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Hey guys Flipkicks here and I'm back to bring you a new chapter for Rewritten. Sorry If I've been away for awhile on this story but I've been mostly writing out my other stories that I've been working on for the past couple of months and I hope to make this story worth it. I haven't been able to make a new chapter for the story in a while since it takes time to make changes in the timeline.

I've also checked out other great stories such as the power of the European king and I wanted to install the political aspects, even though I haven't written any politics in any of my other stories.

I want to see if this story can reach 100 reviews, even though I kinda feel that I need to work on my grammar a lot and hopefully this story can become more better.

Those who are wondering about the romance, this is mainly a Lelouch/Kallen/C.C. fanfic, which there's little Lelouch/Shirley or Lelouch/Milly moments in the story. My only harem stories are The Black Heir: a Code Geass and Princess Lover crossover, The Black Knight: A C.G. and I.S. crossover and Creed's Orders. Those stories are my only Code Geass harem based stories.

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Code Geass R2: Rewritten
My queen

September 30th, 5 P.M. Imperial Pendragon: Fuji Mausoleum.

The stars shine brightly down to the Fuji Mausoleum, where The Knight of 7 Suzaku Kururugi and her Royal Highness and Viceroy of Area11, Princess Nunnally Vi Britannia, were at the round and large fountain where the lives of the citizens and soldiers of the Holy Britannian Empire had died in last years battle. Suzaku escorted Nunnally towards the Fountain where she sees several Britannians placing wax candles of their deceased family members, love ones or friends with their name written on each one of them.

"So far, the council has confirm that exiling Zero is the preferred method on dealing with the Black Knights." Suzaku recalls his conversation with them after getting the face-face phone call from Zero, with Gino, Anya, Lloyd, Cecile and Lohmeyer.

"I see." Nunnally mutters, "That might be for the best." Suzaku stops as the were in front of the large fountain. "The crimes committed throughout year when my return was announced have dwindled down but when Zero return, the crime rate went back up and I couldn't stop them from doing that since it's actions like that make us human." Suzaku is rather surprise to hear those words out of her mouth, remembering almost the exact words Lelouch said last year. "My own desires are a personal matter since I want to set up the S.A.Z. for Euphy's sake and hopefully can make everyone happy," She smiles sadly as she won't be able to see her older half-sister anymore, "But I hope to make her proud." She picks up the wax candle from her lap and looks at Suzaku, who knows what do to. "Did I write her name right?" She asks him.

"Mhm." He nods and picks up her wax candle from her hands, lighting her candle with a match in his hands and gently places the candle in the water.

'Euphy, we're going to make your dream come a reality. A peaceful and gentle word that both you and Nunnally want.'He smiles a bit and gently pushes the candle further away towards the other light up candles. He looks at the others and sees one for Euphy, which is surprising but he had a feeling it was someone familiar.

"Looks like some else besides us are grieving over Euphy's death." Nunnally smiles to know that someone else is grieving like them. One of the officers walks up towards Suzaku.

"Sir, I think you should get some sleep. With the terrorist all not attack at the moment, we can take care of this. You have a big day sir." Suzaku nods.

"Sounds good." Suzaku gets something out of his pocket, "Can you give this to Lady Anya? She'll know what to do." The officer nods and Suzaku gives him a small notebook. They escort Nunnally away to her private limo while Suzaku looks back at the burning candles.

'Seems everything is going to change with this moment tomorrow. I hope everything goes smoothly.' Suzaku sighs and hear some footsteps coming behind him, looking back and it's his friend Cecile. "Oh, Miss Cecile I didn't think you'll arrive here now." He says and is surprise to see her early then the time she was suppose to come by.

"Lloyd and Lohmeyer want to make sure that you don't have stress for tomorrow's big announcement." Cecile says very calmly while hiding her anger towards Lohmeyer, as she calls her a 'bitch' in her mind.

"I see." Suzaku sees her point and walks up towards her.

"You seem distracted. You sure that you are alright?" She asks him.

"Just been thinking is all." He admitted to her, "It's been almost a year since the original S.A.Z. with Euphy still being here." He started getting flashbacks of last year's incident. "I just wish that it ended differently." He started squatting down and looks at the candles.

Cecile sadly smiles and remembers everything like it was yesterday, she walks up to him and places her left hand on his right shoulder which made him look up at her. "We all do, Suzaku. But whatever happens, happens. Princess Euphemia wouldn't want to see you like this. She would want you to be the same person she fell in love with." Suzaku's eyes widen and causes him a blush on his cheeks.

"Ah...h-h-how d-do you know?" He stammers his words in disbelief.

"I...uh...heard it during the Battle of Fukuoka Base. I didn't mean to hear but I was trying to give you your orders until she announce it." She faintly blushes, probably embarrassed for admitting or something else.

"Oh I see." Suzaku scratches the top of his head, "Does Lloyd know?" She shook her head which made him sigh in relief. "That's good. Well, let's get back before begins to go mad and try out some testing." Suzaku begins to stand up right as he stretches his legs. "Thanks for checking up on me, Miss Cecile." She smiles to see some of the old Suzaku still in there, which made her blush. "You ok?

"OH! I'm fine." She said very fast and walks away, leaving a very confuse Suzaku alone.

Outside of Fuji Mausoleum

Walking up the stairs of the Fuji Mausoleum, Lelouch looks up to see his accomplice, C.C., waiting for him by the train station also carrying the 2 suitcases with her.

"Is everything going as plan child?" C.C. asks deadpanned.

"Yes, that was the last thing taken care of. There's nothing here to bring me back now." Lelouch replies and takes his suitcase that C.C. was carrying.

"You know that someone is going to figure out that the real you is not at school right?" The two walk towards the far end of the train station.

"Don't worry, Sayako is going to fill in while I'm out in the world with you guys." Both of them toss their suitcases on a hidden platform below, where the Black Knights built during his absences. "I still wonder why we have to jump off of this platform to reach the one below us." He sighs, annoyed that his accomplice built such a thing.

"Well due to the events of last year and the requirements to scan ones finger prints, the Black Knights were scattered and only had means of transportation via hidden train stations, underground routes, etc. The members that didn't know were captured and executed. This is our safe transport." C.C. pushes Lelouch and flips him over the railing, landing on the cushion floor.

"Damnit C.C.!" Lelouch yells at her as she jumps off the railing and lands next to Lelouch.

"It isn't my fault that weigh less then me. And plus you seriously need to work out instead of acting like a child." C.C. rolls her eyes , pissing Lelouch off.

"Shut up witch." Lelouch slowly gets up, picks up his suitcase and walks away from the immortal witch, which leaves her smirking.

'Looks like this is going to be fun teasing the child.' C.C. smirks, laughing in her mind since she just push Lelouch overboard towards the hidden train station.

Meanwhile, Lelouch is beyond piss. Rubbing his back to make sure that none of his bones are broken, even though it was a soft patting. 'If that's how she wants to play like that, then I'll make sure that her pizza's are confiscated, as well making sure that my credit cards are with me at all times now.' He mentally said as he sees the green haired immortal chuckling at him.

"My my Lelouch, I didn't think that this platform would hurt that skinny frame of yours." C.C. said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"Gee, I wonder who pushed me down here." He sarcastically said to the immortal witch. "But seriously, did you really had to push me down here? After all there was a hidden floor that led you here."He stood up and the two continue to bicker at one another, but unknown to both, they were actually getting attracted to one another.

Last year, the two became partners due to a contract; Lelouch must fulfill her one wish but it was kept a secret so that he can figure out her wish but Lelouch couldn't figure out what her true wish is. The two became more attracted to one another last year where it is to a point Lelouch managed to figure out her real name, Cecilia.

"Sometimes you need to stop trying to act the tough guy around me boy. Even I know that you are wearing a mask underneath the real you." C.C said as Lelouch rolls his eyes.

"Don't try to give me a lesson on trying to be someone or something in your mind C.C." Lelouch argued but C.C. wasn't faze at all.

"We shall see if you can still be the miracle man Zero within these coming months. I have a feeling that your actions tomorrow and these visions all of us will play a part in this." Lelouch looks at the immortal witch, surprise to her hear worried about him.

"That's not like you C.C., I didn't know that you cared about me that much." Lelouch walks up to her and C.C. decided to go with her teasing.

"Of course I am." She then wraps her arms around his neck and Lelouch decides to play along as well. "You still have to grant my one wish." She cooed into his neck as Lelouch wrap his arms around her waist.

"I still have to figure that out but I will grant your wish, my lady." He whispers into her ear and can spot a faint blush on her cheeks, which is not the same C.C. he comes to know and hate/love.

(Turn 8, no changes. Suzaku doesn't get any visions.)

October 4th/5th, Horai Island, 5 A.M.

With the Exile of the million Zeros, everything was a success. Throughout the small journey to Horai Island, which the Chinese Federation allowed them to live throughout their exile. Lelouch became closer to both Kallen and C.C. but Kallen specifically since she made him workout with her, much to his distaste in fitness.

"" Lelouch said through his heavy panting. He had to lift up 20 pound bar, which Kallen forced him to carry.

"Aw..I didn't think you'll feel that way towards me Lulu." She grins and acted like a school girl, Lelouch just flips her off.

"Why did I have to carry this bar?" He continues to breath heavily.

"Because I told Urabe to not carry these. We're in a secure place Lelouch which is your room. No one besides Urabe and C.C. are allowed here unless the others were summoned by you. And plus you need to workout, you're a fucking toothpick for Kami's sake." She pointed the obvious figure known as Lelouch Lamperouge.

Lelouch drops the 20 pound bar and walks towards Kallen until he wraps his arms around her waist, which she didn't argue and places her arms around his neck. "You know that it's the king that orders his queen around not the other way but for some reason, I don't find myself to argue with my beautiful queen." He flirted with her, and she quickly gets the hint and she seductively smiles at him.

"Well I am being to wonder when I was considered your queen." She then caresses his cheeks and Lelouch pins her by the wall, giving a squeeze on her butt, making her moan in the process.

"You never had objected the idea of being my queen since day 1. Out of all the men and women that served me throughout this rebellion, besides C.C., you are the most important piece and that is my queen. Not only are you beautiful, you are one of the most skilled pilots I have ever seen." He would continue to compliment her, giving her a small kisses on her neck and only to capture his queens lips for a short kiss.

"And I have no objections on you being my king. You brought us many victories, while we were close to achieving victory last year, the guys and I still believe that you will defeat Britannia. I still believe in you Lelouch." She then unbuttoned her Black Knights outfit, revealing a pink sports bra, which made Lelouch blush as they were going to further their relationship, "I know that we may be young Lelouch but knowing that we only got one-shot in this, I want to make sure that I give this one man something special." She then captures Lelouch kiss but with lust and hunger for one another.

Lelouch discarded her clothing and soon even though he was exhausted, he picks her up and brings her to his bed where they discarded everything.

'I have rise from the ashes of defeat one year ago, now my goal is surely to come at last when I finally defeat Britannia but I still have to deal with the Order of Geass and kill my father in the process. I will not let any of these tragic visions come. I won't let Shirley die at the hands of any assassin nor will I let the F.L.E.I.J.A kill the millions of civilians. I will change everything. I won't let them get you, my queen.'

End of turn

And that ends the chapter! Sorry if you guys were about to read the lemon and got excited for it but no I had to be a A-hole about it hahaha. But for now that is the tease which will lead to their real lemon in the next chapter. Since they recently arrived at Horai Island, it'll be a few days later to turn 9.

I might need some help in terms of a Lemon since I haven't written one.

At GeassZero:Me alegro de que te gusta el señor historia, pero por desgracia no va a ser un harén, será sobre todo un Lelouch, Kallen y CC el romance, pero su será un pequeño harén momentos en la historia. (I'm half Salvadorian)

Turn 9 in the anime will take awhile so that I can make the proper changes in the story and I'm sorry for taking a lot of time trying to come up with a chapter for the past couple months but I hope to make the next chapter within this month or so. I hope to hear from you guys and I talk to you guys later.

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