Code Geass R2 rewritten

Turn 2.5

Hey guys sorry if I haven't posted another turn chapter in a while. I've decided to make a .5 turn to show how each character's relationship will grow and have some fun in the mix.

Code Geass R2: Rewritten
Turn 2.5: Dinning with the Witch and Q1

Chinese Consulate
August 30th, 3:30 PM/ Before Zero's speech

Lelouch was looking over the planner that C.C retrieved from The Emperor's personal agents while driving his stolen Sutherland. He looked at one date, 11/12, the date of Britannia having an arranged marriage between his half brother Odysseus and the young empress of the Chinese Federation. He thought it was a straight lie, but the more he thought of it, the more it seems real. As he continues to read the planner, he received another vision. The planner was actually the truth, he saw him taking the young empress marring his half brother. He also saw himself facing Guilford in a 1-1 Knightmare fight. 'So looks like I was right and I would face Guildford in the upcoming days. I wonder if he's good as my sister.' He thought as he saw the light coming out of the building.

As the Black Knights entered the Chinese Consulate from entering the collapse, XingKe came out of the building as did Zero and his fellow Knights.

"Zero, I didn't expect you to be alive or your fellow Blacks Knights as well. As much as I would like to be here, I didn't come here for trouble with any terrorist." XingKe said as he put his hand around his sword.

"I didn't come here for trouble. I came here to ask you a favor actual." Zero said, putting his hands up by his chest.

"And what favor would that be?" XingKe asks

" I would like to discuss that in private if you let my comrades stay free for a while." Zero said, proposing a deal in secret.

"Alright, I'll see if I can have you and your members have some room in the guest department." XingKe said as he leaves them.

'That worked better than I anticipated. Kallen, meet me in this room that XingKe gave us. C.C come with me, I have something to discuss with you." Lelouch ordered as Kallen left them to their room. C.C stayed as Lelouch's orders.

"What is it?" C.C asks him.

"Why am I receiving these weird visions of the upcoming future? You and Kallen both received a glimpsed but why am I getting more of them?" Lelouch asks the immortal witch.

"How should I know, even though I'm immortal, I didn't read any of these 'Geass vision' you, me and Kallen have been getting recently." She said so bluntly that Lelouch didn't like the answer he was given but it will do for now.

They continued to talk for about a good 5 minutes about the upcoming events and strategies as backups until they decided to go to their room with a waiting Kallen sitting on the couches. She was thinking about what Lelouch said to her earlier during the rescue mission about how he will be truthful to her for now on. She wondered if he was trying to lie about it or he truly wanted to at least have a good bond with her from what happened last year during the 'Black Rebellion'. Both Lelouch and C.C entered to room. "About time you guys got here." She said irritated for being patiently waiting for them.

"Sorry, I had to discuss something with C.C" Lelouch said "I take it your hungry, right?" he asks as Kallen heard her stomach growl which made her cheeks turn a little red, he sees her small blush thinking he was right and how cute Kallen was blushing. "Well I asked one of the Chinese people here and ask for them to make us lunch."

Zero's Room
3:37 P.M

They talked for a while until the food was delivered. They received shrimp fried rice, egg rolls, sweet and sour chicken and pork, and other delicious food. As they ate as much as their hearts contends, Kallen is still thinking about what happened earlier. She looks over at Lelouch as he is having a conversation with C.C. She wonders about his relationship towards C.C, she wonders if it's a sexual relationship or a partner in crime type relationship. "Kallen, you ok?" Lelouch asks her which straddles her for a bit due to her constant thinking. "Oh. Yeah, just been thinking about what happen earlier is all." She half-lied about it, which Lelouch kind of saw it in her eye. "Hey C.C, you think you can leave the room for a while, I would like to discuss something with Kallen." He asks C.C which she just shrugs it off as she leaves them alone. "Kallen, what's wrong?" he asks her.

"Well, I have been thinking about what you said earlier on how you will be truthful to me. But does the same goes to C.C? I mean you guys do seem rather close an all." She said from what she's been thinking for a couple of hours. "I see. You wonder about my relationship with C.C, huh?" he asks her, which she nodded. "Well my relationship with her is just a close friend since she is the one who gave this power." Lelouch explained his relationship to Kallen.

"So it isn't a 'Sexual Relationship,'" she questions with a smirk on her face, causing Lelouch to spit out his tea from the question.

"WHAT?!" he yells but he started to cough now "What you mean a 'Sexual Relationship?" he asks her, still coughing.

"Never mind, I think that gave me my answer, hahaha." Kallen started to laugh at Lelouch as he started to blush a bit.

'It's almost time; the new viceroy should be starting his search for us in about 9 minutes. I should go see C.C for this part now; hopefully the tunnels are clear for me to head to Ashford. ' He continues to think as he looks at a laughing Kallen. 'Kallen, I'll get some pay back for this joke in my own way.' He thinks as he leaves the room to search of C.C

The Media room
3:40 P.M

Lelouch sees C.C already in the Zero costume as he runs his plans to her again. "I hope you now how to act like me C.C" he says to her.

"Don't worry child, We've already did this last year, remember?" She said back at Lelouch as he takes out his recorder for the Zero performance.

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