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Hey guys, Flipkicks here and today I bring you all the long awaited chapter for Code Geass R2: Rewritten. Thank you guys for waiting ever so patiently for this story as I have been on a real long writers block for a couple of months.

I am sorry for not trying to update this story but today, I'm finally relieved to bring this story back.

I do not own neither series.

Code Geass R2: Rewritten
Traitor or Hero

Horai Island: 7:00 A.M.

After one hell of a night, Lelouch finally woke up after hearing Kallen's light breathing on his chest. Wrapping his arms around his queen, he kisses her forehead as he can feel Kallen's legs intertwine with his. She groans a bit and slowly opens her eyes.

"Morning." She smiles a bit to know her lover is here with her, "How are you feeling?" Lelouch questions his red-haired queen, who greeted him with a quick kiss to his lips.

"After last night: Heavenly." He then smiles sincerely and kisses her forehead once more.

"Glad to hear it Kallen." He then gets up from his bed in his birthday suit, "Come on, I better get you back to your room before Ohgi wakes up." Kallen slowly gets up while covering herself with his blanket.

"True." She walks up to her lover and gives him one last kiss on the lips, "I'm glad that we are able to share our first time." Lelouch wraps his arms around her neck.

"Like I said Kallen, you are a important piece that can never be replaced. I'm not going to lose you and I will do what ever it takes to make sure it stays that way." He stated to his queen , "We were given a chance with these visions to change the future and in the future, I do not want you to be captured by Suzaku within the next couple of days." He stated to her once more as he tightly hugs her.

"Don't worry Lelouch," She caresses his cheeks lovingly, "I won't lose to him nor will I be captured. I promise you." She kisses his cheeks as she leaves the room, leaving Lelouch to his lonesome self. As the door closes, it got Lelouch thinking on what might be a possible outcome for their upcoming plans with the empress.

Putting on some new clothes, he wonder, 'What can I do to make sure everything goes as plan and keep Kallen from being kidnapped?' He sat on his chair and turns on his computer, 'So far, I know there's going to be a reception for the bride and groom and Schneizel is going to be there. I can't make that move where I coward away from taking his King.' The reason why he knows is because during his sleep, he received visions on their plan to kidnap the empress of the Chinese Federation and he was facing his older step-brother in a game of chess where he coward away from taking his King, revealing his character to him and what sealed his fate against his Black Knights.

'Schneizel will be the most troublesome threat in there and I have to find away to beat him.' He continues on thinking since he has yet to beat him in any games. 'I will beat him by taking that King of his.' but he forgot about one person, 'Suzaku and his friends are going to be there as well with them being Knights of the Round. Suzaku is immune to my Geass but I can't use my Geass since they'll eventually figure out but what if...' He looks at his cell phone and sees some miss calls.

Looking at his cell phone, he got some calls from Milly, surprising him.

'Well, since Japan is a couple hours ahead of us,' He decided to call his maid, Sayoko.

{Master Lelouch?} She answers her phone call.

"Sayoko, I'm going to need you to no come in for school today. Be sick for the day and make sure to tell Rolo since he is under my command and will think of you in disguised as me to call in sick as well. I'm going to head back.' Lelouch puts on his Zero outfit, "I'm going to tell Milly."

{Are you sure that is wise master?} She questions the former heir of Britannia, {You are aware that exposing yourself to your oldest friend might cause a friction between yourself and her.}

"I know that Sayoko but I'm willing to take that chance. Milly is my oldest friend and someone I can trust to do something for me." He stated to his maid, "I'll be there in an hour or 2 and make sure to come towards the Aquarium when you have my KMF on your sonar." He hangs up his phone and puts on his mask.

Once he locks his room, he then hurries off to the hanger area, where he runs into the highly energetic Kaguya Sumeragi.

"Lady Kaguya." Lelouch stated calmly towards his 'self proclaim Fiancee'.

"My lord, where are you going?" She questions her 'husband' by tilting her head sideways.

"I have some issues in Japan that I forgot to take care of. It is nothing serious but in the mean time, I have the upcoming plans for our 'new hosts' for the Chinese Federation." He stated in his Zero persona, "I'll be back in a couple of hours. Make sure that everything is in order when I come back."

"Understood my lord." She bows her head and smiles at her 'husband' sweetly, "I hope everything goes well in your brief stay in Japan." She bids her 'husband' farewell as his KMF unit: Shinkirou comes out of the cargo box.

'Time to test out the new unit.' Lelouch thought as he enters his KMF unit. Pressing the right buttons on his pad, he activated his KMF and flied away back to Japan.

Couple of hours later: Area 11/Japan

Once he lands in a secret area for his little trip in Japan, he changes into his student uniform where he sees Sayoko waiting for him.

"Afternoon Sayoko," He greeted his maid, "Did you made sure that you've called in sick?"

"I certainly did master Lelouch. Milly and Shirley have been wondering where you've been for the past couple of hours." She replies back to her master and that is true. Since Sayoko has been acting as Lelouch for only a couple of hours, she has gotten some calls on where he was.

'I see.' Lelouch has been getting the idea as of lately that Milly has started to fall for about couple of weeks after he returned from the Babel Tower incident. "Well...I think it's time that I tell her the truth. She's my oldest friend besides Suzaku and her family adopted him and his sister as if they were his children as well and Milly became the second friend he grew rather close with, minus her teasing and 'torture' techniques.

Taking out his cell phone, he dials Milly's number.

{Lelouch?} She raises an eyebrow as to why he's calling.

"Hey Milly, did your father tell you that I won't be coming in today?" He asks the student council President.

{Yeah, mind filling me in on where have you been for the past couple of hours?} Milly questions the raven haired teen, who nervously chuckles.

"Uh...about it." She raises her left eyebrow, "Can you meet me in the abandoned aquarium in the Tokyo Settlement? There's something I need to tell you. I called in sick since I have other business to take care and no it's no a proposal Milly, I can guarantee you that."

{I think I can be there within an hour or so. Hope to see you there soon.} And with that Milly hangs up her phone and heads towards her car.

'Hopefully things don't go sour on my end.' Lelouch sighs in relief from his conversation with Milly, 'I hope it doesn't bite me in the ass.' He continues on thinking until he got a call from his Q1, Kallen. "Yes Kallen?" He asks professionally.

{Hey, I was wondering where you are? Lady Kaguya told me that you have some unfinished business in Japan. Is there a problem?} She questions her lover, worrying for something.

"It's nothing serious Kallen, just had to set somethings when I come back for a little break from being Zero is all." He half-lied to her, knowing that she'll be extremely worried if he told her 'Hey I'm going to reveal my identity to Milly' and she'll be very upset in the progress. "Are things going smoothly at Horai Island?"

"Everything fine, besides Tamaki acting like a jackass. Lady Kaguya told everyone that you'll be back in a couple of hours so that's it." She stated to him, "Hey listen..." He wonders what she's going to say, "If I get pregnant, will you be by my side for this journey we might take in?" That was something he wasn't expecting. They had given up their first time for each other and that's when they know they do indeed love each other and do need each other more then ever.

"Listen Kallen, after last night; there is no way in hell I'm going to lose you and if you were to be pregnant, I'll always be by your side and for our baby in the future." He declared to his Q1, in which on her end, made her cry to know that she'll be having his support to the very end. "Hey, I'll call you back when I get back, something has come up."

{Ok...just don't do anything rational ok?}

"I won't, I promise."

{Alright...I love you Lelouch.} His eyes widen to hear those words, something he hasn't heard in a very long time.

Smiling a bit from hearing her say that, he replies, "Love you too, Kallen. See you soon." And with that he hangs his phone again. 'Didn't think I was going to hear that from her.' He places his phone in his pocket as he walks out of the abandoned and waits patiently for the student council president.

35 minutes later

Once Milly found the abandoned Aquarium, she spotted Lelouch in his student uniform.

"Lelouch, mind telling me what you are doing here?" Was the first thing she asks the raven haired teen.

"Well, about that..." He scratches the back of his head, sighing on what to say next, "You remember all the things Zero has done last year right?" He questions the senior student, who nods to his question, "And his sudden reappearance during the Babel Tower incident right?"

"Lelouch, what are you saying?"

"I remember what really happened last year. I was your normal Junior high schooler until I met someone that I could trust in the future and I was blessed with a gift and a curse, she gave me a reason for living and to get rid of the worlds hatred and to destroy my former life as a Britannian Prince." Milly gasps as he continues on, "I did what was right and give the people of Japan the hero they needed and to be the terrorist that strikes fear into the corrupt."


"Yes...I am Zero, the man who leads the Black Knights, the man who challenges the Holy Britannian Empire, the one who holds the entire world in his hands." Milly couldn't believe it that her friend and vice president of the Student Council, is the masked terrorist Zero.

"Why...why would you do such a thing?" She was baffled, why was he the traitor?

"Because it was destiny." He tosses his mask of Zero towards her feet, "No one would had gotten this far in this war if I wasn't the man that gave hope to the other areas. Only I have the power to change the world." He stated calmly as he also takes out his pistol from his side pocket.

"You would try to shoot me?!"

"No." He stated, sliding his pistol towards her feet, "Your memories have been rewritten by the Emperor of Britannia. My Father."


"Everyone's memories were rewritten Milly and I regain my memories and my true self from my green-haired partner." He then removes his left eye contact, revealing his true eye, "The power you see in my left eye is called Geass. The power of the King that will leave me a life of solitude. My power is the Absolute Obedience, any order I issue is carried out."

"Then you geassed the people of the Black Knights!" He shakes his head to her answer.

"No, everyone in the Black Knights aren't geassed Milly. They are following me of my own free will because of my actions."

"But...why? Why would go up against a superpower that controls 1/3 of the world!? Damnit Lelouch, this is suicide!" She grabs the pistol and points it Lelouch, "Why?!"

"Because someone needs to stand up and make a change Milly! While the people who struggle against sadness and their struggles against oppression. There's a reason why I chose this Milly and only I have the power to stand up against the superpowers of the world." He stated calmly, even though Milly is pointing the gun at him, "The reason why I gave you the gun is simple: am I a traitor to the Britannian Empire and if I am, you can shoot me here and now or am I the hero the world desperately needs?"

Milly doesn't know what to do. She's pointing his pistol at he gave her and is struggling between 2 facts: 1 is that He revealed himself to be Zero, the masked terrorist to the Empire and is to be killed on sight, even though he was to be banished and never to return to Japan and fact number 2: She still sees him as her friend and vice president. She knew him since he was a family friend for so many years and is one of her best friend.

And that ends the chapter guys. Sorry for the long awaited chapter as I previously stated that I've been on a really long writer's block for so long that I had no clue what to write.

What will Milly do in the next chapter? Will she shoot him as the traitor Zero or will she not shoot him because of their previous friendship?

Hope to hear on what you guys think of the chapter and as always, I'll talk to you all later.

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