A Fresh Start (Damon, OC, Klaus FanFic)

Chapter 9

The following week came and went with my mom and me settling into a routine. School, home, dinner and chat. Then she would go into her study and I would go to Elena's then bed. Although in my case, I had Damon waiting every night when I got to my room.

I seemed to be blocking a lot out these days. I mean the memories were there, Damon would come over, spend the night, great sex and then in the morning he would drive me to school (although mom thought he was just picking me up in the mornings). But at the same time I felt like I was forgetting something important. You know that feeling when you have a name on the tip of your tongue but you just couldn't reach it, it was like that. I knew it had something to do with Damon and the scarves I now always wore, I just didn't know what. I resolved to ask Damon at some stage.

Before I knew it, it was Saturday. When I woke Damon was gone, a note left on the pillow,

Had to leave. See you later xxx

I couldn't help the smile that was growing on my face, I hugged the note. I would never admit it but I was falling for Damon in a big way.

I got out of bed and noticed an envelope on my dresser. I opened it and found $200 inside. Taking it with me I skipped down to the kitchen. mom was there, still in her pyjamas. I hugged and kissed her, "Thank you so much for my birthday present mom."

I heard her gasp and I laughed, "I know, I said the forbidden word. I just feel... like I'm stronger now. That I can move on."

I stopped laughing, mom was crying, "What's wrong?"

She grabbed me in a massive hug, "Absolutely nothing is wrong baby. I'm just so happy. I am so glad we moved here."

I hugged her again and went up to get dressed. Sitting on my bed was a long black velvet box and a card. I opened the card, 'As your birthday is no longer taboo, here is a small token of my affection.' It was just signed 'D'.

How did he know I had changed my mind about my birthday. Shrugging I lifted the box and opened it... and gasped. There sitting inside was a white gold tennis bracelet with diamond settings. I lifted it out of the box carefully and put it on. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Today was going to be such a good day. In fact... I grabbed my phone and dialled Caroline, she answered on the first ring,

"Happy Birt..." she started to say, but caught herself. I laughed, I was doing that a lot lately and I liked it.

"That's ok Caroline. That was why I was ringing you. I've decided that I'm not letting my 18th pass by. I figured we could all go to the raffle to celebrate."

She started shrieking down the phone, she was clearly happy with this information. I just asked her to let the others know, that I would meet them later. I wanted to spend the day with my mother. After I hung up I decided to jump in the shower. When I was out, dressed and bracelet back on I headed downstairs. I was not expecting what I saw.

Mom was standing in the kitchen, a 'Happy Birthday' banner hung behind her, a few balloons spotted the kitchen and there was a birthday cake on the table. As I walked in she started singing Happy Birthday to me. I sat at the table laughing and she sat beside me. I thanked her and asked how she had managed it. I laughed harder when she explained how she had been waiting so long for this that when I went upstairs she had driven into town, still in her pyjamas and a pair of runners to buy the stuff.

The rest of the day passed fairly quickly and soon it was time to head out to meet my friends. As I said good bye to mom I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I almost wanted to stay. I told her this and she told me not to worry. That it was just the worry I had every year on this day. She wanted me to go out with my friends and enjoy myself. Eventually she convinced me and hugging her one last time I left. I didn't exactly have far to walk. Stefan was picking myself, Elena and Jeremy from Elena's house.

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