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Hey guys, Flipkicks here and today I bring you another chapter in Rewritten. Been having some creative differences since changing the timeline of some events, characters death, and others. I hope to hear some of you feedback cause I can really use the help. Let's get this story rolling.

I know you guys wanted to know what is going to happen to this story but don't worry it won't be cancelled as I want to give you guys a better ending then the Anime even though that's saying a lot.

I've been writing my other stories which you can check out in my profile and see the others including Creed's Order: my second Code Geass Fanfic, The Black Heir: my Code Geass and Princess Lover crossover, which is also the first crossover I did.

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Code Geass R2: Rewritten
Turn 6: Depression and resolve

Time skip, September 23rd, 7:00 A.M., 2018 A.T.B

Ashford Academy Rooftops

After failing to get Nunnally from Britannia, even with the visions that can provide him some help, it didn't help the leader of Black Knights. Weeks has past by as Lelouch fell into a depression. He was powerless, he couldn't do anything as his little sister was being used as a puppet. The Black Knights being to wonder what happened to their masked leader but only C.C. would give them info regardless of Lelouch. His friends from the student council being to wonder why is he depress, especially Milly and Shirley. Even with all the teasing Milly always do, for some reason she do any teasing to him nor to Shirley.

Shirley was wondering why he's all down and depressed for some reason. Lelouch did attend school but he only appeared in only through 2nd period through 5th period. He skipped his duties as a student council member, only to roam the city. Seeing his sister's face through the TV's throughout the city. Kallen also begins to worry about his well being, as she felt it was her role to search for her friend and leader. After not helping to prevent Senba's death, Lelouch felt more responsible for their failure to get back his sister.

Lelouch looks through his phone, 7:10 A.M., class would be starting but its the early for the A.P. students so that means he has 30 minute's left for homeroom starts but like always, he decided to skip homeroom. He sends a text message to Rolo to tell Villetta that he won't be attending in person as he already gave him the homework he did in a matter of 10 minutes.

Milly begins to wonder why he's skipping class and not attending student council meetings. While she could sent Shirley so they can get close, she decided to figure out for herself why the ice prince is not here in person. She searched throughout his room, trying to figure out his disappearance act. She knows Lelouch too well as he and his 'brother' were 'adopted' by her family who were once a former ally to the deceased Marianne 'The Flash' Vi Britannia but she doesn't remember she was. With everyone in the Academy, their memories were rewritten thanks to Emperor Charles Zi Britannia.

"Guess I should hit the cafeteria for some breakfast." Lelouch muttered to himself as he get's up from his seat and heads downstairs to the cafeteria. As he walked down to the cafeteria, he didn't even looked up, not trying to start any conversations with any of the girls or the guys he called 'friend'. All eyes were on him, they all wonder how depress is the ice prince of the school. They all murmured, wondering where's he been to never seen him this depress before.

'Wish they would all disappear.' He darkly thought of the annoyance of the teenage population of the school. 'If only the see the truth, they could see it, nothing but lies. All these idiots wear a mask, trying to shield themselves from things they don't want to see. If only these mask were gone, they could see the truth.' He continues to think of the students as an annoyance as he enters the cafeteria and once again, he is the center of attention.

Shirley spots her crush entering the cafeteria. She begins to think of why he decided to come in, she got up and walks towards him but she stops as her vision become blurry, "There are things a woman might do." She hears the words but couldn't a clear picture but she can tell it's Lelouch due to seeing his eyes. He was the only one besides the emperor to have purple eyes. 'Why did I hear Lulu's voice?' She thought as she continues her walk to see her crush. She also saw in that vision a red haired teen that look vaguely familiar that she couldn't remember.

'Nunnally...' Lelouch thought over and over again, trying to figure out how to get his little sister out of the Imperial pendragon, but with terrorist strikes around the state, Britannia placed soldiers around the imperial pendragon's gates. Soldiers with one of the best rifles that can pierce through the armor shelling of the Knightmare Frame.

"Lulu!" Shirley gets the depressed attention for the first time.

"What is it Shirley?" He looks at orange haired teen.

"Everyone is wondering where you been?" She sounded very concerned for her crush and friend.

"Just wanted to be alone for awhile." Lelouch replies as he brushes her off as he went in to get some breakfast but Shirley soon follows him.

"Come on Lulu, we're worried about you. I'm worried about you." She murmured the last part to herself as Lelouch shows a half smile.

"Thanks Shirley. I'm alright, really. I need some space is all." He says.

"You know we're all here for you. You know that right." She shows a heartwarming smile as Lelouch got a chuckle out of it.

"I know Shirley. Thanks though." He smiles as her as he ruffles her hair, "Glad that I got someone like you in my life." He smiles as she blushes like a tomato, he got a chuckle out of it as she was about to pass out but Lelouch catches her before she was about to hit the floor. 'Geez...maybe that sounded a little bit too much for her. I almost sounded like a lover.' He thought as he got his breakfast and picked up Shirley so she was in class and so he can ditch homeroom.

Black Knight's secret base, 10 A.M.

Kallen was looking over the web, watching various news feeds with Nunnally giving her speech. Kallen worried if this was getting a way out of hand, driving her friend to 'the edge of the cliff' so to speak. Everyone wonders why she decided to reinstate the Special Administration Zone, the once promising to settle with the Japanese before the 'fallen' princess Euphemia, now known as the Massacre Princess of Britannia'. When Lelouch told her the truth behind the massacre, she couldn't fully blame the princess since Lelouch accidentally used his geass power on her. She is the only one besides C.C. to know about the truth.

"What are you going to do Lelouch..." She muttered to herself, with no one hearing the masked leader's true name. After they failed to get Nunnally, Kallen has been worried over Lelouch and his state of mind, not only losing some of his best soldiers and Senba, a member of the 4 Holy Swords. She would send text messages and made some phone calls to check up on him but she would received no call back or text.

As she was about to get some breakfast from the mess hall they were at, Kallen's vision became blur as she was seeing Lelouch up close and personal, "There are things...a woman can do." He said in the vision as she knew where he was going to be, the Tokyo Settlement: The Birth place of Zero and the start of the Black Knights. The building was in major construction for the past year after the first Black Rebellion.

"Leila." She says as she gets the blond aristocrat attention.

"What can I do for you Kallen?" She asks politely.

"I need you to take command for awhile, I need to search for our leader." Leila nods and salutes.

"Yes ma'am. Oh Kallen, Rakshata and my team finished the Alexander . Most of the features are the same, the armor is more reinforced than the first series, thermal vision and night vision for the Night Missions Zero ordered. Ejection seats were instead because of we didn't want our soldiers to commit a Kamikaze attack. The standard issued assault rifle has been modified to carry the heavy rounds." Lelia gave Kallen the data pad as she looks over it.

"That's good. Report this to Ohgi and have Akito train some of the recruits in the simulation." She orders as Lelia nods and heads to the west wing of the secret base they were currently at. Kallen went into her private room so she can change into a more fitting outfit. As she exits out of the room, She spots Ohgi and Tamaki leaning their arms on the railing, seeing the hidden submarine.

"I still don't trust those bastards, I don't want to be part of the same thing that the murder princess did last year." Tamaki angrily says as Ohgi nodded.

"I know what you mean. Who would have thought that this would be an attack from Britannia." Ohgi scratches his head.

"Let's leave this to Zero, once he comes back he'll know what to do." Kallen said less confident in her answer as Tamaki shook his head.

"He hasn't been here since the 3rd. He's been MIA for the past couple weeks." Tamaki replied back.

"But it's true." A young girl says as they turn their heads to see Lady Kaguya Sumeragi.

"Lady Kaguya?" They all said as this was the first time they all saw her since the Black Rebellion.

"Even with one Knightmare Frame, we still have hope...wait where's master Zero? Considering that his new wife awaits him eagerly, in fact he never wrote me a letter during my stay at the Chinese Federation." She looks around and doesn't see her future husband as she calls it. She pouts cutely as her husband isn't around.

"Maybe he..." Tamaki was about to say something but Kallen,

"Shut up Tamaki." She says angrily and calms down, turns around to Lady Kaguya, "It isn't like that." She tries to cover up to the young girl 'But I wish it was...' Her hidden thoughts about the raven haired teen came into her mind as she knew she was drawn into him.

"Don't worry about it Kallen, it doesn't matter to me." She says as Kallen was taken back by the girls remark, "The greatest men in history has a come to feminine charm. Grown up men basic physical needs." She smiles at the last part as Kallen started to blush from THAT remark.

"Lady Kaguya!" Kallen says as her cheeks begins to turn red.

"Thank goodness, your a lot more generous than you seem." C.C. enters the mess hall and Kaguya smiles.

"I appreciate that you kept Master Zero company while I was away Lady C.C." Kaguya offers a hand and C.C. accepts, shaking each others hands.

"Come here Kallen." Kaguya grabs Kallen's other hand and place her hand on top of C.C.'s "We 3 who support Master Zero." She says very happily, "That makes us the 3 ladies in his court."

'His court?' Both Kallen and C.C. were confuse on that remark.

"So where is Master Zero?" Kaguya asks.

"He's been MIA since trying to kidnapped the Viceroy, Nunnally Vi Britannia." Ohgi recalls the events and explains to Kaguya. Kallen then leaves the hidden base to find Lelouch.

Ashford Academy, 3:00 P.M.

The Student Council was preparing to get all their stuff for the class trip that would take up the rest of the break. They were having a idle chat but one thing was one their mind: Lelouch's disappearance act. They never seen him this depressed for anything, actually there wasn't anything to make him this depress. Shirley was worried because she was in mad love for him, they were each other's first kiss but only Lelouch remembers. Milly is also worried because she started to develop feelings for the ice prince.

"You think he's alright?" Rivalz asks the girls.

'Sighs'..." I don't know. None of us know." Shirley puts her hands on her hips, she looks at the floor wondering what Lelouch was doing.

"I'm sure Lelouch will open up again." Milly replies as she looks over the sheet of paper and he had a smile on her face, "Hey guys." She gets their attention, "I have a plan."

Train station, 3:34 P.M.

As he walked down the station all depressed, Kallen decided to give one last phone call to see if he is alright. Once he saw her number under "Q1" Lelouch hesitates if he should pick up, he decided to break his cellphone in half and throw his cell in the trash can. Kallen then sighed, worried over her friend and she hurries to find him.

Lelouch was walking down the streets of the Tokyo Settlement, nothing was the same as he kept on seeing his little sister's face in the news, news papers, holo grams, and posters for the upcoming Special Administration Zone within the upcoming weeks. All he did was looking down to the duration of the ride, some of the riders along side him were wondering what was going in his mind, Lelouch looks at them and removes his left contact. "All of you, you don't do a damn thing for the remainder of this ride. You won't recognize me as you all would pay attention to something else." He orders them all as his geass activated and they all nodded.

"Yes, your majesty." They said as all of them as Lelouch places his contact back on. 'All these idiots. Wish all of them would just die.' Lelouch thought as the ride turn very quiet.

Streets of the Tokyo Settlement, 6:12 P.M.

Kallen was trying to find where Lelouch was, she has been searching for about the past 3 hours for him. She became worried as she hoped he wouldn't become something like her mother: addicted to refrain. She worries that if she doesn't find him, he'll not stop using the drug and become a addict and wants to get back to the old days like before.

"Lelouch..." She mutters to herself as runs into the alleyways of the constructed building of the Tokyo Settlement. She spots Lelouch with some rich Britannian and some Japanese people but they were defending the rich prick.

"Japanese eating other Japanese, what a picture." Lelouch says in disgust, "Not only they are that but they are committing pity crimes for a Britannian." He says.

"Did you call them Japanese?" With a snap of his fingers, the 11's surround Lelouch.

"We call ourselves 11's."

"And a school boy shouldn't be here." The 11's started to crack their knuckles, itching for a fight against him.

"These gentlemen are here to do my bidding, but only through their consort." He approach Lelouch and is about to touch him but Lelouch smacks his hand away from him.

"Don't touch me, you scum." He orders him, "Now why don't you get on the floor and do push ups until I say so." He whips some of his hair and uses his geass.

"As you wish." The rich Britannian says as he gets on the floor and starts his push ups.

"Mr. Coalchek!" The 11's were surprised to see him doing the push ups.

"Why don't you do some dancing?" Lelouch turns his head to the right and orders the 11 in the brown shirt.

"Oh yeah baby!" The 11 in the brown shirt started dancing as Lelouch smirks.

"Do squats." He orders the man in the green jacket to his left, "Start howling," to the man in a black shirt, "Applaud!" all of them started doing as they were told, Lelouch takes the refrain in 's pocket and laughs out loud.

Hidden Base, 6:20 P.M.

C.C. was in Lelouch's room, throwing the Zero mask in the air, wondering what Lelouch plans to do next, "It makes to difference to me whenever he comes back or not. The only thing I care about is for him to be alive so he can fulfill my one wish. Oh please, the only solution other than that plan you're thinking about is for him to stop being Zero. As you know it would be difficult for him to wage war against his little sister. I know it isn't a romantic story." C.C. had a small smile on her face, "Shut up." Her cheeks begin to blush a little from the question.

The Construction of the Tokyo Settlement/ Center construction, 6:30 P.M.

After Lelouch dealt with the rich prick Britannian and the payed 11's, he found a spot for him to take the drug: refrain. He rolls his left sleeve up, exposing his skin. He then points the needle towards his flesh but he felt a familiar presence, Kallen.

"Lelouch." She said plainly to him as he looks up at her. "The birth place of Zero and the beginning of the Black Knight."

"I take it that you received a vision." He looks down as she nods.

"You know Lelouch.." She stops mid sentence as she spots what she feared, "Why would you use..."

"Refrain." He finished what she was about to say, "Your familiar with it since your mother used to take these. Brings back to the good old days." Lelouch was about to insert the needle in his arm as Kallen quickly grabbed the drug and takes it away from him, tossing it a side.

"Damnit Lelouch! Don't give me that crap! So what if you failed. I know that you can come up with a plan." Kallen pleaded to her friend as she wanted to make sure he was alright.

"Alright can console me." Lelouch slowly stood up, she was shocked from the console part, "There are things...a woman can do." Those words she saw in her vision as Lelouch caress her cheeks, getting closer to her face as she felt his breath coming closer to her lips.

'What should I do?' She tries to think of multiple reasons but her mind went blank as she felt Lelouch's lips on hers, capturing her first kiss. Her eyes begin to slowly close as she return the kiss, tip toeing so that she was almost his height. She places her arms behind his head as he places his arms around her waist.

'I found my resolve...' Lelouch thought as he continue to make out with Kallen. After kissing for what it seems to be eternity, they stopped kissing as their saliva trailed down their mouths. "Thank you, Kallen." He said very generous as he hugs her and she returns the hug.

"Please...we need you Lelouch." She says as she places her head in his chest.

"Go back and tell the others I'll be there soon." He instructed as she nods, almost crying.

"I will." She said as Lelouch whipped the tears away from her eyes before she walks away back to their base. As she was walking away, Lelouch turned around and sees a familiar shadow approaching.

"Shirley?" He asks to see if he was right.

"Lulu?" She turns around to see him.

"What are you doing here?" He rose his eyebrow in confusion.

"Milly wanted to know if you were alright since you went emo on us." Lelouch chuckles.

"Yeah, I'm better. Just had to be alone for awhile is all. Thanks though." He smiles as her cheeks begin to turn red.

"I just wanted to make sure." She looked down as Lelouch knew her reason.

"Come on, I have a feeling Milly is up to something." He says as she nods and walks with him back to the campus.

End of Turn 6

And that is the end of Turn 5. What do you guys think of the chapter? Sorry for the long Hiatus once again but changing some parts of the anime is hard as you had to watch the episode couple of times before finding the key parts. I'll try to put my focus in this story again but it will be difficult but I'm up for the challenge. If you wondering what Lelouch's mother was saying to C.C. why don't you think of the reason why C.C. blushed a bit.

If you guys have suggestions on changing some parts of the turns, leave a comment on what parts can be changed. The next chapter will be another timeskip, skipping forward couple days to maybe couple of weeks in the story. I'll probably start working on the next within a couple of weeks hopefully due to working my other stories, school work and work.

If you want to be a beta reader or be a part of this story, please P.M. me so I can get the next chapter done quickly and get the feedback from you guys. This is Flipkicks and I'll talk to you guys later.

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