Persona 4: College


A retelling twist on Persona 4 where Investigation Team are college students rather than High Schoolers.

Adventure / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Hey guys, this is my first Persona series fanfic, I loved Persona 4 and Golden since it was the first of the series I ever played. This is a alternative universe (A.U) type with most of the plot the same as the game but with the college theme that I had in mine. This will be a harem like romance with Yu as he will try to get used to the feelings he will receive with Yukiko, Rise and Marie since I romanced with them in-game, I try to add a Yosuke and Chie romance since I liked there character bond with each other as a comedy type in my eyes, Kanji and Naoto since Kanji is obviously does like Naoto. Hopefully you guys enjoy the story. Reviews and suggestions are always appreciated, peace. Each of the characters of the game with retain their original voices, including Naoto's unknown voice actress.

Persona 4: College

Chapter 0: New beginnings

At the train station, a young man around 18-19 with grey hair and grey eyes waits for the train so he can be at his new college where he will spend a entire year with his uncle and cousin while he is staying there. His name is Yu Narukami and this is his new life where unexpected events will change his life forever. While he is waiting for the train to come, he listens to his music on his iPhone, tapping his right foot to the beat. The train arrives around 10-15 minutes; Yu grabs his backpack and enters the train. 'So I wonder what's going to happen while I'm here…. who knows but can' t wait to find out.' He thought as he puts his backpack on the empty seat next to him. He decided that he was going to take a nap while he is on the train.

The Blue Room

While Yu was sleeping, he for some reason 'woke up' in his dreams. "Where am I?" Yu said looking around this mysterious blue room or Limo from the appearance.

"Greetings young man and welcome to the velvet room," Said a man with a long nose, sitting across from him. "Do not worry, you are still sleeping in the real world. My name is Igor. This place exists between dream and reality, mind and matter. " Igor introduced himself to Yu "It is a room that only those who are bound by a 'contract may enter It may be that such a fate awaits you in the near future. Now than, why not introduced yourself." Igor said while he stares at Yu with those blood shot eyes.

"My name is Yu Narukami, I'm starting as a freshman in college." He introduced himself to Igor and the young woman who appears to be around 20-25 maybe.

"Now, let's take a look into your future, shall we?" Igor asked as he summoned tarot cards on his table. "You believe in fortune telling Yu?" he asks him.

"I'm kind of iffy about it, half of it comes true while half of it doesn't." Yu said while looking at the tarot cards Igor spread out on the table.

"Each reading is done with the same cards, yet the result is always different..." he chuckles "Life itself follows the same principles, doesn't?" he asks as he snapped his figures on his left hand, revealing the corner left of his/ Yu's right side the Tower tarot. "Hmm…the tower in the upright position represents the immediate future. It seems a terrible catastrophe is imminent." Igor said looking at the card, "The card indicating the future beyond that is…" he snapped his fingers again revealing the tarot card of his right/ Yu's left the Moon, "The moon, in the upright position, this cards represents 'Hesitation' and 'mystery'…very interesting indeed." He said which Yu started to become confuse on the readings he was receiving. "It seems you will encounter a misfortune at your destination, and a great mystery will be imposed upon you. In the coming days, you will enter a contract of some sort, after which you will return here. The coming year is a turning point in your destiny… if the mystery goes unsolved your future may be forever lost. My duty is to provide assistance to our guests to ensure that does not happen." He explained in a very long way which Yu can somewhat understand. "Oh yes! I have neglected to introduce my assistant to you. This is Margaret. She is a resident of this place, like myself." Igor introduced Margaret to Yu.

'So her name is Margaret. But a 'resident of this side?' Yu thought as he smiles at Margaret.

"My name is Margaret. I am here to accompany you through your journey." She said without smiling.

"We shall attend to the details another time. Until then, farewell…" Igor waved goodbye as Yu began to dose off again.

Yu woke up again but this time, he woke up at his seat in the train he was in. 'what the hell? So this is how my year is going to be…a bad future will happen if I don't figure out this mystery in Inaba huh?' Yu thought as the train stopped.

"Yasoinaba, Yasoinaba."

The attendances said while about 10 people started to stand up and grabs their bags, as did Yu. He started to have flashbacks from the announcement his homeroom teacher said. He wonders about his friends at his old college. He walks out of the train station, looking for his uncle.

"Hey over here." Said a man with a cigarette in his mouth. "Well, you're more handsome in person than in your photo. Welcome to Inaba. I'm Ryotaro Dojima. I'll be looking after you. Let's see… I'm your mother's younger brother…and that about sums it up." His uncle says as he smiles, looking at his nephew he hasn't seen since he was in diapers.

"Nice to meet you Uncle." Yu says to his uncle.

"You probably don't remember but I used to change your diapers. Oh that's right, come on Nanako say hi to your cousin." His uncle taps her back to the little girl can say hi.

"Um…'lo" Nanako said shyly, his uncle started to chuckled.

"What're you so shy for?" he asks her which made her a little mad as she hit his back. "Ow, hahaha. Well then… let's get going, my car is over there." Dojima pointed out a red SUV indicating it's his car. They started to walk but Yu's bag bumped into a unfriendly-looking girl.

"…Hey," she said as Yu turned around to see what's up. She picked up a sheet of paper "You dropped this." She says, giving back Yu's paper.

"Thanks." He smiled as he took back his paper that had his uncle's address.

"Whatever, all I did was pick it up." The girl says as she leaves Yu alone. He hears his uncle as he got into his SUV.

Dojima drove for about 30 minutes, as he had to stop a gas station. Nanako had to use the restroom. Dojima was talking to the gas attendant about what he wanted to use for gas. He left to smoke a cig and that left Yu alone with the young man. "You a student?" he asks Yu.

"Uh…yeah I'm starting as a freshmen this year." Yu said to the gas attendant. They continued to talk for about 5 minutes but the gas attendant forgot he was suppose to fill the gas tank up, so he and Yu shook hands and got back to work.

Yu started blur out for some reason. He thought of it as his way of getting used to it but he doesn't know. Once his uncle and cousin came back, they asked if he was ok, but he doesn't know so he said he need to walk around a bit. As he was walking down the new streets where he was going to live, he notice a lot of stores are closed and some are still open, he also notice a brother and sister fighting about some dessert. After feeling better, he return to his uncle and cousin so he can set things up for his new life in Inaba for the whole year.

As he was getting things out of the boxes when he got home, he keeps on thinking about what Igor said 'a great catastrophe is imminent, a great mystery here at Inaba. Well I hope it isn't any drastic.' Yu thought as he looked at the clock, it is 10:45 PM, Yu thought it would be time for him to get some sleep for his first day at the Inaba college he was in.

Around 12:50 AM, Yu had a bizarre dream where he was fighting a shadow of himself.

"Come on is that the best you can do?" his shadow mocked him as they clashed swords again, Yu kept on thinking on how his shadow fights his style when he was a kid.

'There's no way he can't be me but how does he know my personal style of fighting?' Yu thought as fights his so called shadow.

Yu thought it was almost impossible for him to beat his shadow as he realize one move his master always beats him with, Yu hit his shadow with his right elbow into a knee into the stomach, his sword started to grow electricity around the blade so he thought of a fierce uppercut he called 'Big Gamble', as he was in the air he could feel a different presence around him that feels similar to his friends back home but he ignore it as it manifested into what would be his future persona and a tarot card named 'the fool' appeared into left hand, he crushed the card as he said "Ziodyne!" a massive lightning strike struck his shadow, disappearing into thin air.

He wonders what this meant as a mask appeared in front of him. The masked looked bizarre to him as he examined the mask; it had for 4 holes by the lower mouth, yellow eyes that almost look like his eye for some reason to him, what it appears to be white horns around the top part of the mask and a white strands strings and the back of the mask. He felt that he needed to wear the mask and he did, feeling that this is a part of him and he knew it would make things clear in the future as he started to feel drowsily and collapses on the floor.

It is now 7:00 Am and Yu wakes up from the sounds of something downstairs. He gets dressed into his new student uniform for the college he was in and goes downstairs to see what's that noise.

He notices the noise was his younger cousin making breakfast, "You made this Nanako?" he asks her looking at the food she made. "Yeah, since dad woke up earlier, I woke up to and started to make breakfast since dad doesn't know how to cook so I decided to make some for him." She said smiling at him at her 'work'.

"Nice work Nanako." Yu says as he helped Nanako with putting the dishes away before he started to eat breakfast.

After eating breakfast, Yu walked his cousin to school before he went his school. Nanako gave him directions as she entered her school, leaving Yu to head to school now even though it was raining until noon. He saw his new life ahead of him, YasoInaba college, where he will make friends and a new stories for the mysteries he will see in the near future.

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