Code Geass R2 rewritten

Turn 0.1

Code Geass R2: Rewritten
Turn 0.01: Q1 and The Witch

August 14th 2018 A.T.B

9:45 PM, The Kozuki/Stadtfeld Residence
The living room

"So you think Lelouch will go to Babel Tower on the 30th?" the young fiery 18-year-old redhead asks the young/immortal witch.

"Of course Kallen, even though he doesn't have his true memories, he's still the same gambler/chess player. He would most likely head there since the 1st day is invite only." Said the immortal witch

"But why do I have to be the bunny girl?! Why can't I be you?" Kallen questioned the plan that the immortal witch came up with.

"Well I know that you still have questions on Lelouch's geass so once I awaken his true memories, you'll be able to ask him yourself." Said the immortal witch.

'Sigh' "alright C2, is Urabe ready?" Kallen asks C2

"Everything should be ready on the 30th." C2 said

"Alright, I'm going to bed, goodnight." Kallen said goodnight as she heads to her room.

10:50 PM

Kallen's Dream/Kallen P.O.V/Her room

In my sleep, I dreamed of some street in some straight jacket around me, including the others as well. We were being transported just like how a parade would happen but the emperor was looking at us. He almost looks exactly like Lelouch. The next thing I know is our masked knight Zero assassination the emperor. "Lelouch!" I said in my dream. 'Wait… that was really Lelouch" I thought as I started to cry and scream for him.

I woke up sweating from the weird dream…why did I have that dream? Is it really going to happen? Well I guess I have to ask Lelouch about this one too….

12:13 Am

C2's P.O.V/The Guest bedroom

In my sleep I was in some church praying…. wait why was I praying for? "Lelouch the price for using your geass…" I said in my dream 'Wait I was praying for Lelouch?' I thought of it as I started to cry about it. Why was I crying? I never cried in my life besides the death of the church lady centuries ago… I later woke up thinking about my dream. I headed to the restroom so I can wipe my face off with water… 'Just what the hell is going on?' I thought of it before I head back to my room.

August 29

11:45 Am/ outside of the pre-opening of Babel tower.

Kallen and C2 were walking on the streets close to Babel tower. They were walking examining the area so that their plans was perfect.

"So you think Lelouch will come here to gamble around this time?" Urabe asks as he looks at his watch.

"I think so because I've went with Lelouch to one of his games one day. I asked him about it and he would usually go on the second day or a week after of any place to gamble." Kallen explained.

"Well, since you have some memories about it, I wont question about it," Urabe said,"Let's hope that operation: Flying swallow 4 works. This is going to be crazy rescuing our leader." He finished

"Tomorrow, the world will see its own demon price." C2 said with a smile.

End of Turn 0.1

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