The Rule of Insanity

Chapter 13

Kevin did not sleep well that night. He lay awake for hours on end, staring up at the ceiling and seeing Alfie's ashen, horrified face staring down at him.

At around three am, just as he slipped into exhausted unconsciousness, the face shifted into that of Raphael. He was smiling.

Beep. Beep beep. Beep beep.

Jerking awake with a gasp, Kevin slammed a hand down on his alarm clock. His heard was racing, as it always did when he was woken up suddenly, and it took him a moment to calm down.

The worry was still churning in the pit of his stomach, so violent that he felt sick. It scared him that Dean and Castiel may have been right, that there may have been more to Balt's than the surface. Because that would have meant that he had been part of it, whatever it was. He would have played a role, been playing a role, no matter how minor, and it scared him. Because Kevin was no longer sure about who he was.

Heaving a shaky sigh, Kevin scraped a hand down his face. He felt more tired than when he had gone to sleep, his eyes heavy and his body languid. Forcing himself out of the warm bed and into the freezing cold air was more difficult than ever, and he threw on his clothes as quickly as he could. The fabric was chilled and just made him colder, shivers trickling down his spine.

Checking the clock, Kevin saw that he had more than enough time to spare before breakfast. Alfie would be awake; the guy woke up at ungodly hours, even after a long night. He was nearly out of his door before he caught a glance of his reflection and remembered he hadn't combed his hair, which was doing a commendable impression of a surprised hedgehog.

Exiting his room a minute later with a more respectable appearance, Kevin knocked on the next door, expecting to hear a warm reply within seconds.

No sound.

Frowning, and wondering whether Alfie had somehow overslept, Kevin knocked again, slightly louder.

No reply came.

Muttering under his breath, Kevin tried the handle. The door was unlocked. He opened it and stepped inside, eyes searching the room for his friend. He froze, wide-eyed, and choked, suddenly unable to breath. He staggered backwards into the door, which slammed shut with a crash that didn't make Kevin flinch at all, despite the deafening noise. He pressed himself against the wood, breathing loud and panicked.

Kevin opened his mouth and screamed, and screamed, and screamed. No sound escaped his throat.

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