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Hey guys, Flipkicks here and today I bring you a new chapter for Code Geass R2: Rewritten, thank you guys for the warm welcome back to writing this story and checking out the story.

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Code Geass R2: Rewritten

Abandoned Aquarium: 3:45 P.M.

Milly couldn't believe it, the black haired teen that has been a friend of hers for many years is the masked terrorist, Zero. One of her true friends throughout the years has been the masked terrorist Zero all this time. She is beyond scared, this is the first time that she held a pistol.

Her hands were shaking, she's trying to find a reason to shoot him but the word 'rewritten' kept on repeating over and over in her head. She wonders why her memories and the others have their memories rewritten as well but how did Lelouch regain his true memories...

"What's your decision Milly?" Lelouch asks with a stern look on his face, "Will you shoot the masked terrorist Zero or will you find that I'm the right person to take down the superpowers of the world?" He continues on looking at Milly with his hands in his pockets.

"I..." Her hands continues on shaking, her thoughts were jumping all of her head, her knees starting to buckle beneath her. "I..."

With she continues on struggling to find the words to say, the conversation between the 2 were being recorded by an associate of Lelouch. A beautiful female teen about the age of 18, with long brunette hair tied in a ponytail with her bangs going to the left side of her face, grey/blue eyes, and she is currently wearing an Ashford Student uniform with some of her buttons loosen, showing part of her cleavage. Her name is Vanessa Miller or by her codename Lelouch gave her: Quiet.

'I hope you know what you are doing...' She thought to herself as she looks at her sniper scope.

She is actually from the Soviet Union and is part of the European group of the Black Knights that Lelouch has established during Lelouch time off after the failed attempted to rescue his sister Nunnally but Ohgi and Tohdoh established the European group of the Black Knights and when he came back, he heard of a gifted female sniper that took out some of the Britannian politicians that were trying to take over the neutral country Australia. She instantly got the attention of the Black Knights and she became a very important asset on assassination missions for the group.

The reason why she was given the nickname Quiet is due to her absolute silence. She wouldn't talk to anyone in the groups that she was assigned to but is able to use signed language at times. At first they wouldn't trust her due to mainly wanting to be on solo missions and taking the tough missions so she was transferred to the main Black Knights that Lelouch is leading.

Lelouch took an interest in her and wanted her to be one of his guards and of course, he would get 'rather close' to one of the girls in the Black Knights and she is designated as his 'knight' K-1. She grew rather close to him due to learning signed language, a different language that Lelouch taught Suzaku and Kallen, and giving her a customizable anti KMF sniper rifle that can destroy any KMF unit in her way.

"So...what's your answer Milly?" Lelouch asks once more to the blonde haired young woman in front of him.

"I..." She lowers her arms and drops the pistol from her hands, "I won't tell any one." She says in defeat and looks at the ground, "Why? Why would you tell me this Lelouch?" She continues on questioning the raven haired teen.

"Because I heard from Shirley that you're going to be a news reporter. Besides having one reporter that has connections throughout Japan, I want you to also give me info on what's going on besides the weather." Lelouch says to her as he walks up to her while picking up the pistol and taking out the magazine and the bullet in the chamber, "I'm not here to blackmail you Milly but have you wonder why your family has been disowned by the Britannian Empire?" She shakes her head, giving him a 'no' for answer, "Do you remember Marianne Vi Britannia?" Again, Milly shakes her head, "Of course you don't." He mutters to himself as he continues, "After her assassination, all of her supports including the Ashford family lost their glory and with the family wanting to regain their former glory, you are planned off to wed a Britannian noble but in truth, your heart is telling you that you want to be married out of love." Her eyes widen in shock that Lelouch knows everything.

" did..." Lelouch stops her by saying.

"You were planned off to marry Earl Lloyd Asplund so that your family can regain their lost glory Milly, I remember it from last year but again; your memories were rewritten on specific parts that I have yet to identify." Lelouch explained to his childhood friend, in which still shocks her.

Meanwhile Quiet couldn't hear what she's hearing from him, Lelouch is the man behind the mask and he revealed it to his classmate/friend.

'Why is he making me have to listen?' Quiet questions to herself as to why he brought her out here and to listen to this conversation. 'Zero better have some answers when he's done with this...' She continues on observing the conversation.

"Since you want a different path in life rather than be a trophy wife of some noble, I want to know what's going on here in Japan and in return, I'll do whatever I can to help your family regain your status's of being Britannian Nobles." Her looks at him flabbergasted, she couldn't believe that he's willing to help her family regain her family's status in return of being an associate to the Black Knights. "You know I wouldn't lie to you unless it was something else but you know I'm an honest guy that keeps his word." Her eyes started to leak out tears, one of her best friends from school is willing to help her family regain their statuses for being a mole for them.

"I...I would like that Lelouch..." Her tears started pouring out of her, she didn't expect him to do such a huge task but knowing Lelouch's mind, she has faith in him of delivering. He offers her his hand so that he can help her up. Smiling genuinely for the time in years, she accepts the help and begins to stand up.

"Thank you Milly. I'll do whatever I can to help out your family." He returns with a genuine smile on his face as well, making the senior blush. "I think it's about time you went back, the guys back in the school are probably worrying over you." She snaps out of it as he is right.

"But what about you? You're part of the Student Council too." She stated to him but he shakes it head.

"I got that covered, after all: I'm the leader of the Black Knights, I have my own business to take care of and I'm probably not coming back to Japan." Her eyes widen in shock, "With the war against Britannia and an upcoming war against the Chinese Federation, I'm going to be busy for awhile." Her heart literally felt crushed to hear this coming out of him.

" can't just leave school early Lelouch, your still a junior." He shakes his head.

"Remember that your grandfather placed a bunch of classes for me since Freshmen year to this day and I'm only a few credits of graduating way early." He stated plainly to her.

"What about Rolo? He's your brother and he would be devastated to hear that from you!" He clutches his fists as he heard his name, his fake little brother.

"He's not my brother, nor was he even my real brother." He stated with disgusted and anger, "I only have one family member and she's been kidnapped by the Britannian Empire and is being played like a puppet." She looks at him and pictures on who's his little sister, Nunnally Vi Britannia.

"But... how can you be royalty if-"

"That's because I gave up my right to claim the throne years ago. I was sicken on the fact that old bastard he would call my sister a weakling, she got caught in the assassination strike and lost her legs and lost her eyesight from the pure shock of seeing our mother being shot down like a animal." He retorts back angrily at Milly, "So in return, I'll kill that son of a bitch and have his head on a spike, showing the world that I have killed him and I'm the new emperor of the Britannian Empire."

Quiet on the other hand still couldn't believe that he's willing to kill the emperor of Britannia and he happens to be Lelouch's father. 'Why's he taking this chance to explain this to the both of us?' She questions herself.

"Are you up to the job of being my spy Milly?" He asks her calmly.

"I'll do whatever it takes after I'm done with school." Lelouch nods his head to her answer, "Wait!" He looks at her confusingly while she walks up to him casually but a bit nervous in her heart, "Are you sure that this is the only way Lelouch?" She asks him and he nods his head once again.

"I'm the only one that can do this Milly. I'm way too deep to get out and I have to do this as it is my destiny." He stated plainly to her as Milly looks at him sadly.

"I...see." Lelouch can sense something that she wants to tell him, "Lelouch..." He looks at her as she comes a bit closer to him, "Are you sure that this is your only path and that's the path of blood and destruction?" He only nods to her question and she hugs him tightly. "I wish that there was a different approach for you but guess it couldn't be helped." Lelouch then returns the hug as he won't be seeing her and his friends for the next couple of months and possibly for a year or so.

"I thought so as well but once I go back, there's no turning back for me." He stated to her with a hint of sadness in his voice, "I'm the only one that can carry this burden and I'm the only one that can save the world from the corruption of the strong that oppress the weak. I am Zero, the man who leads the Black Knights, the man who challenges the Holy Britannian Empire and the one who holds the entire world in his hands." Milly then proceeds to kiss his cheek, making the raven haired teen blush from 'earning' a kiss from her.

"Please...please be safe." Lelouch nods his head and tightly hugs back, for who knows how long he will be gone but he knows he'll miss his friends especially some of Milly's antics.

"I'll try." He replies to her, "Go back to Ashford and to the others, I'm sure that they are wondering where you're at." Nodding to his request, she then bids her friend farewell as she leaves the abandoned aquarium. Once she left the area, Lelouch brought out his radio from his pocket. "Quiet, can you hear me?" He asks to which she response with humming. "You understand what I'm testing you for right?" she shakes her head, "Since you decided to be a quiet individual and chose to use gestures and gratitude, I wanted you to understand how to open yourself to people, much like how you're opening yourself to me. I've kept this secret for a year and only a few individuals know the true identity of Zero. My reasons for doing this is to let the people that I am close to know and I'm going to need all the help I can get, while keeping my friends safe at the same time." Lelouch stated to her, "And with you being a quiet individual, I'm having Rakshata making a specific nanomachine for you so I can hear your thoughts, knowing what you're going to say rather go with your body language and such."

He picks up the magazine and the bullet that was on the floor and hides it in his left pocket.

This is one of the last deeds before he transcend into the Demon prince that was from last year but there are things that are keeping him from doing so; his love for the girls, Kallen, C.C., Shirley, Milly and so on. Carrying the burden of the world has changed his own psyche from only making the world a gentle place for his sister where there would be no discrimination against the poor, the weak and the helpless but now 'sharing' this burden is making him wonder if it's the right choice to make sure that the girls are all safe from danger and hoping that none of them would be killed in the process.

'I'll do whatever it takes to protect these guys, I'll send some of the grunts to pose as civilians and have them give me intel of making sure Milly is safe. Shirley should be fine even with her memories being rewritten and Rivalz knows how to take care of himself and my father has no idea about him nor does Rivalz have any idea that I'm Zero. Lelia and her unit should be about done scouting out the Chinese Federation and it's about time I head back.' Lelouch thought to himself as he prepares himself to leave Japan once more.

"Quiet, it's time we head back. Come back."

And that ends the chapter guys. Milly will now take over Diethard's role in the TV as she will be proving any news she will get and in return, Lelouch will be restoring her family's lost glory.

The character Quiet is indeed based out of Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and I love her character in the game and thought of her role as one of the main snipers that will be helping out changing parts in the timeline.

Hope to hear on what you guys think of the chapter and as always, I'll talk to you all later.

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