A Fresh Start (Damon, OC, Klaus FanFic)

Chapter 8

As I walked home I felt different. That things weren't so bad anymore. I found myself smiling as I walked into my house. Mm was already in the kitchen. I started working around her, but in the middle of setting the table I looked at her, actually really looked at her. She really was the best thing in my life; I walked over to her and threw my arms around her,

"I love you mom. I hope you know that."

Surprised and laughing she hugged me back, "Of course I do baby. And you know how much I love you back."

We sat down to dinner and talked like we hadn't in a long time. She filled me in on her job so far. I filled her in on all my new friends, which of course made her happy.

"So, this Damon?" she asked.

I laughed; she always could pick up on the different tones in my voice as I talked about different people. I smiled shyly at her, "I don't know what's happening there just yet mom. I think I like him, like really like him. I know I can trust him and there's something else about him, like he can be really sweet or something, but doesn't want people to know. I know, that sounds like the ramblings of a crazy person."

She just covered my hand with her own, "No, it doesn't."

I told her to go and relax, I would clean up. She just watched me for a moment. She didn't know who this Damon person was, but she was so happy her daughter had met him. Jessica was always good at making friends wherever she went, but she had not heard Jessica use the word 'trust' since her 8th birthday.

I watched mom get up and go into the sitting room, I finished cleaning and went next door. Elena answered,

"Hey Jessi, come on in."

I followed her into the kitchen. Stefan, Matt, Caroline and Tyler were all sat there. They all greeted me as I sat down with them. Tyler spoke first,

"Hey Jessi, I know all that stuff about your dad sucks, but you should still celebrate your 18th."

I looked at him in shock as did all the others, Caroline slapped the back of his head, "Tyler, you don't just say something like." She snapped. Tyler looked sheepish as Elena moved closer to me,

"Jessi I am so sorry Tyler just blurted that out. We heard that it was your birthday and we kinda know why you don't celebrate them."

I was really confused, "But... how do you know?"

Matt answered me, "When you were with Damon today, you told him and I overheard. Sorry."

Wait, I didn't tell Damon did I? Was that why I blanked out when I was with him. Stefan was looking at me,

"Do you remember what Damon said to you?"

I thought about it, then I shook my head at Stefan, "No, but I've been spacing a lot lately. I think it's the move and all that. Wait, I do remember him asking me if I was going to the bachelor raffle on Saturday."

Elena asked me if I was going, I smiled shyly,

"Of course I'm gonna go. It is for a good cause after all."

They laughed a little with me which broke the tension. We talked a bit more about the raffle, but at the mutual groans of the males in our group we decided to make popcorn and watch a movie. It was late when we all left Elena's. I got into my house quietly, mom was already asleep. I made my way up into my bedroom... and nearly screamed. Damon was sprawled across my bed, smirking.

He watched me as I ignored him and got ready for bed. When I came out of my bathroom he was under the covers. I stood at the doorway for a moment staring at him, he didn't need to know that I was actually really happy to see him.

"Comfortable?" I asked him.

He winked at me, actually winked. "Extremely, aren't you going to join me?"

"Damon I can't... my mother..."

He cut me off, "Don't worry, I worked my magic on her. She won't hear anything."

Smiling I climbed in beside him. He was immediately leaning over my body, stroking the side of my face. I turned my face into his palm, "You know you can be really sweet when you want to be."

He just nodded as his fingers trailed down to my neck. With a sigh I turned my head to allow him access to my throat. I could almost hear the smug, yet contented smile on his face as he lowered his mouth to my neck.

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