Code Geass R2 rewritten

Turn 5

Hey Guy, The reason why I put Code Geass on Hiatus is because of School and work but the big reason is the death of my Great-grandmother on my Mother's side and it was a big lost to them so I decided to put the story on hold and spend some time with my mom and all. I hope you all understand and heres Turn 5. Enjoy and review.

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Code Geass R2: Rewritten
Turn 5:The Knights

September 2nd, 8:49 PM: Chinese Consulate

The Black Knights, all core members, were rescued safely thanks to their masked leader, Zero. Most of the members hugged their members that managed to survive last years battle. "Long Live the Black Knights. Hip Hip Hooray!" Tamaki said happily as he tossed up his prison uniform up in the air, followed by the other prisoners.

Kallen was with Ohgi, talking about her role in the rescue of their leader and the others. "How did you get Zero back anyway?" Ohgi asks.

"Well, I actually know when he wants to gamble. Urabe, C.C. and myself are the only ones that know his true face since Zero had amnesia due to last year and he was a some what a prisoner to the emperor with his OSI agents looking after him." Kallen explained.

"Oh, well at least you rescued him, that's all that counts." Ohgi scratched his head as he continues his conversation with Kallen.

Tohdoh was talking with Urabe by a pond by the Chinese Consulate "It's good to see you sir." Urabe says as he shakes hands with his commander.

"You as well Urabe. I take it that you, Kozuki and C.C took measures to get Zero back." Tohdoh says as he gazes in the pond.

"Yes sir, everything went smoothly. Encountered some OSI agents apparently but thanks to Zero's leadership and planning, we managed to survive and thanks to Kozuki, I managed to survive from a onslaught of Knightmare Frames." Urabe replies as he skips a stone in the pond, the two continued to talk while Nagisa was staring at the two men.

'I wonder if I should tell him.' Nagisa thought of as Asahina walks by.

"You should tell him." he says, causing Nagisa to be spook of the idea.

"What?" she questions while trying to regain her composure.

"Come on Nagisa, most of us know you have a thing for the commander." Asahina smirks as Nagisa's cheeks began to glow red.

Inside the Consulate

Lelouch took off his mask and place it on the desk, after rescuing the core members and the soldiers, Lelouch had to wear the mask until it was about later today. Whipping off the sweat of his face, he was thinking on how to get Nunnally back from his father and his 'friend' The Knight of Seven, Suzaku Kururugi. He continues on thinking of a plan when C.C. opened the door.

"What is it?" He asks.

"I felt like annoying is all. Plus you still have to make your speech." C.C. deadpan.

"Is that so? Or is it that you feel lonely C.C." Lelouch smirks but C.C. didn't faze.

"Please child. You are only my accomplice in this matter. You should know this by now." C.C. said, deadpan again.

Kallen soon enters the room to asks what's their next plan, Lelouch informs her and tells some part of his incomplete plans. They continue to talk for about 30 minutes, thinking of each of their steps so they can once again, be the number one threat in destroying the Britannian Empire. While they were talking, C.C. was having some fun, making fun of Kallen on their date she heard of. This irritated her as the two continue to argue with each other while Lelouch was powerless in this situation and he leaves the room so they can deal with this on their own but he grabs his Zero mask so he can make his announcement to his soldiers.

Everyone in the yard was filled with every member of the Black Knights, everyone was in a conversation until the door opens, revealing their leader, Zero. The crowd went quietly real quick as they all ran towards the door, wanting answers from what has happened a year ago.

"Zero!" They all yelled as they wonder why he abandoned the final mission. Nagisa never trusted Lelouch/Zero ever since the JLF was destroyed and they were now part of the Black Knights.

"Zero...I'm grateful that you saved us but there one thing on my mind. WHY DID YOU LEAVE THE FINAL FIGHT?!" Nagisa demanded from him as well as the others.

"Nagisa...what does it mean to be Japanese?" Zero question with a philosophy question, Nagisa couldn't answer it as she was questioning it herself.

"Zero. Was this part of your plan?" Tohdoh asks as he walks towards him.

"Yes. Even though I kept this secret, this was the best plan." Zero said calmly.

"I see." Todoh walks up and faces his comrades. "Even now we all hold secrets, we must trust our leader in this time." Tohdoh declared, some were iffy about it Ohgi supported his comrade, some were having a change of heart as they all yelled, thanks to Tamaki.

"Zero! Zero! Zero!" They all shouted as the war will continue against Britannia.

Later that Night

Everyone was having the time of their lives, people were drinking until they pass out, some were playing poker, darts and other games.

Tohdoh and the other members of the holy sword turn it in for the night as well as Ohgi and some of the others, Tamaki on the other hand was partying his brains out with the new members, C.C for some reason decided to drink a lot of liquor. Sure she is immortal but that doesn't she still feels the same effect like most of the humans.

Zero sees her and places her arm around his shoulders and he drags her to their room. "Geez...C.C. you should not drink with Tamaki." He lectured her but she was too drunk for a immortal witch. 'Looks like she'll be like this for at least in hour, time for her bedtime.' he thought as he places her in the queen size bed. C.C. sees this and gets close to Lelouch's face since he too it off while they were in their room.

"Don't be such a party pooper, Lulu." C.C. slurred her words as he puts her hands around his neck. "I bet you like to kiss me." She again slurred her words and places a kiss on his lips. Lelouch was shocked as he didn't know if he should kiss back. He tries to withdrew his lips but C.C. was too strong for Lelouch.

They end up having a make out session for about 10 minutes, they end the kissing with both of them needing some air. "C.C. you shouldn't have done that with your state." He scowled her but he wasn't mad for some reason.

"Don't worry boy, It'll take a lot of alcohol to get me drunk, I decided to act like I was." C.C. smirks as this left Lelouch stunned. "Plus, shouldn't you get ready for your date with Kallen?"

'Looks like I was wrong, it'll take about 15 minutes for her to regain her common sense. Note to self: Make sure she doesn't get one beer.' he continues to think and gets out of his Zero costume and changes into his student uniform and goes to see Kallen. (Chapter10)

After his Date with Kallen, Lelouch got a vision that Suzaku was going to be part of his class again. 'Looks like I have to make sure not to draw suspension to him and got to tell Rolo to act normal around him since he was with the OSI. As he entered his room, he spots a familiar person, sleeping in his bed. "Milly?" He says quietly and shakes her a bit but she was a heavy sleeper when they were kids.

"Lelouch..." She muttered in her sleep and clutches the pillow.

'Wonder what's on her mind?' He tries to think of possible situations but couldn't get one to click but his mind went blank as he felt a her hand around his wrist.

"Please dont...die." She had a tear in her left eye and he whips the tear away.

"I promise...I promise I won't die, I promise to change the world for everyone." He mutters quietly as he decides to take off his left contact, revealing his geass. "Even if it means I have to become something more then a demon." he kisses Milly forehead and sleeps on his chair as a gentlemen should.

Milly's Dream, Milly's POV

After seeing the demon emperor conquer the world, the news was covering everything after the Battle of Damocles couple months ago. Everyone was scared if they would defy the Holy Britannian Empire. I didn't know how to take this all in as I was a friend to the 'Demon Emperor' Lelouch Vi Britannia, the former prince of Britannia turn Emperor after the mysterious death of his father.

Everyone was busy as ever with the news covering the public execution of the Black Knights. We all see the prisoners publicly being transported with Lelouch overseeing everything including 3 Vincent mass production seeing the road up ahead.

Everything was going as he plan but Zero suddenly appeared right in front of them and he starts sprinting so fast it was inhuman of a person to do some so. He climbs the 1st Knightmare in front of him and he dashes towards Lelouch.

Jeremiah aka Orange decided to take care of him but Zero just jumped on his shoulder and he continue to jump towards Lelouch and he does. The emperor drew out his pistol only to disarm him and stabbing him close to his heart.

'Lelouch!' I continue to see my friend die while I covered my mouth in horror. I couldn't bring any words out of my mouth as I could only see. I started to cry for my first friend that I made, as he dies in front of his little sister.

September 3rd: 8:30 A.M.,Ashford Academy.

Milly wakes up so see Lelouch sleeping on his chair. Sleeping while he was in his uniform, Milly walks towards him without waking him up since today was a late start for class. Milly kisses his forehead and smiles that her dream was just a illusion like most dreams are. 'Glad that it was just a dream.' Milly says in her head as she quietly leaves the room without anyone seeing her.

Shirley was awake as she usually puts out the student news paper only in the second floor. She was close to Lelouch's room and she decided to see if he was a awake. She quietly enters the room to see a messy room, some of the homework was scattered around the living room but it was mostly organized. She goes into his room to see Lelouch sleeping on his chair with his hair covering his left eye. She walks towards him, trying not to wake him up. She started to blush since this was the first time in months that she as close really close.

'I hope one day that you will be able to return my feelings, Lulu.' She wanted her dream to come true like most school girls wish for: Their high school crush becoming their real life soul mate. She too kisses him but on the cheek since she was a little bit nervous on kissing her crush. She looks at her watch and she leaves to continue delivering news papers for the classes.

10:30 A.M., Homeroom

Lelouch decided to attend homeroom the first time in months, some were wondering where does he go for the first couple periods of class while most of the girls were daydreaming about him.

"All students, today we have a new student enrolling with us. Could you please come in?" Villetta asks the student to come in, the student was none other then Suzaku Kururugi.

Some of the students were wondering why Suzaku "The White Death" to come to their school. Suzaku focuses on Lelouch, his best friend/greatest enemy. Both of them were clutching their hands since they both have to keep an eye out for each other: Suzaku was making sure Lelouch wasn't Zero again and Lelouch was to make sure he doesn't get caught.

"Sir Suzaku Kururugi was assigned to Area 11 again so he decided to roll in for school work when he is not on duty. Why don't you take the empty seat next to Lelouch." She says and asks Suzaku to take a seat and he nods and walks towards him.

"'Suzaku, were my first real friend. But...'

The war tore us...'

'The second pacific war, the conflict in which Britannia took control over Japan.'

'After it's defeat, Japan became a area colony of Britannia.'

'I was abandoned by my homeland and sought vengeance against that man.'

'I was forced to abandoned by my homeland and sought to change things from within.'

'When we were reunited, we were once enemies and friends.'

'Although I was Japanese, I was also a Britannian Soldier.'

'I was Zero, the man that makes Miracles. We both hid our true identities from each other.'

"We fought each other, trying to best each other and secure a victory for our respective sides.'

'Those were our true memories.'

'The Emperor used his geass and gave Lelouch a different role from me having to escort him during the E.U. war couple months ago. After his usefulness, The emperor wrote three things in Lelouch.'

'Nunnally, my only little sister.'

"His memories as Zero.'

'And I, was the former prince of Britannia.'

"And so...The two of us...'

"Welcome back...its been awhile." Lelouch faked smiled at Suzaku.

"Glad to be back. Missed things here." Suzaku also faked smiled at Lelouch.

"Suzaku! It feels like forever." Shirley happily says as she hold his hands.

"Dude! How was traveling the world!" Rivalz put Suzaku in a friendly hold around his neck.

"Suzaku here?!" Milly ran towards Lelouch's homeroom.

"Madam President, Class is in session." Lelouch jokes and heres a lecture from Milly. 'You screwed up Suzaku. When you heard the name Lelouch, you walked into my side. In other words, you acted as if you knew me. Hopefully Rolo is acting normal, so that doesn't bite me in the ass.' he said in his head, trying to figure out a plan.

Ashford Gardens: 12:00 PM

Lelouch was having lunch with his friends, including Rolo and Suzaku.

"So thats how everyone left, some decided to stay, even through the war." Shirley explained to Suzaku while Lelouch was in deep thought.

"So that's explains why I don't recognized everyone. I thought that they would just forget by accident." Suzaku was kind of sad that most of the students he remembered was back in the homeland.

"Hey you saw Zero face! Who was he?" Rivalz wanted to know.

"Was he really a girl?" Milly asks

"Was it prince Clovis?" Rivalz added.

"Or was it prince from a far off land?" Shirley also questioned.

"I don't think he can tell. From what I can think, it's probably top secret" Lelouch tells the three students, who were kind of let down.

"He's right. I can't reveal anything that is top secret. Sorry guys." Suzaku apologizes to them. And he feels a familiar pain as he sees a cat biting his fingers.

"Arthur?" Both of the girl see their favorite Suzaku finger-biting cat.

"You brought him with you? Well that explains why you have a thing with cats." Lelouch jokes.

Secret OSI Office underneath Ashford Academy, 1:30 PM

Suzaku was having a meeting with Villetta and Rolo.

"Was he acting different around my lord?" Villetta asks.

"No...not especially."

"Then were can confirm that he hasn't gotten memories back." Viletta said.

"Hang on Miss Villetta, we need to still need to investigate a bit more." Suzaku wanted to see this through.

"Are saying that you don't trust our surveillance?" Rolo asks

"There's still a matter of C.C. Continue your role as his little brother." Suzaku says to Rolo.

'Yes, M'lord." Rolo replied as his eyes were still under Lelouch's geass, Suzaku didn't notice at all.

"Don't forget, the student council is planning to through you a welcome back party. Make sure that he is still the same." Villetta says and orders.

"Sure thing. Seems things are the same with Milly." Suzaku mutters.

Ashford Academy Gate, 1:45 PM

Lelouch was with Rolo at the gate where Lelouch geassed a fellow 'Teacher' to make sure things are the same and they are in class. He tells Rolo his plans for the upcoming 2nd War with Britannia and he walks with Rolo explaining more of his plan on the way.

Britannian Area 11 HQ, 2:00 PM

"This is happening all around Area 11 from Kyoto, Osaka, Shinjo, Wakayama, and Hiroshima." Edgar reported.

"Things are going bad after Zero's resurrection so to speak. Everything's going to hell at this point." Claudio says.

"Just when we finally got things peaceful here, this shit happens again." Edgar sounded distasteful of everything that has happen.

"Maybe so. This also may have to deal with Lord Guildford's disappearance." Claudio reasons with his brother. Things started to crumble down as they felt a explosion in the building.

"Emergency! Unknown Enemy aircraft inside the building!" The announcer says as they were wondering what is going on.

"How can that be! This government bureau controls all of Area 11!" Edgar yells as they run towards their Knightmare frames.

An unknown pilot was having some fun while he was seeing the bureau. 'Got to admit, this is actually fun. These guys are sloppy when they can defend this building well.' the blonde haired pilot thought as he sees Sutherland's start firing at him. 'Looks like I was a bit hasty.' As he flies perfectly while dodging the bullets.

The pilot sees two custom Sutherland Knights in front of him.

"Who ever you are. This ends right here!" Claudio says as he puts on his mask.

"That looks pitiful, your Knightmare's armaments show that you care about protecting his building, rather than your own lives." The pilot said through his speakers as he changes his Knightmare into its true form.

'No way! So, this is the one of the rounds.' Edgar thought as he witness the transformation.

"So this is what we are dealing with. The Variable Knightmare Frame: Tristan. You must be Gino Weinberg, The Knight of three." Claudio says through his speakers.

"You are correct, I want to see what you guys are made of." Gino says as he gets his Knightmare frame into fighting position.

"Very well. We accept your challenge. We won't let this go unanswered!" Claudio says as Edgar and himself charge at Gino.

"Don't hold back!" Gino says.

The Knightmares were engaged in their duel. Claudio was a far more better than his brother, Edgar who lost his Knightmare's head.

'Damnit Edgar, you always lose your cool in these kind of moments.' Claudio thought as Gino's Knightmare blocks their attacks with his duel scythe.

"Gino! That's enough!" Suzaku yells so Gino can hear him.

"Lord Kururugi?" Claudio and Edgar see the Knight of Seven walking towards them with his cat.

"Hey Suzaku!" Gino happily says as he gets out of his Knightmare.

"Gino, I thought you would be here with the Lancelot?" Suzakus asks his fellow Knight of the round.

"Earl Aspland is coming by next week and you know how impatient I am." Gino reasons with him. "Also, why are you wearing a school uniform?"

"I came here from school at Ashford Academy." Suzaku replies.

"Very fashionable." Gino jokes around him.

"Gino, I know you came from a noble family but could you act normal? Also your quite heavy." Suzaku tries to get Gino off of him as he sees another familiar Knightmare.

"Is it over?" Said a girl in a monotone voice.

"Anya? You brought the Mordred here too?" Suzaku asks.

"Is it over?" Anya asks again in the same monotone voice.

"Yup. Suzaku made me end it." Gino replies. This saddens Anya as she closes her voice journal.

'We should have enough firepower to fight back. In three days Lelouch, at the welcoming party.' Suzaku thought.

End of Turn 5

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