on or in her. I wouldn't have bothered trying to compel her again. But now... now she is mine to play with."

They all turned to me. Why did they keep looking at me like I had two heads? Damon walked past Elena and Jeremy who tried to stop him but couldn't. He stared me in the eye, "You won't remember me being here tonight. When they try and tell you anything negative about me you just won't believe them. Because you know I'm a good person and you will always trust me, even if Stefan compels you. I will be the only person in this whole town you can truly trust." And with one final laugh he was gone.

I blinked, why were we stopped at the bottom of the stairs, and why were Jeremy and Elena staring at me in horror? I laughed nervously, "So are we going upstairs or...?" my voice drifted off. What was wrong? Elena cleared her throat,

"Eh, yeah. I just need to talk to Jeremy for a moment. Can we follow you up?"

I nodded and made my way up the stairs, I noticed my journals weren't on the table anymore, I thought... ah well I must have moved them and just can't remember. What was wrong with me today? When I was out of earshot, Jeremy turned to Elena,

"I thought Damon was on our side?"

"Well he is and isn't Jer. He doesn't kill anymore, but ever since he found out the truth about Katherine he's... changed. He's sort of good, but at the same time still likes playing games. I was able to control him a bit when he thought he loved me, but after the whole Katherine thing he realised he didn't love me. I was the Katherine he remembered, who was sweet and loving to Damon. But that ended when he realised she had used him and never loved him, and was never in the tomb. So he won't kill Jessi, but he will play with her like she's some kind of toy just to annoy Stefan and me."

Jeremy cursed under his breath, "So, he's not evil or bad, but he's not completely good either?"

"Exactly. We're going to have to keep an eye on her. She's far too nice and innocent to be caught up in Damon's boredom. I'll ring Stefan".

He nodded and they came up the stairs to my room. I was standing in front of the open window nodding to myself. "Jessi, are you ok?"

I turned to them, smiling, "Of course. What kind of music do you like? I have a bit of everything." Jeremy stared in awe at my wall that was covered in shelves filled with hundreds of c.d's. He walked towards it but stopped at my work desk. Beside my laptop was a sketch pad. He flipped through it, and then looked up at me. "These are brilliant. You're really talented."

I smiled shyly at him and thanked him. "I got the inspiration for these particular drawings from reading my ancestors journals. " He told me he drew as well and we started talking about it, but Elena interrupted us. "Hey Jessi, can I invite my boyfriend over? You met him today at school."

I nodded, of course. She was on the phone to Stefan immediately. A few moments later there was a knock on the door. Wow that was fast. Elena turned to me, "It's your house. You should probably be the one who lets him in."

She and Jeremy were smiling at me again; I just headed down the stairs with them in tow. I opened the door and Stefan was standing there, also smiling at me. O.k., I was really starting to get pissed off with people smiling at me like I was soft in the head. Elena spoke behind me, "Can he come in?"

I opened my mouth to invite him in, but that wasn't what came out.

"Sorry Stefan, but you're too goody goody for me to allow you in my house."

All three of them stared at me. I spoke first, "God Stefan, I am so sorry. I don't know where that came from. What I meant to say was, Stefan, please..." I couldn't finish the sentence. I turned to Jeremy, "What's wrong with me? Why can't I invite..." I couldn't even finish that sentence.

Stefan spoke up, "It's ok Jessi. Don't worry. I was actually thinking we could show you the grill. It's Friday night. No point in sitting in. You can see where we all hang out; meet the rest of the gang.

That sounded good, we grabbed our coats and headed out.

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