Code Geass R2 rewritten

Turn 5.5

Hey guys, Flipkicks here and I bring you part 2 of turn 5. I hope you all enjoy the part 2.

P.S. I posted another Code Geass story called Creeds Orders as a side story to keep me occupied and focus on both stories even with my other stories. I hope I didn't confuse those who checked out the other story.

Code Geass R2 Rewritten
School Festival

September 3rd, 10 A.M., Ashford Academy

Today was more lively then ever, Milly had planned out the whole day for everyone to have a fun time with Suzaku being back here. Everyone in the entire school was pinching in, well they were forced by Milly since she is the grand daughter of the principle of the whole school. Everyone from freshmen to seniors were put in team to create something new and fresh with Milly being in charge of everything.

Lelouch was in his room, contemplating with ideas to get Suzaku off of him, hoping he doesn't suspect him with his true memories. He made a phone call to Ohgi earlier in the morning and tells him to tell Lelia she is in charge until he comes back with an idea that will turn the war in their favor.

Once everything was settled, he had to go to the announcement room since today was the welcome back party for Suzaku. He had to put on a weird necklace around him because of Milly's orders and he get his now 'geassed' brother and the two head to the announcement room.

'I hope Leila nows my plans by now. Thanks to the info she gathered couple months back during the E.U. War, I'll suspect that my brother Schneizel to be in Europe, trying to clean out the W-0 from hiding but he won't find them there as I already got them here in Area 11 in our laboratory with Rakshata and her crew to develop better Knightmare frames for us an build the Alexander models I've seen. Hopefully the events I've been getting frequently in my dreams all change. This war is all mine to take now.' Lelouch evilly smirks as he continues to think.

Once he and Rolo enter the room, they only see Shirley and Milly there. "Thank god your here Lelouch." Milly got up all happily and Lelouch felt something real bad coming up in her head.

"Ah crap..." Lelouch muttered.

"Will you ever tell your feelings to our true love? I wonder if you tell me you have feelings for me.." Milly used her flirty/teasing voice as Shirley began to fume because of her best friend joking around her crush.

"Milly!" Shirley yelled at her best friend.

"Oh relax Shirley! You get all tense whenever I use Lelouch." Milly began her teasing as Suzaku came in. He senses the bad feeling and tries to get out of there before Lelouch grabbed him.

"Oh no you don't! You are gonna suffer the teasing like I am." Lelouch pulls him in, even with his weak strength.

"Ok OK!" Suzaku was surprised with Lelouch's strength. "Lelouch, When did you get this strong?"

"You be surprise whenever Milly does these tricks." He said to him.

"Oh I see.."

"You don't have to speak behind my back Lelouch when I'm right here boys." Milly pouted as she placed her hands and her hips.

"But you know it's true." Lelouch retorted back.

"Yeah yeah...Suzaku you need to put this on." Milly placed a necklace of sorts around Suzaku. "You're the guest of honor and you have to make the announcement." She smiles at her friends and activates the P.A system. "Attention Everyone! The guest of Honor would like to make an announcement!" Milly turn to Suzaku.

"Looks like I don't have a choice." Suzaku said with a half fake smile.

"You don't. Milly makes up all the rules here." Lelouch says back.

"Alright guys." Suzaku brings up the microphone as he inhales, "MEOW!" The announcement causes the confetti to explode everywhere, starting the school festival for the Knight. Every student was occupied with being a vendor, a show case vendor or helping out the student council. Rivalz was currently in the basement of the school looking for the old Knightmare Frame, Milly was bossing the students for either fun or seriously. Shirley had to go back to the swim club as she was a maid. Lelouch was in a nearby makeshift cabin for him and Rolo to scour the potatoes.

"Hey Lelouch, are theses appropriate?" The geassed Rolo acted normal but nobody knows besides Lelouch.

"That's Milly for ya. She likes events like this, probably over compositing for last year's event. You remember?" Lelouch continues to cut the potatoes. While They continue to cut the potatoes, Lelouch looked at the corner of his eye and spotted Suzaku giving him the death look while Arthur was biting his right hand. He then leaves the scene as he was the guest of honor, Lelouch just smirks as he can now act freely while Suzaku isn't watching him. "Rolo, here's the plan..."

Elsewhere with Gino and Anya

Gino and Anya were currently taking a walk around Ashford Academy. Gino was fascinated as he never seen a school this big since he just arrived to Area 11. Gino was being stared at by the female student body, while Anya on the other hand was being stared at by some of the male student body.

"Hey Anya, what you think of the school layout? We've been walking for about 45 minutes even though we haven't seen the rest of the school." Gino asks his best friend.

"Everything feels boring." Anya deadpanned and Gino was shocked to hear 'Boring' out of Anya's mouth.

"Really Anya?! That's a first time you use boring in a sentence." Gino jokes as they continue their walk at the front entrance. "Hey Anya, check this out." He pointed out oil griller where they see some of Chinese sugar doughnuts being made in front of them.

"Recorded" Anya looked through her camera/phone(?).

'She sure loves her phone.' Gino thought as he stood up, "Well, we got the whole day to check out this campus. Where should we check out?"

With Rivalz

Rivalz was in his chef attire as he looks for the 'ancient' Knightmare Frame that was stored in the basement of Ashford Academy.

"Alright, I'm down here in the basement. Milly you know where the shed is down here?" Rivalz takes out his flashlight and looks out for the shed.

{I think so. Go to your left then open the door on your right.} Milly answers through the walkie-talkie.

"Alright, I think I see it." Rivalz sees the door with the sign 'Do Not Enter Unless Student Council'. "Showtime." Rivalz grew a smile on his face and opens the door.

With Lelouch

"Alright Lelia, make contact with cell block F and hopefully our contact is there in Kyushu." Lelouch said through his cellphone while he is walking through the scratched wall.

{Understood. I'll be there around 30-45 minutes due to traffic restrictions.} Lelia fixes her hair as she get's dress in a more civilian attire.

"Good. Contact me when the deed is done. Make sure Diethard knows as well and make sure Rakshata is there." Lelouch walked towards the railing and sees a familiar green haired woman he knows too well. 'She wouldn't!' He thought as he ran towards the nearby stairs to get her.

As C.C. was walking, she ran into Rivalz, who was handing out fliers for the giant pizza event later on today.

"Hope you come to see the world's largest pizza!" Rivalz continues to hand out fliers.

"Do you have information about it?" C.C. asks him.

"Of course!" He hands her the flier and runs off.

"Hey! What do you think your doing?!" Lelouch ran up to her as he was now out of breath.

"I'm looking for something I haven't in the past." C.C. said monotone.

" Come on." Lelouch put a bag on her face so no in, including Suzaku, would know.

"My my Lelouch, you are sure know act like a little devil." C.C. teased him.

"Shut up. Don't you know the situation your in?"

"The emperor is looking for me while using you as the bait." C.C. walks freely without the eyes on them.

"Yeah...Suzaku is here, along with another person or people, especially a woman I can't use my geass on." He clutches his left fist in his pockets.

With Shirley

The maids in the swim club house, Shirley was having the most fun out of it since she managed to convince Villetta to join them.

'Who would have thought I convince her to join us.' Shirley happily thought as she continued to clap.

"From pretty girls." The brunette girl smiled.

"To sexy grown up women," The black haired girl present Villetta to the crowd, who had a bad smile on her face.

"Welcome to the Swim Club Cafe where you get exactly what you want!" The team said in unison as the crowd got hype and confetti exploded in the pool.

'I swear Shirley you'll die a 1,000 deaths for this." Villetta's right eye began to twitch as she had no choice in the matter.

With Suzaku and Milly

Suzaku was writing down the schedule down that Milly gave him while Milly was patting Arthur.

"The confirm the Guren Mk II is at the Chinese consulate, meaning Kallen is there for now." Suzaku continues to write down.

"I's hard to judge her, they are called resistance fighters." She said sadly and there was a awkward silence "So, how are things with Nina?" Milly started the conversation.

"She's doing fine, she presented a thesis at the science convention." Suzaku said with a half hearted smile on his face.

"Any thing on Lloyd?" She asks him.

"Nothing. Sorry if there isn't Milly." Suzaku stopped his writing as he looked back at her.

"It's not a problem Suzaku. I mean he was probably over worked and he had to put off the wedding with me in school and all." She forced a smile on her face.

"The thing with him is that there is SO many things wrong with him." Suzaku was gonna continue but with him waving the feathered pen he had caught Arthur's attention and he jumped at him and running away with the pen. "Arthur! That was from Euphy!" He started to chase after him.

"Suzaku WAIT! Your the guest of HONOR!" Milly began her chase for the Knight in her outfit as she dropped the checklist. After they disappeared, Gino appeared and picked up the checklist.

'Route for giant pizza?' Gino looked at the list an smirks as he had a plan.


Lelouch was walking with C.C., but she was now teasing him to no end. She just love doing this to him now since his date with Kallen. Lelouch couldn't even ask about the emperor's geass.

"Damnit C.C. can't you act seriously about this!?" He started to get irritated with her.

"Sometimes you need to relax boy," C.C. smirks as Lelouch gives up. "Even though I may be a immortal witch, before I was gonna die when I was a teen like you: I had to live my life like anyone would before I received my code." C.C. tells him as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Code?" He begins to wonder what a 'code' she was referring to.

"This." She lifts up her bangs that covered her forehead, revealing the geass sigil on her forehead.

"So, I take it you received your code from another immortal person I take it." She nods, "Was your geass fully matured?" She nods again.

"Yes. When your geass fully matures, it'll be fully activated on Both of your eyes." Lelouch was confuse, "Yours isn't fully matured because you only awaken half of your matured geass. The contact I made you makes sure you don't purposely don't use you geass."

"I see. But why was the emperor's geass when I was taken, fully awaken. He was able to use his geass on both of his eyes without having to wear a contact like myself. Something doesn't add up C.C." Lelouch tells his immortal witch.

"Well you are correct if something is with the emperor's geass is fully matured, he should have his geass activated fully."

"Did you give him his geass?"

"Please, like I would give him something this god-like power."

"Then who is the one that gave him geass?"

"V.V." She muttered to him.

"V.V.?" He began to wonder who this V.V. person is.

"He was also the one who told Suzaku about geass and how he was able to deduce your Identity as Zero last year." She crossed her arms and leaned on the railing on the truck full of diced tomatoes.

"I see..." Lelouch closed his eyes and he started to think.

"You don't have to dove into this further you know." She looked at him.

"I'm already too far in this matter C.C., you already know that by now." He then wraps his arms around her waist and she places her arms around his neck.

"I know that by now. But there's no turing back." He then leans forward before C.C. began to kiss the fallen prince of Britannia. They stayed like that for awhile, not giving a care in the world but there was a familiar Orange haired girl that had a huge crush on the fallen prince.

"Lulu!" Shirley yelled as she was trying to find him. This caused the make-out couple to stopped and he had to hurry for 20 seconds.

"Don't you..." C.C. was about to say

"Sorry." He pushed her into the truck quickly.

"Oh there you are." Shirley spotted the raven haired teen.

"What''s up Shirley?" Lelouch pressed the closed button so the rooftop shuts.

"I have a little problem so I thought you can help me. Miss Villetta seems to be avoiding me and...oh your by yourself?" She was confuse when she sees him.

"Yeah why?"

"I thought you were talking to someone."

"Nope. Just the two of us." He assured her.

'Just the two of us...maybe I can tell him about my feelings for him.' She grew a small blush on her face, "So" She looks up to see Lelouch being 'eaten' by a mascot.

"Sorry...I couldn't quiet catch that." He said to her, but it was kallen in her training gear, consist of a black on black tank top and bottoms. 'What are you doing here? If you get spotted." He whispered to her.

"Don't worry I came to get pizza girl here." She whispers to him.

"Fine. She's in here with the tomatoes, take the whole container and have Tohdoh and Ohgi command the...ARGh!" Lelouch was being pulled by a surprisingly strong Shirley out of the mascots mouth and he was tossed towards the ground.

"Who's in there being so rude?" She stared at the mascot.

"How undignified. That hurt also." Lelouch began to rub his back.

"Will you saying something?!" She began to pull on the mascots head and it started to resist.

'If I say something, she'll figure out who I am.' Kallen began to fight back at a surprisingly strong Shirley.

"Hey wait!" Shirley tries to pull the mascots head off but it managed to get away before she end up punching head, almost hitting Kallen's face.

"Shirley! Be careful with that!" Lelouch warns her as Suzaku and Milly appeared.

"Hey Lelouch!"

"Did you see Arthur?"

"He took a very important quill pen from me and..." He was gonna continue but there was a lot of stomping inside the truck.

"Is Arthur in there?" Suzaku asked.

N-NO! Cat's and tomatoes don't mix." Lelouch tries to make an excuse but it was already too late as the 1st gen Knightmare Frame: The Ganymede, was active.

"Your suppose to start with this right?" Gino asks through the comm.

"Gino! What are you doing here?" Suzaku was surprise to hear Gino in the Frame.

"Yeah! This commoner's school is something else Suzaku!" Gino got more excited as he drove off with the truck of diced tomatoes.

"Damnit Wait!" Lelouch ran off and everyone followed suit and it didn't take that long for them to find Arthur, who is currently running for his own life.

10 minutes later

Rivalz was hyping up the crowd as best as he could. Everyone was waiting patiently for the tomatoes to arrive.

Arthur was still running for his life with Gino unknowingly chasing him. "Ok...can't believe this vintage frame is handling so nicely." He looks at the screen, "Ok...route route is now set. Shake time!" With a few twist and turns on the controls, the frame began to shake the tomatoes with C.C. inside.

'You owe me Lelouch!' C.C. thought of as she was being shake. Everyone that was chasing the frame were still running with Lelouch falling behind of everyone, including Milly in her outfit.

" Pant...Pant...I'm...not...cut out...for this shit..." Lelouch kneeling as he sees his friends way ahead of him.

[Over there! The Knight Of Seven, Suzaku Kururugi has arrived along with our Andy's ultimate tomatoes!] Rivalz said through the speaker, but he sees Suzaku running towards them and grabs Arthur before he would have become road killed. 'Wait...if Suzaku's there, who's piloting the Ganymede' Rivalz thought.

"There's someone else piloting here!" Gino singingly said as he parked the frame next to the giant dough. Lelouch managed to run towards the roof of the main school and put's his headset on.

[Team Leader one, Face forward on the roof!] Lelouch ordered.

[Yes, what is it Vice President?] A raven haired teenager asks him.

'C.C. is gonna kill me if she doesn't get her slice.' [Deploy system: Alpha!] He removed his left contact, activating his geass at the teenager.

"Deploying system: Alpha." He repeated and pressed the firework system and getting everyone's attention, Shirley, Kallen tripped when they saw the fireworks, Kallen managed to keep her head as she was bumped with Villetta. Gino was laughing his ass off while he was covering his eyes, nobody saw C.C landed and she managed to getaway from the scene.

"HAHAHAHA! Whats the matter?! Did I really deserve the fireworks now?" Gino continued to laugh. Shirley was confuse on where she was, she heard a weird sound and spotted the Knight of Six taking a picture of her.

"Recorded. Thank you miss." Anya monotone thanked her.

"No problem." She was confuse. Suzaku was holding Arthur in his hands as he was more confuse then ever.

"Oh ok...what just happen?"

"Well...these filers tend to happen. Guess theres nothing wrong with that." She smiled happily.

On the roof

"You owe me for this Lelouch." She deadpanned and ordered him.

"Don't worry, I used the fireworks system to get you out of there so I didn't need to use the bubble system here to get your pizza soggy." He continued to whip the sweat off of him.

"Hey Lelouch, I think I bumped into a teacher from the swim club. while the fireworks was active." Kallen tells him.

"I see. Did she see you without your head off? Was it Villetta that saw you?"

"She didn't see me without my head on but I do remember her coming here with Ohgi last year's event."

"Ohgi and Villetta huh? I guess my bribery is gonna work in the future. I wonder why he didn't tell me about her." Lelouch beings to think of many excuses but he couldn't get a correct guess.

"Can't be helped. You need to always keep your head in the game." C.C. said as she got closer to him, "You need to focus lover boy." She whispered to him.


Sept. 2nd, 4:25 PM, Chinese Consulate

After rescuing the Black Knights, Lelouch had to take care of something before he can continue on.

"Rolo, head back to Ashford. We need to take care of something." Lelouch ordered his geassed 'brother' through the comms.

"Understood, I'll be there at once." Rolo said as he drove ahead to Ashford. Lelouch smirks as he was ahead in his school life but with the OSI lurking around, he knew he had to take care of that first.

It took around 10 minutes or so as he entered the campus and heads towards the library where the secret elevator was. Once he was on the ground an heard Rolo talking with Villetta, he picked up the birthday present he had Rolo placed there in secret and entered the room.

"Hello Miss Villetta. The woman who was given the rank of Baron for asserting the true identity of Zero. But unknown to everyone, she was actually connected to the Black Knights." Lelouch said so calmly as he walked towards her.

"That's a lie! I wouldn't-" She was about to continue but she heard something.

"Kaname Ohgi. If word were to spread about your relationship, you'll lose your title you worked so hard to achieved. Why not be reborn someone new." Lelouch continued as he brought out the wine both Shirley and himself bought. "Oh yes...Happy birthday Miss Villetta." He smirks evilly as he just made checkmate.

Later that Night at Ashford Academy

Everyone was ballroom dancing with masks on so everyone didn't know who they were dancing except for Milly, Gino, Shirley and Rivalz. Milly was dancing with Gino, and she was smiling happily while Rivalz on the other hand looked depressed as he wasn't the one to dance with his long time crush. Milly was watching them dance as she only wanted to dance with Lelouch but he wasn't around them.

Lelouch was on the rooftop, talking on his cellphone with Xingke. {It seems I owe you another debt Xingke.}

{I simply used my diplomatic immunity. I wish not to get involve you Zero.}

{May I ask another favor of you?}

{If it's about joining the Black Knights, I decline.}

{I wish to get in contact with the High Eunuchs. Do I need to remind you of the upcoming wedding your people are having with the Holy Britannian Empire?} Lelouch knew he was close to checkmate on this case. After talking with Xingke, he took off the device on his phone and looked back at the dancing. 'Now, I need to take care of Suzaku and everything will go smoothly.'

"Lelouch." He turns his head to see Suzaku walking towards him.

"Shouldn't the guest of honor be down there with the others?" He faked smiled.

"I think I'm in the clear. Everyone seems to be fine without me there. Besides there's something I wish to discuss with you." He sounded professional.


"Yeah..I'm inspired to become the Knight Of One."

"Nice. That's the strongest title in the Britannian Empire." Lelouch had to sound surprise.

"The Knight Of One is bestowed the privilege to use one of the Britannian Areas for his own. I intend to get Japan back." He sounded more serious as he looked at Lelouch.

"Indirect ruling huh?"

"Yeah. Once I become the Knight Of One, there will be no more need of Zero and the Black Knights. I want to make sure I don't lose anymore friends and a precious woman, who can't be replaced." Lelouch had a feeling the special woman was his late half-sister, Euphy, who he had to kill due to his geass order. "You can ask this person. She's gonna be the next viceroy of Area 11 next week." He took out his cell and called the woman, "Its me. I'm here with him." He said to her as he gives Lelouch his cell.

"Oh wow, the viceroy." He actually sounded surprised and placed the phone on his ear.

"Hello big brother." The voice sounded so familiar to him and it shocked him to hear his real little sister.

End Turn

Hey guys sorry for the late post. The chapter was actually done couple days ago but I had to do a bunch of homework, work and continue writing my other chapters for my other stories. Please review on what you guys liked so far and what should be changed.

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