Code Geass R2 rewritten

turn 2.67

Hey Guys, decided to do a dream sequence for Suzaku and Shirley. Since both of them were Geassed by Lelouch, I think it may help out in the coming future for them. I finished this last night since I was doing some Homework for my class on friday. I will do Turn 3 but it was take awhile since I have to work and I may not have enough time so I was wondering if you guys could help me out with some of the upcoming turns. I already did a draft for turn 13 because it was a major turning point from my perspective view. Hope you guys like it.

Code Geass R2: Rewritten
Turn 2.67:The White Knight and the Orange school girl.

August 30th, 5:00 P.M

Knights of the Round room, Suzaku's place

Suzaku's P.O.V

After hearing that Zero is now back, I continue to think if Lelouch has gotten his memories back or it's just a fake Zero. I want to believe its Lelouch but how could he be Zero when the Emperor has rewritten his memories thanks to his geass. I end up leaving my room to gets some air and stretch my legs after writing some paper work I had to deal with earlier from a mission I was assigned awhile ago. I looked up at the sky, hoping princess Euphemia was happy that I brought peace for a while, hoping that she is still looking down and watching over Nunnally and myself. As I end up going to my bed for a short nap, I hear a knock on my door.

"Yo Suzaku!"Said my fellow Knight/friend Gino.

"Yes Gino? Can I help you with something?" I ask him since he had a smirk on his face.

"YES! Anya still hasn't dropped her monotone voice! She is still boring as ever! I mean she's a good friend but she doesn't do anything without her camera phone!" Gino said as he does his comedic crying on my shoulder.

"Gino…remember Anya doesn't remember her memories so she does need her camera." I said deadpan and trying to be cold to him since he always does this to me.

"I KNOW! But I do not know what to do with her! I just ask her if she wants to do something while we are free for a while before you go on your mission to the Middle East areas.

Well he was right; I mean I haven't hanged out with them most of the time due to me going on missions for the Emperor. "Alright, I see what I can do. Why don't you hang with Anya for a while, I need a nap." I said to him.

"Sure thing, you could use some sleep man." He said as he closes my door for me so I can head towards my bed.

Dream sequence

5:45 P.M

I keep on dreaming on what has happened during the last year, discovering that my best friend was alive and my own worst enemy as the most wanted man on the planet to the SAZ massacre that he did to the only woman I ever loved to my recent missions during late winter and summer in the E.U war. The next thing I dreamt of was standing on a moving platform with me in Zero's suit and mask on piercing my sword into the new emperor that looks like Lelouch…I couldn't hear what he says as I said "This Geass…I do solemnly accept" I began to cry for some reason, maybe I end up killing my 1st best friend I ever had.

I end up waking up from that bizarre dream, why was I Zero? Why did I kill Lelouch? It was I keep on thinking about. As I went to my bathroom to wash my face, I hear a buzz from my cell phone on my nightstand. It was Gino probably telling me about us hanging out.

Ashford Academy, 6:00 P.M
Girl's dorm, Shirley's P.O.V

I end up heading to the bathhouse to get myself clean up after doing some laps around the pool. Madam President was also with me, we were talking about our days and she would bring up any ideas about me confessing my love to my long time crush. I would end up blushing profusely about it, embarrass about by it as most of the girls in the campus has a crush on him…well except his one girl that is a lesbian for Milly.

"Come on Shirley, just confess your love for him! If you don't, someone else might." Milly trying to tease about the 'Lelouch Situation'.

"Wh-wh-what?! Madam President could you stop! Its embarrassing…" I blushed again as she continues to tease me and gropes my breast. Man is she a pervert and a dirty old man inside. "MILLY!" I yelled as she continues to be a pervert around me. Thank god Rivalz wasn't here or he would have a big nosebleed and thank god Lulu wasn't here. With her done being a pervert and we would go to our respective rooms, I get dress into my night gown doing my homework until I would go to bed, hoping Lulu and Rolo are still alive. I hoped Lulu was alive so I could one day; tell him my true feelings for him, hoping he doesn't reject me. After checking the clock, it was about 10:45 P.M, I probably spent about 3 hours doing all of my homework and some papers for the student council that I forgot to do couple days ago, so I decided to head to bed, hoping Lulu would come back to school tomorrow.

Dream Sequence

11:18 P.M

My dream was pretty normal with Milly, Rivalz, Lulu and Rolo hanging out together. Milly, Rivalz and Rolo would soon leave for some reason, leaving Lulu and me alone together. I end up saying something to him but the next thing in my dream; I saw was Lulu and I on a date to the mall. We end up shopping for wine for some reason. Then the next thing I see is the fire alarm going off. Why would the fire alarm go off? I don't see anything on fire. My next dream was pretty frightening; I was on the rooftop with Lulu holding my hand and Suzaku pulling us up. The last thing I see is Rolo holding a gun and he shot me in the stomach.

I woke up shaking, Rolo kills me! Why would he do that? I know he's a shy person but he would never do that to anyone! I didn't know if it was a dream or a vision of something. I hope it's a dream as I head towards the nearest restroom to wash my face with cold water.

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