Code Geass R2 rewritten

Turn 1

Code Geass R2: Rewritten
Turn 1: The Demon Reawakens

August 30th, Above the Tokyo Settlement
9:45 A.M

[This is 2D4; we now are entering Tokyo settlement control air space.] C2 said through the radio

[Roger, your flight objective is commercial advertisement correct?] A soldier responded through the radio and asking

[No change in that. As filed for the duration of our flight will be 14-hours.] She responded to the soldier

[That is confirm, your clear for fly over.] The Soldier responded back.

"Acknowledge I appreciate it." C2 said as she a little smile on her face as she ended the conversation with the soldier.

Behind C2, who was flying the blimp, Urabe decided to have one last drink of sake with some of the Black Knights.

"We're the only one's left now, this is all that remains of the black knights that who along with Zero struck terror in the heart of Britannia. Still it is too soon to give into despair. If Operation: Flying Swallow 4 is successful than…." Urabe ended as he began to think.

"Yes." The last of the Black Knights knowing the consequences.

"Forgive me, here's to you," Urabe said as he drank his sake as the others drank as well "to victory! Long live Japan!" Urabe said as he smashed his cup "LONG LIVE JAPAN!" the others smashed their cups as well.

Ashford Academy, 9:50 A.M
Student hallway

'I wonder where's' Rolo? I was planning on taking him to Babel tower' Lelouch thought of his little brother as he walks down the hallway but he suddenly stopped for some reason. He began to suddenly have these strange images popping in his head. He saw some cute bunny girl in pink with red hair approach to him; the next image was Babel tower being destroyed.

'What the hell?' he thought, thinking if the images he just gotten will happen. 'Well I better get out of here before…' he thought as he heard a familiar voice

"Lelouch." Said a feminine familiar voice.

"Oh not again, you are persistent." Lelouch said as he smiled as he turned his head around to see his gym teacher, Coach Villetta.

"You're not getting away this time." She said smiling but Lelouch started to run away. A bunch of students were cheering Lelouch on as he runs away from her.

"Lelouch, you come back here!" She ordered to no avail. Lelouch entered a room where there was a beaker filled with chemicals as he began to pant from his running.

"You've lost the minute you've turned this into a contest of strength and speed." Villetta said as she began walking to Lelouch, cornering him.

"Aren't you over reacting? I mean its just making up a P.E class." He said tiredly

"No quit skipping class Lelouch." She said still walking towards him.

"I have enough school credits to pass don't I?" he said as he tipped the beaker in a glass with another chemical causing a chemical reaction. Her first instinct was to cover her mouth until she heard

"Don't worry! Its only color smoke!" Lelouch said as he ran like the wind by exiting from a different room.

"Lelouch!" she yelled at him as he went downstairs to see Milly.

"Hey Vice-Prez hang in there." She said as she threw a treat to him that he caught.

"Thanks a lot Milly!" he thanked her as he ran again.

"What kind of student president are you?" Villetta said furiously as she questioned her

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I wasn't thinking." She said smiling knowing she would get into trouble later.

Outside of Ashford Academy

Lelouch as still running for his life from Coach Villetta until….

"Lelouch!" Villetta said as she jumped out of the window, lands on top of him. She smiled as she caught Lelouch but she didn't expect this.

"OW! Are you trying to kill me coach?" a familiar voice said as he took off the wig revealing Lelouch's best friend/gambling buddy Rivalz Cardemonde.

"Rivalz, when did you…" She questioned as she heard this.

"I need to borrow your bike Rivalz, See ya!" Lelouch yelled as he was being driven away from the school

"What are you up to now Lulu?" Shirley muttered to herself about her crush.

The Highway to Babel Tower, 10:20 A.M

"For crying out load, could they give me a break and leave me alone after school?" Lelouch complained about what had happened earlier

"But they only did that because your always skipping class, Big Bro." said his younger brother, Rolo.

"Because I find this insufferably boring," he said as he rips apart the treat Milly gave them. "Here try some. Its from Milly" He finished as he had half of the treat. Rolo was still driving, as he was about to get the treat out of Lelouch's hand. He manages to get it but he almost crashed.

"I can't eat and stir." Rolo said with the treat in his mouth as he regained his stirring.

"Your right, sorry." Lelouch apologizes from it as Rolo Finished his already.

'It's been one year since the 'Black Rebellion' as the Britannians defeated the black knights. It all started with the revolt that Zero caused. Things are now calming down, even in Area 11. When the insurrection happened rumors spread like a wild fire. I thought of returning to the home land with my little brother.' He thought of it as Rolo began to speak

"Have you turned in your career guide yet?" Rolo asks his older brother

"Huh?" He question what Rolo said.

"That's the reason why Miss Villetta was so upset." Rolo finished his explanation.

'Oh.' Lelouch thought remembering of it

"Have you thought about college?" Rolo asks again

"Well, I haven't decided yet. I mean I am sick and tired of being a student but I not ready to joined the system yet." He explained his reason.

'A typical reason' Rolo thought as he smiled from his answer.

'Besides what would I have to gain from joining the system? A big corporation and nobility are still above me. A structure and mature world. I would be simply absorbed into the hierarchy of adults,' Lelouch thoughts on the system. They had to stop due to the light turning red. They stopped right in front of a giant TV. They saw some of the captives being blindfolded with Calares's soldiers shooting them, as they were defenseless. As the light turned green, Calares said, "We all need to understand that this isn't discrimination but rather diffraction, the Elevens reveal themselves a rather dangerous belligerent race. They followed the masked terrorist called Zero as they took the name 'Japanese' it's our duty as Britannians to control and educated them." Calares yelled on live TV.

'The Elevens lost, they didn't have the strength to win. If only they kept quiet and behave, this place wouldn't need to be a re-educated area. ' He thought as the TV showed the Black Knights members, Tohdoh, Chiba, Tamaki, Ohgi, as they were arrested, Diethard and Rakshata were still wanted. The next image shows a Zero poster labeled dead 'Zero…he was a fool. No matter what you try the world is just…' as he thought, closing his book.

Imperial Palace, 10:50 A.M

"Viceroy, please hurry. The delegation of the Chinese Federation is waiting." A soldier tells the Viceroy.

"I understand. Are those OSI people carrying it out?" He asks his soldier

"Yes sir. At Babel Tower, my lord." He responded back

'Sigh' "And today of all days, what could his highness be thinking? I seriously think that the remains of the Black Knights could do anything; I mean Zero is long dead."Calares said from what had happen last year.

Hidden Office of Babel Tower, 10:55 A.M

They were still checking on Lelouch and his little brother.

"Target in sight as predicted." Said 1 soldier

"Sending Motor vehicle number ID to motor-company." Said another soldier as he picks up a phone.

"Target entering gate B3." A third soldier said

"You think she'll show up sir?" said a soldier next to his superior.

"I just know that we can't afford to fail. We're taking a huge chance letting Lelouch and his brother enter the Settlement's outer edge." said the superior officer on deck.

Babel Tower, 11:00 A.M

Lelouch and Rolo entered the Babel Tower parking garage. Lelouch takes off his visor "Well alright than, you can come with me but I want you to be careful. Today I'll be breaking the law, Rolo." Lelouch said to his young brother.

"Don't get caught." Rolo warned his brother but he just chuckled

"Cops don't scare me." he shot back.

"Why do this? I mean you aren't doing this for the money." Rolo asked knowing his brother as he takes off his helmet.

"Need you ask? I'm doing this to find better opponents." Lelouch said with a fake smile.

Elevator, 11:05 A.M.

Lelouch and Rolo entered the elevator and hit the 23rd floor. Lelouch was on right side looking on the floor while his brother was in the middle, looking sad as he looks at his brother.

'That's a lie, I do this out of sheer boredom. I'm short…I'm…' Lelouch thought as he grabbed the edge. The elevator stop hitting the 23rd floor. The door opened revealing a party-like atmosphere. People were gambling by hitting the slots, Russian roulette, poker etc. People were having a good time by drinking and talking about themselves or the power they have. Down below was 2 people fighting to the death. The taller fellow hit the other one on the cheek while the short person manages to hit him in the stomach by kneeing him.

"Today's main event is a brutal battle between brothers. Which will win, the younger one or the older one?" the announcer says in a hype voice.

"We don't belong here Lelouch. Let's go." Rolo says to his older brother, "It's simple to figure out, just relax Rolo." Lelouch replied which somewhat shocked Rolo. "Look there," He says as he pointed out the others on the opposite side of them. "The Britannians just like us are having fun while the 2 siblings are being laughed at are the Elevens. You pretend not to notice but in the end…" Lelouch states his reasons

"But than why? Rolo asks his brother "I know but it's the truth, the Elevens lost twice. First with Prime Minister Genbu Kururugi and the second with Zero." Lelouch says as he walks away from the fight. With Rolo following behind him. "How could they rebel if they don't have the strength to…" Lelouch said but was shortly interrupted by bumping into a familiar girl.

"I'm terribly sorry sir." Said the bunny girl as she began to whip the liquor off of his right leg.

'Wait…she's from my dreams…. it came true?' Lelouch thought from remembering his dream "No, its fine." He said to the bunny girl.

"But I'm a Eleven and you're a Britannian student. That is inexcusable." The bunny girl said still cleaning his right leg. Lelouch drops on his knees to see the girl's face

"The more reason to excuse you. I hate seeing our social classes held you over like a sword." He says being reasonable to the bunny girl

"It doesn't matter. The powerless have no choice to bare there out of life." The bunny girl said which shocked Lelouch "Regardless of there oppressors are wrong." She finished which Lelouch didn't like the answer.

'As cute she is, I don't know how to help her.' He thought as he began to speak " I appreciate it if you didn't hold our values like that." He said as he got up.

"I beg your pardon?" she asks as Lelouch gave her his hand which she grabbed his hand. Unknown to him, there was a microchip she slipped into her hand but someone grabbed her by her hair as the chip managed to get into his right shoe.

"Come here, let me look at ya." Said a rather rude voice and mannerism. "Mmmm…nice we got a nice one here." He said to his butler.

"Yes mister King, we got a large quality catch of bunnies here today." His butler said which caused Lelouch to stare at them.

"Your wrong sir, I'm not for sale." The bunny girl said as she was still was in pain due to Mr. King still had his hand on her hair.

"But you are for sale. You should know that losers such as yourself don't have any rights. Curse your own retched birth for not having born with power. That's what his majesty always isn't?" Mr. King said as he cracked some nuts in his left hand.

'His Majesty?' Lelouch thought of how the ruler on Britannia would say something like that.

"The strong feed upon and devour the weak. That's the rule here kid." Mr. King said remembering what his Majesty would say.

"The guys mafia, Lelouch. Let's just go." Rolo muttered so Lelouch could hear him.

"What a arrogant display." Lelouch said which caused Mr. King to now focus on Lelouch. "Feeding upon the weak are you?" Lelouch asks Mr. King.

"This is the real world kid. So why don't you get the hell out of here." Mr. King said in a very threatening voice.

"Well, if you say the strong feed upon and devour the weak. Will the strong devour me as you say or will it be the other the way around? Why not settle it with this." Lelouch says as he opens up his briefcase, which reveals his chess pieces and board.

"With Chess?" Mr. King asks as Rolo tries to stop his brother.

"Big Brother don't…" Rolo says

"Too late fellas, right boys?" Mr. King asks his two bodyguards which they responded by laughing. "Students really don't know much about do they?" Mr. King says

"That's not true Mr. Black King," Lelouch says which Mr. King gave him a weird expression. "You're a famous chess player in the gambling world, right?" Lelouch says revealing him as a big time chess player.

"So, you know who I am, huh?" Mr. King said as he crushed the nuts in his hand.

The blimp was still flying towards the Babel tower, as the Black Knights are about to make their strike.

Britannia Prison, 11:20 A.M.

The officers of the prison were putting the criminals away into different cells. One of the officers kicked Tamaki into the ground as he started to growl. "If Zero was here, you won't be acting so tough." He said as he started walking in pain from the kick.

"If you wouldn't mind, don't say that traitors name." Chiba said violently

"Hey Zero didn't betray us." Tamaki barked back at Chiba but he earned this from the guard.

"Hey shut up you fucking Eleven!" Said one of the guards as he hit him the head with the end of his assault rifle.

"There has to be a reason why he would betray us in the final battle." Ohgi said trying to find a reason why their leader Zero would abandon them.

"Why would he leave us!? I mean we would have won if he stayed during the decisive final battle!" Chiba yelled back at Ohgi which the two exchanged words until…

"Stop it! It serves no purpose because Zero is dead after all." Tohdoh said which made them quiet

'Zero's dead!' Ohgi thought of it since they been in jail for a year already.

Babel Tower; floor 23, 11:30 A.M.

Kallen was standing next Lelouch as she was looking at Lelouch as he was playing chess with one of the well-known chess players around Japan. What she didn't notice was about to happen to her as got a dream-like image. The images she receive was about her dragging Lelouch away from the chaos that was caused by the Black Knights, the next image was on the floor looking at Lelouch run away from her with the young man on his right.

'I got to get Lelouch away from that kid. He'll ruin everything.' She thought as she eyed on Rolo.

"And that's checkmate." Lelouch says as he placed the white king in front of the black king. Everyone around them was shocked as they just saw a student beat Mr. King. "Looks like you're the one being devoured here." Lelouch smirked as he won the game.

" Curses, how would everyone in the homeland take this?" Said Mr. King, which confused Lelouch.

"I wouldn't spread rumors." Lelouch shot back at him

" I mean how would a student beat me when you cheated." Mr. King said which caused everyone to think how could you cheat in chess.

"You fucking lying adult!" Lelouch yelled at him as Mr. King's bodyguards grabbed him and put his face on the table as they tried to fine evidence but nobody expected a explosion to happen.

"What?!" Mr. King said as Kallen threw her bunny ears on the floor and he punched him in the face and kicked him on the floor. The bodyguards tried to grab their pistols from their suits but Kallen launched herself in the air has she hit them really hard as they fell down.

"This way!" Kallen said as she tried to run away from the kid who will cause her to fall on the floor. 'I got to get him out of here! That dream better not happen.' She thought as she ran like crazy with Lelouch still holding her hand as the crowd was running for their lives, Rolo was caught in the crowd of people.

"LELOUCH!" Rolo yelled, as he couldn't get to his brother due to the crowd running away. He could use his geass but he wouldn't be able to get to Lelouch due to a large crowd of people.

Babel Tower office, 11:45 A.M

"He got away sir, it appears that one of the bunny girls manage to get him away from the chaos." A soldier yelled.

"Damnit, find him now!" he yelled at the soldier.

"Yes, my Lord!" the soldiers yelled as they scatter to find Lelouch.

'The Black Knights have appeared, lets hope that witch is with them.' The commander thought as he got into his Knightmare Frame Sutherland.

Babel Tower; floor 15, 11:50 A.M.

"Come on, this way!" Kallen yelled as she was still guiding Lelouch who was confuse where they were going.

"Wait, where are we going?" Lelouch asked her, feeling tired due to being a frail young man. Kallen grabbed her hidden earpiece from her cleavage.

[This is Q1, I have the target!] Kallen said through her earpiece

[Roger, picking you up.] Urabe said as he dropped into Babel Tower's rooftop to get Kallen and Lelouch.

'Well this should get interesting.' Urabe thought as he is going to meet Zero without his mask. "Alright, spread out and find them." He ordered with all of them nodding from the live fee in their Knightmare."C2, have you found them yet?" Urabe asked

"Almost, I have their signal. I should be close in couple of minutes." C2 replied from looking at the map area.

"Ok, radio me once you find them." Urabe said as he went offline.

Babel Tower: Lower shopping area
floor 15, 12:30 P.M

Kallen and Lelouch were still running away from the chaos, as a Burai Knightmare Frame appeared to them.

'Good, I found C2.' Kallen thought as she found her friend but some Sutherlands came crashing through the windows. 'Damnit! Why now?' she thought as they were done and the mission was a success. The Sutherlands started shooting at C2's Burai as she was protecting them from being shot at.

"Come on this way!" Kallen said as she dragged him away from the Knightmare battle.

Babel Tower; floor 10
Guren drop off; 12:37 P.M

Kallen manages to get Lelouch to the designated area. She calls C2 from her earpiece.

[C2 I'm here by my Guren. Are you almost here?] She said through her earpiece.

[Almost. The Sutherlands are destroyed. I'll be there in 5 minutes.] C2 replied back going offline.

Kallen than took off her earpiece and put away in her cleavage.

"Why… did ….you. …tt-t-take… me…here?" Lelouch asked her out of breath from all that running.

"You are important to us Lelouch. My name is Kallen, I'm on your side." She introduced herself even though Lelouch doesn't know her.

"Important…."Lelouch said still catching his breath. "Why am I important? I'm just a student, I don't know you or anything that's going on." He said to Kallen as C2 found them. She than got out of her hatch as she began to walk to Lelouch.

"She's right Lelouch, we are on your side, as allies." C2 said which still confused Lelouch. "He doesn't remember anything C2." Kallen said to her, which made C2 think. "I think he might have a case of amnesia." C2 said as walked closer to Lelouch.

"C2 wai…"Kallen tried to said but she was to late as C2 kissed Lelouch, her face turned red of what C2 is doing right now. 'What the hell!?' Kallen thought, as she couldn't stop staring at the kiss.

Lelouch's Mind/Lelouch's P.O.V
12:50 P.M

All I can see is all white. I tried to move my head but I couldn't.

'You desire power?' I heard a voice that sounded feminine."A girl's voice?" I said as tried to figure out why I can hear it.

"You already have the power of the king. The power is hidden in you with a case of amnesia." The feminine voice said as I see her in my mind "Now let the seal be broken!" the girl in my mind said as I began to remember everything.

"That's right, I remember now. All those memories were implanted in me. I was casted as the herd yet I find myself who I really am…. I am… I am… I am Zero!" I said as I remember what Suzaku said to me last year "Lelouch, I wasn't asking forgiveness. After all were friends…. aren't we?" He said to me on Kaname Island. "Yes, that's your answer isn't…Suzaku." I said in my mind as everything became clear.

Babel Tower: Guren Drop off, 12:58 P.M

Several Knightmare frames came crashing down right in front of them in a kneeling position on the return of their leader.

"The world has to change, so I will change it." Lelouch said as he smirked as he regained his memories back.

"We've been waiting for you Master Zero. Please, give us your orders." Urabe said from the speaker.

"Very well, after all I am Zero," Lelouch said as he raised his right arm across and flings it back "The one who will crush the world and the one who will recreate the world anew." Lelouch said as his left eye changed into his geass.

Imperial Throne, 12:45 P.M

"Yes, your majesty. I understand." Suzaku said as he rose up from kneeling, "The one to kill Zero will be me." He finished as the Emperor smiled at his Knight of the round responded.

End of Turn 1

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