Black Butler: Taekook


Sebastian- Taehyung Ciel- Jungkook *Elizabeth will not be in the story. Jin is Bard, Jimin is Mey-rin, J-hope is Finnian, Suga is grell, RM is Lau.

Chapter 1

β€œGood Morning sir.” Taehyung said in his black tailored suit, holding a tray of tae (I mean tea) and fruit parfait.

β€œTaehyung, get me my robe.” Jungkook said, raising up and sitting on the side of his bed waiting.

Taehyung nonchalantly put the tray down and fetched his robe, coming back in a few seconds.

He slid the robe on Jungkook and helped him out of bed, walking downstairs and into his work area.

Plants were spread everywhere, ranging from the rain forest leaves to regular house flowers.

β€œWhat’s the tea today Taehyung hyung?”

β€œSicklepod tea and Tteok Chapssol, harmonied with sweetened rice, Baek-seolgi, Gaepi-tteok, Bupyeon, Danja, Hwajeon, Injeolmi, Jeolpyeon, and Jeungpyeon."

Jungkook tasted the tea and cake, but didn't approve.

"Taehyung, please get me my banana milk and take away this." He motioned to the delicacies on the tray.

"Of course Jungkook." He bowed and took the tray away.

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