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Chapter 1

Hey guys Flipkicks here and I bring you a new crossover The Fool of Fairy Tail: A Persona and Fairy Tail crossover. I've been thinking about this story for awhile where the Investigation team is now in Fairy Tail, rather than in Yaso-Inaba.

Yu Narukami will retain the S.L.'s from his team but he will also will earn another set of S.L.'s which isn't a normal in the series. The story will take place after Naoto's story (The Light novel/Manga) but it takes the continuity of my story Persona 4 College and is a 'unofficial' sequel to the College Trilogy (Persona 4 College, P4 College Arena and P4 College Arena Ultimax which I am still writing P4 College than Arena and Ultimax will follow.)

Some of the characters in Persona 4 like Nanako, Dojima, Adachi, Sho and the residents of the Velvet room like Marie, Igor and Margaret will be here in the story even though Nanako and Dojima don't have a persona. And some characters from Persona 3 might appear.

Those of you who don't know what I'll be bring to this crossover, I'll be bring some elements I've brought to my first Persona story called Persona 4 College: The team is able to speak to their respective personas and the ability to merge with their personas.

This will be a Yu/Harem based fanfic: Yukiko, Rise and Marie are confirm but I'll be deciding on some females in Fairy Tail women to be in the group. Some of the Mages of Fairy Tail will give Yu a second Social Link:Natsu: Magician.Gray: The Emperor.(?)Erza: The Empress.

Some of the members of Fairy Tail will attain a Persona, the dungeons from Persona 4 Golden, Area/Ultimax will appear with the group now in Fairy Tail universe that will make the most sense.

The end sequence will take place after episode 4 and will go on from there.

I do not own Fairy Tail nor do I own Persona.

Brave New World

The Train

It has been almost 5 months since the Investigation team and The Shadow Operatives has been together since The P-1 Grand Pre and Ultimax Climax that almost consumed the world. Now Yu Narukami is coming back to visit his friends at Yaso-Inaba for the summer. It will be about 2-4 hours until he will arrive to Yaso-Inaba, so Yu decided to put on his head phones and take a nap until he arrives.

'Can't wait to see them.' Yu thought of his friends and the memories he made the first time he arrived at the town he is so fond of.

The Velvet Room.

Slowly waking up in his mind, he sees 3 familiar faces.

"Welcome to the Velvet Room." A man maybe around his 60 or 70's in a classic black suit, white gloves and a real long nose. His name is Igor.

"Wait...why am I here?" Yu asks the residents, very confuse on this situation.

"As you are aware that the world is now cleanse and everyone seeks the truth. But there is a new problem on the arise." A woman with platinum blonde hair, pale skin and golden eyes in a dark blue with matching high heel shoes and uses black and golden accessories, her name is Margaret.

"A new problem?" Yu raises his eyebrow in confusion.

"Yes a new problem Mr. Wielder of the Wild Card." The person that said that is Marie: one of Yu's close friends and 'lover', due to his actions that saved her from her other self: Kusumi-no-okami. She is in her normal attire of a sleeveless white shirt, a short black necktie with various safety pins and a checkered skirt along with a black belt and a fancy, golden buckle which resembles a heart with wings. Additionally, she has black-striped red protective sleeves and black-striped white stockings. Her black long, dark gray heeled boots are checkered as well. She carries a deep blue bag, adorned with golden designs and matching her officer's cap with a golden button and a V gravure. (Shin Megami Tensei wiki)

"hehe...thanks Marie." Yu said quietly.

"As you are aware that everything is now fine in the world but there is something wrong in the other worlds." Igor explains as Yu pays his attention to the man in the middle, all confuse.

"Other worlds? What do you mean by that?" Yu is all confuse as Margaret steps in.

"Even though you are born of this world, there are other worlds that do exist in the same time and space as you do but the thing is that we can't confirm just yet until you and your team can confirm the situation." Margaret said.

"But how? We're all in a different time and space as the other world just as you said Margaret, how will we travel from one world to the next?" Yu said, wondering about how are they going to travel to the other world.

"In due time, Yu Narukami. It'll take awhile to 'get there' so to speak." Igor said as he summons a new set of cards. "While acquiring the Social Links 2 years ago, by the time you and your friends arrive to the 'new world' you'll be the first client to acquire 2 different sets of Arcana's for your new adventure." Igor dissolved the cards. "Until we meet again, Farewell."

Yu felt dizziness, his eyes started to blur and fell unconscious as his was now asleep.

Yaso-Inaba Train Station.

Waking up in his seat, Yu started to blink his eyes to get his vision back, rubbing the back of his head, Yu looks at his phone and the time is 12:20 P.M., only 5 more minutes until he reaches Yaso-Inaba. He decided to stand up to stretch his limbs since he slept in the train.

[4 minutes until we reach Yaso-Inaba] The announcer said through the intercom, grabbing his backpack and a large bag, Yu walks towards one of the doors on the train and waited for the next 4 minutes until he reaches the train station.

'I wonder what Igor means by 'the other world'?' Yu's mind continues to wonder about his new adventure that is about to come with his friends. 'I didn't know that Igor can also give me another set of Social Links...' Yu manifested his Fool's Arcana but the only ones that can see it is him and his friends. 'Another world huh...'

[Yaso-Inaba...Yaso-Inaba] The announcer said as the door begins to open and Yu gets off of the train. Looking around the familiar place he calls his second home.

"Big Bro!" A girl with now long brown hair said as she rushes to her cousin.

"Nanako." Yu kneels down and hugs his small cousin. Nanako Dojima is his cousin from his mother's side. She views him as her big brother and holds a big bond with him. "Have you been a good girl while I wasn't here?" She nods as Yu ruffles her hair and sees his uncle approaching them.

"Seems she still can't get enough of her 'big bro' Yu." Dojima greets his nephew and hugs him. "Good to see you, Yu."

"Good to see you guys again." He smiles as he's back with his uncle and cousin.

"Your friends should all be at our place soon since we've told them that you'll be here for the summer." Yu smiles to hear that his friends are coming towards their place for the first meet. "Come on, the car's waiting." Yu nods and all three walks towards Dojima's car and went to the Dojima Residence. The car ride was quiet, Nanako had her music player (a ipod shuffle model base), nodding her head to the beat in her music, something Yu thought was quiet cute of his cousin.

"Hey uncle..." Dojima looks at his back mirror, "Did anything happen with him?" Yu questions.

"No..he's been at his cell, been acting the same as before." Dojima informs his nephew and hands him a file. "Everything has been good so far. After that event 2 years ago, this town has been nothing but peaceful except for some crooks now and then. It's all thanks to you and your friends that brought us that peace." Both Yu and Dojima smiled a bit as they reached their home. Yu opened up the trunk and grabbed his bag where he'll spend his summer with his friends and his relatives.

getting a vibration in his left pocket, Yu took out his cellphone and sees a familiar number: Rise Kujikawa. "Hey Rise."

"Senpai! Are you here yet?" She asks eagerly as Yu chuckles.

"Yeah, I just made back to the Dojima Residence."

"Oh that's great!" She said happily, "Yukiko-senpai and I are getting some stuff before we come by our place. Yosuke-senpai, Chie-senpai, Kanji-kun and Naoto-kun are about to head to your place. Talk to you later Senpai!" Rise said happily once again before she hangs up. Yu can imagine what was going through her mind but he didn't expect Yukiko-san to tag along, knowing Rise can be a bit over the top at times, this might get a bit over the top.

Now that he is now in his uncle's place, Yu can settle his stuff in his old room. Smiling that he's back home, Yu took out most of his belongings out of his bag. The most important thing in his luggage is a group picture of him and his friends, his best friends Yosuke, Chie, Kanji and Naoto and three girls that he loves equally Yukiko, Rise and Marie.

'Can't believe that fate is still at it.' He mumbles in his head, laying down in his old sofa and looking at the ceiling. 'What does this other world have to do with my friends and I? What are we suppose to do?' Yu begins thinking of possible situations but couldn't as he hears the doorbell ring twice, he smiles as his friends are here.

Nanako was the one to open the door where her friends all greet her with smiles.

"Hey Nanako-chan." said a young woman about 18-19 years old, a long bowl-shaped hair that covers her ears, brown eyes, short light-blue jacket and a yellow tank-top. Her name is Chie Satonaka, a good friend of Yu's and one of his teammates.

"Chie-chan!" She hugs her friend as most of her older friends are in college.

"It's good to see you again." Chie hugs her little friend and the others appear as well.

"Hey." A young man with slightly unkempt fawn colored hair wears hot pink t-shirt with thin white stripes and aqua jean pants. His name is Yosuke Hanamura, Yu's best friend and partner-in-crime.

"Yosuke-san! Teddie and Kanji-san!" Nanako looks behind Yosuke to see Yu's other friends. The tall man behind Yosuke is Kanji Tatsumi, a 4th year(?) student, black hair and glasses. The smaller person behind him is Teddie, a blue and white striped T-shirt with an anchor design, navy shorts, and yellow shoes.

"Yo." Kanji simply waved at Yu's cousin.

"Nana-Chan!" Teddie said eagerly, rushing in to hug his best friend. A young woman rushes towards them.

"Senpai!" She said. Kanji turns around to see his friend/crush, Naoto Shirogane. her hair is now longer, nearly waist-length hair. Her trademark cap is absent and she wears a gray suit with a white shirt and a blue tie. Kanji had a nose bleed, which is mildly controlled.

"Naoto/Nao-chan?" Both Yosuke and Teddie were shocked to see Naoto's new look. They knew that she moved last year, but they didn't know that she has grown quiet feminine for a year.

Yu walks down the stairs as he sees his friends. "Hey guys." He greets them.

"Yo dude." Yosuke said as both him and Yu knuckle touch.

"Senpai." Kanji 2-finger salute his friend.

"Sensei!" Teddie said happily once again and hugs his sensei.

"Hey Teddie." Yu pats his head.

"Senpai." Naoto smiles to see her friend and ally. Yu looks at Naoto and is surprise to see her become a woman.

"Oi...Naoto..." Yu mutters as the others got the same feeling when they first saw Naoto. "You sure...ah...have grown." Naoto got the idea since she has gotten quiet feminine for the last 2 years.

"I know, I've grown quiet feminine for a year and this is a first time you've all seen me, except for Rise-chan who I've talked to before." She explains to her friends.

"I see. Well come on in." Yu stepped aside as his friends entered the house. Teddie was playing with Nanako, the others got to talk with both Yu and Dojima-san. They were talking about what they did during last year.

"Hey dude, you ok?" Yosuke asks his best friend.

"Huh...oh. Well you remember Margaret right?" Yosuke tries to remember this Margaret person, bit by bit he slowly remembers Margaret.

"Oh what about her?" He asks.

"Apparently that we're all going on another adventure but to an unknown world. Tell that to the guys since we're bound to head back to the TV world." Yu explains and Yosuke nods, he then goes to the others and tell them about it. They all seemed confuse but after Yosuke explains it to them, they start to understand the situation.

Yu wonder what lies ahead for him and his friends in the other world but since the time isn't now, he decided to relax and hangout with his friends.

Few minutes later, Yukiko and Rise come by the Dojima Residence.

"Senpai!" Rise said happily as she hugs her true love. Yu chuckles and hugs her.a white see-through halter top, with a pink, light blue, and orange bikini underneath it and tan pants. Her hair has grown quiet long for the past 2 years.

"Hey Rise, good to see you." He looks down at the small girl.

"Can't believe that you're here again." she mumbles in his chest. Yu looks up to see his other friend and second love, Yukiko Amagi.

"Hey Yukiko." He smiles towards his other love. Her hair is up in a neat bun, and she wears a snow-white dress with a sky blue cardigan, and white sandals."Yu-kun." She also smiles at him, she was also very affectionate when she said his name.

"Seems that the gang is back." Dojima added.

"It's been a year since I've been here. Hey uncle, you mind if I go out a bit with my friends?" Yu asks.

"That's fine. Just come back around 7, since I have a feeling that you all want to get reacquainted. I plan on having a good meal for you guys." This made Rise frown for some reason.

"Aw I wanted to cook you guys something..." the team sweat dropped, knowing that the idol can't cook at all.

"Ah..Rise-chan, let's have Dojima-san and Nanako-chan cook. Come on guys." Everyone hurried to get out, Yu had to drag Rise out of the house.

"Ah come on!" Rise cried out as she was being dragged by Yu.

Junes Food Court.

Once they managed to calmed down Rise, the gang decided to chill at their favorite spot at the food court.

" feels likes its been forever since we last been here." Kanji said as everyone else would agree with him. Each one of them manifested their Arcana's in the palm of their hands.

"We haven't had much use of our Arcana's since the P-1 Tournament. After that, things began to calm down." Yosuke says as the others nod.

"Yeah, while we all enjoy the peace and quiet, things are pretty much boring..." Kanji added and sighs.

"But we still have to thank sensei for this beary world of ours." Teddie tries to lighten up Kanji.

"But there is also the 'other world' Yu mentioned. Both Yukiko and Rise were confused since they weren't there when Yu told them.

"Basically, Margaret and Igor told me that all of us are bound to have another adventure but it will be in a different world than ours." When Yu explained it to the girls but they were confused on what he tried to explain.

"We're just as confuse as you girls are but who knows when that'll happen." Yosuke says as the girls nodded.

"Why don't we go into the TV? We still have plenty of time to kill." Yu said, everyone smiles as this is the first time in a year that they'll be heading into the TV. Everyone didn't need their glasses anymore as their personas have evolved into their true forms and they can use their eyes to see the fog clearly. They all stood up and walk towards the electronic's department.

TV World.

Once they entered the TV, all of their eyes turned yellow to see clearly with the little fog around them. They were in all of their familiar high school uniforms since the world might have recognized them in their uniforms when they first entered the TV world.

"So where you guys want to check out and fight some shadows?" Yu asks his friends but Rise sense something off.

"Uh guys..." Their eyes turn towards Rise, "I sense something at Magatsu-Inaba. Something is not right there..." They were surprise to hear that from her and soon they all had to hurry off to Magatsu-Inaba.

"Where's the source?" Yu asks.

"The same place where we fought Adachi-san and Ameno-Sagiri. This shadow is gathering around strong shadows and absorbing them into it." Rise added and everyone else knew that this shadow isn't like any of the other shadows they've faced before.

Once they entered Magatsu-Inaba, they all rushed towards the floating ground where they fought Adachi. The Shadow monster appears to be the same figure as Ameno-Sagiri but it had the halo love and peace symbol above its head.

'What the hell...' They all thought as the shadow's eye opened up and looked at them.

{So you are the ones that defeated Ameno-Sagiri, Kunino-Sagiri and Kusumi-no-Okami. All from Izanami-no-Mikoto, the former wife of Izanagi.} All the members look at the monster in disgusted, {As you are aware that under the circumstances, I won't be able to manifested fully in this world but in the next world. Come find me!} He finishes as a bright light flashes at all of them, their first instinct was to cover their eyes. Soon all of them were consumed into the light.

Meanwhile in the real world, Dojima and Nanako were also consumed by that users were also saw a bright light where they were consumed and transported. They were spread out in different parts of the new world.

Unknown World.

All of the members of the Investigation group were all present. Yu and Yosuke were resting at a tree, Rise, Naoto and Chie on the floor facedown, Kanji was resting on top of Teddie who was in his bear suit for some reason.

Yu manages to wake up first, he looks around to see his friends are here with him. He looks at the environment and sees that they're at a forest like no other. The landscape was bizarre to him, some were high, some were low, medium or just abnormal to him.

'So this is the world my team and I are supposed to be huh?' He mumbles in his head. 'Can I...' Yu manifested his Arcana and the Fool is still there. "Persona." Yu crushes the Arcana and his Ultimate Persona appears, Izanagi-no-Okami. The only changed of his persona is the color: A white mask from top to bottom, A black coat, red eyes, red pants and the blade changes into a black bottom and a gold tip.

Soon the others wake up. All of them wonder what had happened, Yukiko looks around the environment like Yu did and so do the others.

"Where are we?" Chie asked first.

"Who knows but I suspect that this may had to do with that massive shadow we've met in the TV world." Naoto stated.

"Wait are we still in the TV world?" Kanji asks.

"I don't sense any shadows. My nose may not work like aways but I don't feel anything here shadow related." Teddie added.

"Teddie's right." Rise chirped in, and clapped her hands together, "Persona." She shattered her Arcana to summon her persona, Kouzeon. Her appearance is relatively the same but the planets revolving around her are in their respective colors of their world.

"Hey Rise, while your persona is the same, some of the planets around her are colored." Yukiko stated.

"Wait if we are in a different world, does it have effects towards our personas?" Kanji asks.

"I think so, I summoned my persona and his appearance is rather different." Yu snaps his fingers as the shadow behind him manifested into Izanagi-no-Okami in a different color than before.

"Woo dude. Izanagi's colors are different." Yosuke also stated as he summons his ultimate persona. "Persona." Yosuke slashes the card and summons Takehaya Susano-o. His appearance is also different, the light-green jacket he was wearing is a darker green, same gloves, the shuriken below his feet and around his neck are a much dark color and the flaming hair is now blue.

"So this world for some reason changed our personas color but I still wonder why we're here..." Naoto begins think about possible situations until they heard something behind the bushes. They all turned around to 3 different people, a pink haired man in a vest, a blonde haired teen with big boobs and a black spiky haired teen with only pants on.

"Huh?" The blonde haired teen looks at them. "Are you guys lost?" She asks.

"Uh...Actually we are." Yu stated, "Can you guys tell us where are we?" he asks.

"Um...we're in one of the forest outside of Magnolia. Can you guys introduce yourself? We might get a wrong idea." She stated and the group saw that it would be fair to introduce themselves to them.

"I'm Yu Narukami and these are my friends." He stated as he points his friends, "This is Yosuke Hanamura, my best friend." Yosuke waved at them, "The two girls next to each other are Yukiko Amagi in the rede shirt and Chie Satonaka in the green jacket." Both girls waved at them as well, "The tall one is Kanji Tatsumi, the girl with the long blue hair is Naoto Shirogane. And these two are Teddie and Rise Kujikawa. We're not from your world." Yu stated as both the spiky haired teen and the blonde eyes widen.

"Wait are you saying you're not from here?" The spiky haired man said.

"It's kinda a long story uh..."Chie stuttered since the three of them didn't introduce themselves.

"Oh I'm Lucy Heartfilia." The blonde haired teen introduced herself.

"Gray Fullbuster." The spiky haired teen introduced himself. Gray looked at the pink haired teen and he was sleeping...which ticked him off. "Excuse me for a second." Gray started to gather a cold wind around his right arm, which surprised them. "Ice-Make: Hammer!" He slammed the pink haired teen to the ground.

"What the hell was that for stripper?!" The pinkette was piss at him.

"Introduce yourself baka." Gray kneeled down and turned the pinkette's head towards the group.

"I'm Natsu Dragneel. Fairy Tail Mage. Now let me out of here!" He yells at Gray.

'Fairy Tail mage...' All of the members thought at once.

'So that means..."


'They practice magic...' They all thought the same idea and Naoto steps up.

"Can you help us? Well explain to you and your friends back at uh...your guild?" Gray and Lucy looked at each other and thought that they might as well help them out.

"Sure. We're just a couple of miles from the city. Come on." Lucy then lead them to the city but there is one thing that they forgot.

"You BASTARDS! Don't FORGET ABOUT ME!" Natsu yells out loud to get their attention.

"You guys forgot about me." Said a talking blue cat that was flying by them. The talking cat shocked most of the group except for Yu.

"A.." Yosuke looked at the cat

"Talking.." Kanji also looks at the car.

"Blue..." Rise, Chie and Yukiko said.

"Cat..." Teddie finished.

"You guy never seen a talking cat before?" The blue cat asks and the group shook their heads. "I'm Happy." He introduced himself to the others.

Gray decided to ask the group something, "What kind of Magic do you guys possess?" The group all looked at each other and shrugged.

"Well I'm not sure if this is called 'magic' but my friends and I have to ability to summon Personas." Yu said as both Lucy and Gray were confused by it. "Heres an example." Yu manifested his Arcana, "Persona." A blue aura appeared behind him and Izanagi-no-Okami appears. "I am the wielder of the Fool's Arcana and the Wild Card." Yu stated as his friends also show their Arcana's.



"High Priestess."





Both Gray, Happy and Lucy can feel their powers from them. Natsu however didn't care as he wanted to get out of the hole he was in. Lucy decided to speak up. "I think Master can help with you guys. Let's go." They all nodded and left Natsu in the ground.

'With us in this new world, there has to be a reason for us. Just as Igor and Margaret said that my new journey would take me and my friends to a new world. I must figure out why our fate has led us here.' Yu mutters in his head as he hears a familiar words in his head and the card he uses.

"Thou art I...And I am Thou...Thou hast established a new bond...It brings thee closer to the truth...Thou shalt be blessed when creating Personas of the Fool's Arcana.' Yu has established the second Fool's Arcana in his new Social Link. He then runs up towards his friends and together they will explore this new world.

And that's the end of this chapter. I hope to hear from you guys on what you think so far. If my grammar is bad or somewhat bad, please let me know since I know that I struggle by leaving out details but I'll be making sure that the story is good with minor issues but if it is bad I'll make some changes.

The reason why Yu and his friends still retain their ultimate personas is because most of the Persona crossover stories have him losing his bonds with the others and causes him to lose the ultimate persona. Since Yu has established a new Social Link, Yu's power will grow more and more powerful as will his friends in the story.

Some of the main characters like Lucy, Gray and some of the others do have a side they don't want to admit, they'll have personas, for an example: Lucy ran away from her father, her shadow would be the exact opposite of her. She's brave, timid and uses her sexuality where as her other self is a shallow of a person, weak and other characteristics.

If you guys have suggestion on potential wielders and potential love interest, leave a review on who should be in his harem of beautiful women. I hope to hear from you guys and I'll talk to you all later.

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