Code Geass R2 rewritten

turn 2

Code Geass R2: Rewritten
Turn 2: Zero's Rebirth

August 30th
Babel Tower, 1:00 PM

As the Knightmares fell down, all of the pilots bowed their heads in the return of their masked leader, Zero. Urabe walked to their leader.

"It's good to have you back, master Zero." Urabe said as he held out his right hand that Lelouch gladly accepted.

"It's good to be back. I trust you and the girls came up with this plan, huh?" Lelouch asks his lieutenant

"Yes sir. Kallen remembered you go to new gambling places the next day or the week after that." Urabe said, as Kallen blushed from being embarrassed which C.C smirked at Kallen.

"I see, since you all have seen my face, I want you all to keep this secret." Lelouch ordered his soldiers as the nodded in agreement and got into their Knightmare frames. While they were getting into their Knightmares, Lelouch had gotten another vision of the future. He saw Urabe's death at the hands of an unknown gold Knightmare that looked like the Suzaku's Lancelot. He also saw where it was located, on the 15th floor. "Urabe, have one of your men go to floor 15, I have a feeling that a new Knightmare frame will be there. Either destroy it of capture it, your choice." Lelouch ordered as Urabe nodded as he got into his Gekko unit and he took some men with him.

"Did you have a vision Lelouch?" C.C asks him if he did but it made him confused.

"Vision?" he questions her as he lifted his left eyebrow.

"Both Kallen and I both had these visions in our sleep about the upcoming future." She explained both Kallen and herself

"I see. Yes I had a vision just now; I saw Urabe's death at the hands of an unknown pilot and Knightmare frame. So I decided to change that fate and have him sent one of his men to floor 15 to either destroy it or capture it." He explained what vision he got and told the girls his plan.

"Is it because of your Geass? Is it the reason why I got these visions in the first place?" Kallen demanded answers from Lelouch.

"Later Kallen. I promise, I'll tell you the truth. Right now we have a task at hand right now. Go to floor 21 and help the others." He said, as Kallen knew she would have to wait for the answers she wanted as she simply nodded and left with her Guren Mk2. "What's gotten in to her?" he asks C.C

"She's confuse if you used your Geass on her to make her follow you, Lelouch." C.C stated as she took out a box and a notebook from her pocket.

"What's this?" he asks her

"The box contains a special contact lens that will conceal your left eye since it's now permanent with your Geass. The notebook contains everything that had happened today. The emperor's personal agents were keeping an eye on you." C.C said as Lelouch looked into his new contact lens.

"A normal contact would have been easier, you now." Lelouch commented as he looked at his new contact lens.

"It would yes, but a normal contact wouldn't last long. I had gotten these from my sources." C.C said as Lelouch closed the little box.

"I guess we have to end this game then." He says to the immortal witch. "Go to floor 11 and bring of the Black Knights with you and plant some C4 on the support pillars." He ordered as C.C nodded as she gotten into her Burai.

"You know Kallen still has lots of questions and she wants answers Lelouch." She said as her hatch closed and left Lelouch alone, thinking about what she said.

Ashford Academy, 1:20 PM

The student council and Villetta were watching Babel tower being destroyed, and smoke was pink smoke was covering the rooftop of the tower. They were all thinking of Lelouch and Rolo's survival and Shirley was clutched the bottom of her shirt, thinking about her friend and crush.

"Do you think they got out?" Shirley asks her friends and her swimming coach.

"I don't know Shirley but all we can do is just pray that they did get out." Milly said as her best friend started to cry on her shoulder.

Outside of Babel Tower/the Bridge
1:24 PM

The military was having a hard time getting into Babel tower due to some Knightmare's shooting at them from on top.

"What about the OSI units that were in?" Soldier 1 said as they looked on their map.

"No contact yet. The chaff from the smoke is still in effect." Soldier 2 said "Recon section 4."

"The terrorists are still inside of the tower. They are believed to be the Black Knights. We confirm from the enemy Knightmare." Recon said

"Alright, special weapon battalion will breakdown below." Soldier 1 order as they all said "Yes MY LORD!" as they fired their slash harkens on floor 8. 2 Burai's were near by them as they fired there assault rifles at them but they were also getting shot back.

Babel tower

"This is hopeless, lets run for it." Said one of the Black Knights.

"Just hang out a little longer, wait until Zero gets the layout of the tower. We'll back you up but you got to stand firm." Kallen said as her and Urabe were driving their Knightmares together as he turned right. Her thoughts were of last year where Lelouch revealed to both Suzaku and herself that he was Zero.

Kamine Island
November 24th, 2017 A.T.B, 8:57 PM

Both of Lelouch and Suzaku both shot each other where Lelouch shot Suzaku's right earpiece while he shot Lelouch's gun.

Suzaku managed to do this trademark Spinzaku on Lelouch, which caused the land on the ground as Suzaku grabs the liquid sakuradite from Lelouch's heart.

"Zero!" Kallen yelled as she was about to run towards Lelouch but Suzaku pointed his gun at her."It's Lelouch! It's the man that used the Japanese people, who used you, would you follow a man like that?" Suzaku question her as he grabbed the vital from Lelouch's heart. As she saw the little fight from Suzaku and Lelouch, Kallen left him alone.

The Imperial throne room

Suzaku brought a now secured Lelouch to his emperor, Lelouch's father. "The former 17th to the imperial throne, Lelouch VI Britannia, it's been a while my long lost heir and son." Emperor Charles said as he looked at his son.

"How dare you!" Lelouch said as he tried to lift his head but Suzaku forced his head to the ground.

"You won't use your Geass, Lelouch." Suzaku told his 'Best friend' "Your majesty, I have a request. Please sire, allow me to join the knights of the round: The 12 strongest knights of the Britannian Empire." Suzaku asks his emperor.

"As a reward for capturing Zero? Is that it?" the emperor asks him.

"You…" Lelouch muttered at Suzaku.

"I told you Lelouch. That I want to change it from within." Suzaku said.

"Even it means selling out your friends?!" he yelled at him

"That's right." Suzaku said which shocked Lelouch.

"Very well, I like your answer you just gave him." The emperor said as he got up from his throne. 'Now than, as a knight of the emperor, I order you: cover Zero's left eye." The emperor said as Suzaku obey but covering his Lelouch's left eye. "MY unworthy son, you raised the bettor of rebellion although he was a prince. Still there is one way we could make use of him." The emperor said as his eyes began to change.

"What?" Lelouch questioned as he began to realize.

"I will rewrite your memories, about being Zero, about the death of your mother and the very existence of Nunnally." The emperor said as his eyes revealed Geass.

"NO…. Geass!" Lelouch muttered as he saw his father's Geass,

"You'll remember none of it, you'll just be insignificant." The emperor said, as he was about to erase Lelouch's memories.

"Stop it! You steal to me again! First my mother an now your taking Nunnally!" Lelouch tried to move his head and close his right eye but to no of use.

"Charles ZI Britannia engraves into you…" Charles said, as he was about to change Lelouch's memories

"Stop it!" Lelouch yelled at his father.

"False memories of a false life." Charles said as his Geass activated, erasing Lelouch's memories of his mother, his beloved younger sister and his alter ego Zero.

Present time

Babel tower, 1:48 PM

Lelouch continued to walk to the command room in Babel tower, thinking about the things he wasn't fully himself. He remembered he had a younger sister, not a younger brother. He now knows the full truth of everything, as he is fully awake as Zero.

Rolo was looking for his older brother when he ran into the Brittanian Military. He asked them if they saw his brother but they didn't. They took him into an evac center where the survivors are. He walked and walked trying to find him but to no success. He looked for a near by Knightmare but for some reason, the Knightmare wasn't there.

Chinese building, 1:56 PM

"The terrorists are staging a counter attack?" Calares asks Gilford.

"Yes, we believe that they managed to steal some of our Knightmares." Gilford replied to Calares.

"That's disgraceful." Calares muttered from what Gilford said.

"Still, there numbers are still small sir. If it's possible, I would like to join the battlefield." Gilford asks his Viceroy.

"No, you're still a guest here and under our protection. As Viceroy, it is my duty to go out there. Besides I don't like the spices in Chinese food. However I might enjoy the manhunt." Calares said to Gilford.

Babel Tower; 2:02 PM

A Knightmare was chasing down 3 unarm, non-terrorist people as he killed them from behind. As he was driving, Kallen broke through the wall with her Radiant wave and attaching her Knightmare's right arm to the Knightmares head.

'Let me see you Burst Britannian!" she yelled as she hit the throttle hitting 3551/97, which caused the Knightmare to starting bubbling up and it destructed from the effects of the radiant wave surger.

Babel Tower/ command center

Lelouch found the command room as he instructed the others to follow his lead. "Well done Q1, now head to level 21. P4 block the stairway, R5 left 30 degrees, N1 fire barrage 50 meters angle towards the ceiling." He ordered as they as followed to the letter.


"Contact lost with lord Emilio. Change IFF codes." Soldier 1 ordered.

"We did, 5 times already." Solider 2 replied back to Solider 1.

"Ortiz unit, wiped out." Soldier 3 said as he looked at the holographic building of Babel tower.

"What are you all doing?" Viceroy Calares said as he entered the G-1 base.

Babel Tower, 2:19 PM

Urabe was driving his Gekko unit along with fellow Black Knight, who was driving the Stolen Knightmare Unit, Vincent. 'So Zero is really just a student huh…he is sure is something!' he thought as he sliced an enemy Sutherland. While Urabe and a fellow Black Knight were driving through the floor, many other Black Knights got into the enemies unused Sutherlands. They all believe that they all have a shot at victory.

Command center

Lelouch was laughing at how easy this was. "Should Viceroy Calares be his appearance now?" he said as he knew he was about to achieve victory.

"It's going well." Said a familiar voice, Lelouch turned his head to the door, revealing Kallen.

"Kallen? I thought I sent you to floor 21?" he asks her since he thought she was going there but he remembered what C.C told him.

"I wanted to be at your side. We're finally alone, just you and me." Kallen said as she took her pistol and aimed at Lelouch.

C's World

Emperor Charles and Suzaku were walking in C's world. "I sense that the bait we set I going into plan." The emperor said to Suzaku.

"Is it C.C your majesty?" Suzaku asks

"We do not know as of the moment. Kururugi, even in the Knights of the round, you are the first to ever allow here, even Schneizel aren't aware of this place." The emperor explained

"I'm honored, your majesty. Where are we anyway and why me?' Suzaku asks the emperor of this place as they stopped at a weird Shrine.

"You are the only Knights of the round to know about Geass and Zero's true identity. This place is a weapon to destroy god." The emperor explained again.

"A weapon sir?" Suzaku asks again, being confused about the term weapon.

"It is called the sword of Akasha." Was only thing the emperor said.

Command center

"You, who have abandoned Zero at Kamine Island, what do you want to tell me?" Lelouch said to her.

"Lelouch, you were deciding me the entire time…" Kallen said while Lelouch interrupted her

"About me being Zero or was it my Geass? Which of them has offended you the most?" He asks her

"Both of them. Tell me this; did you use your Geass on me like the others? Did you twist my mind and my heart and make me follow you?" Kallen questions her leader, which made Lelouch chuckled "Lelouch!" she yelled at him.

"Your mind and your heart are your own. I did use my Geass on you but it was only to get info if you were the pilot of the red Glasgow. Once I did use it, you'll be immune to it. You followed Zero without my Geass." Lelouch explained as he walked towards her as she pointed out her pistol. "Kallen, you should be proud at what you did. You've decided to follow Zero." He said as he grabs her pistol, aiming at his heart. "You don't believe it, huh?" he asks her as she retreated back.

"I wanted to be believe that I've become a slave." She said as she looked at the ground.

"I see." Lelouch said feeling bad at what he did a year ago.

"But the one I believe is Zero, not to you Lelouch." Kallen said, looking up at Lelouch.

"Well fine by me. Oh by the way, are you going to change out of that outfit?" Lelouch asks her which made her blushed as she covered up her breast area.

"Don't look at me you pervert!" Kallen said, blushing furiously.

"Is that the way you talk to Zero?" Lelouch humorously said to her.

"I'm speaking to you Lelouch." She said again blushing.

'I bet she's still mad about me seeing her naked a year ago.' He thought as heard a beep in his earpiece. "Go ahead." He said into his earpiece.

"Britannian reinforcements are here." C.C said in her earpiece.

"There's zillions of them, what do we do?" a member of the Black Knights ask from seeing the large forces.

"There's too many of them, we don't stand a chance!" another Black Knight member said as he looked at his radar.

Bridge area, 2:59 PM

"Special weapons battalion 4 has began to drop." Soldier 1 said from looking at the map.

"Show the Chinese federation, show them the emperor's might!" Calares said as he sat down on his mini throne. "The might of our Empire!" he finished as the all yelled "Yes My Lord!" a lot of the Britannian's Sutherlands began to drop like hot cakes. Some landed on the roof while some dropped by the bridge for support, some managed to get in Babel tower.

Command Center

Kallen was looking at the map of the building as enemy Sutherlands were inside the building. "They're coming from above too." Kallen said as she began to worry.

"Its alright, Kallen." Lelouch said as he gave her his student jacket to cover her. "Viceroy Calares decided to show up. That's why I'm going to win." He said, smiling at his upcoming victory.

Bridge area

3:21 PM

"Our main fighting force is right there waiting for them." Calares said thinking about his 'victory'.

"Yes sir, everything is in place. We just need to draw them out into the bridge.

"Set up a broadcasting link quickly. We need to draw this into a media event as Viceroy Calares kills the remnants of the Black Knights." Calares said, smiling thinking he was about to win.

Command center

Kallen left to get into her Guren while Lelouch got into Sutherland that was nearby. "The Britannian's must feel certain of their victory. That clears all task at hand, how much time will you guys will be done?" Lelouch asks C.C from his earpiece.

"10 minutes at best, were almost complete, rendezvous with Urabe and the others." C.C said to Lelouch from her earpiece.

As Lelouch met Urabe with Kallen, he told them that they need to buy C.C some time to plant the remanding C4 on the pillars before they could get out.

"Is the transmitter that Diethard gave us still in use?" C.C asks Lelouch

"The system still is functional. Everything is going as plan." He replied back to C.C

They continued to buy C.C time as they destroyed countless Knightmare frames. Urabe's Knightmare got damaged but Urabe is able to fight back as Kallen helped him, trying to change his fate by saving him.

"I got some news, were finished here." C.C said from her earpiece. Lelouch was glad that all 3 of them that they were able to change Urabe's fate as he hit the detonation button he had with him. With the building blown in half, they were able to kill Viceroy Calares and his forces that were with him.

Tokyo Settlement

4:00 PM

With the death of Viceroy Calares, chaos began on who will take command. Gilford entered the building claiming that he will take command, as a temporarily Viceroy. They all agreed as Gilford as the new Viceroy of Area 11. As Gilford gave orders to find any survivors and find any clues about the Black Knights, a small transition started to appear in the TV.

"Lord Gilford, look!" Alfred said, pointing out at the TV, which Gilford turned around looking at the TV.

"I AM ZERO!" Zero said as the people started to shake in the return of the masked terrorist to Britannia and the savoir of the areas. "PEOPLE OF JAPAN, I HAVE RETURN!" Zero yelled as he took out his arms out of his cape.

People in the media department tried to kill the video to no success.

The Chinese Federation.

3:00 PM

Diethard along with Sayako and Rakshata were in a secure area within the Chinese Federation. As they were taking a break, the omega line that Diethard set up was activate. "That's it, that omega line that I set up and the only one that it…. IS ZERO! Yes I knew your were still alive!" Diethard said as he hugged his small TV.

Chinese Consulate

4:10 PM


Knights of the round room.

4:13 PM

All of the knights gathered as the all watched the rebirth of the masked villain, Zero.

"Man oh man, the elevens rebel leader sure popped back up with a vengeance. Right Suzaku?" Gino asks his friend Suzaku, but Suzaku clutched his fist thinking Lelouch got back his memories. "Come on, Zero's dead isn't he?" Gino said as he got up, putting his right arm around Suzaku's shoulder in a friendly way.

"Yes." Suzaku replied back to Gino

"So this guy's a fake. And whoever he is, we can storm the consulate." Gino said thinking of a reason to go in.

"But we'll break the treaty, causing a international incident." Suzaku explained why they shouldn't go in the consulate.

"He's saying he's Zero and Zero killed our royals. That gives us equal status with the E.U war." Gino explained a 'Loop hole'.

"It's a slippery slope either way." Anya said in her monotone voice while she is on her camera.

Chinese Consulate

'Killing the Viceroy and securing our escape route, he managed to do both a the same time." Kallen thought of her masked leader.

Xingke thought on how Zero managed to escape and kill the Viceroy like Kallen was.


"Are certain about this? We still haven't received a word from her highness." Xingke said to Gao Hai.

"Are you not satisfied with my decision?" Gao Hai asks Xingke but he decided to shake his head.

"No, never mind." Xingke said as he left the Consulate.

"Hahaha Zero, you actual founded…the United States of Japan." Said a Geassed Gao Hai.

"STARTING FROM THIS MOMENT, THIS ROOM IS THE FIRST DOMINION OF THE US of J! RACE, IDEOLOGY AND RELIGION WILL NOT MATTER! BEING A CITIZEN WILL HAVE BUT 1 REQUIRE: TO DO THAT WHICH IS JUST!" Zero said passionately 'everything will change and I will change the world if I have to.' Lelouch thought as he smirked at 'Zero's' performance.

End of turn 2

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