Code Geass R2 rewritten

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Hey guys, sorry for the no update on the story been busy with a lot of work and school work. I am still going to continue on this story as this is probably my best (so far) story that I made. I might need help if I havent posted the turns in weeks or a month or 2 but I will finish this and hope this will please everyone. I'm glad that you guys love this story as I wanted to make sure you guys are please with the chapters. hope you guys enjoy and review, follow and whatever you want to do, enjoy the chapter.

Code Geass R2: Rewritten
Turn 3: Outcome

September 1st

Entrance of Ashford Academy;8 AM
Lelouch 's Perspective view

After leaving the Chinese consulate around 6, there was one of the cars that were left for me. There was a letter from XingKe on the hood of the car, saying I can use it since it's just an ordinary car in Area 11. Thank god nobody was up until around 8:30, which is the alarms around the school is triggered. I managed to enter the student council room with little effort but I didn't predict this blonde girl to be here, Milly Ashford.

"Milly? What are you doing here?" I asked her, which kind of spooked her.

"Lelouch?" she questioned as she turn around to see me. The next thing I knew was her hugging me in a heartbeat. Sure I was a good friend with Milly, her family took me in since my mother was a good friend with the Ashford family.

"Um…Milly…your squeezing the hell out of me…. and I can't breath" I said, my face was turning red from either the lack of air or feeling her breast on my chest. Either way my face was red as she let go of me.

"Oh I'm sorry." She said, "We haven't had much luck in calling you if you are ok. Everyone in the student council and the students we worried about you and Rolo. But we didn't know if you survived since Rolo came back alone. But I'm glad you're here." She said, smiling as she hugged me again, I hugged her back since she was one of the closes people, one of the closes girls. I'm glad Milly was happy I'm back but I didn't expect the whole entire student class to miss me. Maybe its because most of the girls, excluding Shirley, think I'm the most 'Sexiest guy in entire school'. Milly and myself stayed like this for at least 5-10 minutes, just glad that I made it out alive, but they didn't know I survived thanks the my leadership as Zero. Milly ended the hug as she put her hands around my neck; I was blushing because I was never this close the Milly. Our heads were touching as we looked at each other.

"I'm glad I'm back." I said, for some reason, I put my arms around her waist, bringing her close to me as for some reason we kissed. I didn't know what got into me or into her mind. But for some reason I'm happy even though it's going to be weird for us since we're kissing really intimately.

Chinese consulate, 11:45 A.M.
Kallen's Perspective view

After waking up from rescue mission yesterday, I decided to go ahead take a shower since I didn't take one. All I kept on thinking was what Lelouch told me during the mission. He said he will tell me the truth, but was he just lying about it to gain my trust, or he really does want gain trust from me and have a relationship with me. That is all I kept on thinking. What goes on in Lelouch's head?

Ashford Academy/ Student council; private kitchen,12:57 P.M.
Lelouch's perspective view

After class ended, Milly called us to head to our private kitchen they set up earlier in the year. I was the first to arrive before Shirley and Rivalz. It was kind of weird for Milly and myself after what happened earlier in the day as we both our first kiss with each other but Milly being Milly, she would just order me to do these variety cooking from a beef stake, mixing a sauce, taking out a fresh baked bred out of the oven. As I was cooking some of the food as Milly hugged me from behind. I blushed cause I felt her breast on me. "Lelouch.." she whispered in my ear which I started to shiver for some reason.

"Y-y-y-yes?" I asked her

"Did things changed for us? I mean, from the kiss earlier." She said, reminding me during the morning.

"I honestly don't know…." I said while looking down on the floor.

Chinese consulate,1:20 PM

News began to spread like a wildfire after the return or resurrection of the masked terrorist, Zero, last night. Kallen was looking through the web and the most looked was Zero's return. Kallen was glad that the black knights are once again, the most feared group around area 11. She heard the doorknob turn and saw Zero entered the room. "Your all talk of the world Lelouch." Kallen said as she looked backed the computer.

"Naturally" said 'Zero' as he took it off, revealing it to be C.C "What's the matter?" she asked Kallen.

"When did you two switched places? I thought Lelouch would be here." Kallen said, still wondering about their leader.

"The voice was a pre-recording. He knew he couldn't stay long due to him having school. So I dressed up as 'Zero', all a big performance as he planned." C.C explained.

"You know we don't like you guys keeping secrets from us." Kallen said, feeling a little mad or jealous at the 'close relationship' C.C has with Lelouch. " 'We' don't? Or you don't?" C.C smirked, asking Kallen as question back. She just frowned from the C.C's remark.

Ashford Academy,1:30 PM

Shirley and Rivalz had joined their friends in the private kitchen and began to help out cooking the food. Milly instructed Lelouch to cook a lot of food since Rivalz and Shirley couldn't do the stuff Lelouch has been doing for the past 8 years. He began thinking of the events from last year during the 'Black Rebellion'; he wondered if he had stayed during the battle, would he have won the fight? Would he be able to destroy the entire Holy Brittanian Empire? Would have Suzaku help him or kill him if he were to stay fighting with his fellow Black Knights. He keeps on thinking about the upcoming futures. He wonders about them since Kallen, C.C and himself have been getting had before the rescue mission. He also noted that Shirley has been acting not like her usual self. "Hey Pres, can I ask you something?" he asks her breaking the diligent silence of them preparing the food.

"Certainly, but I may not choose to answer." She smirked/smiled at Lelouch. "So we're making this because of both Rolo and my self's survival, right?" he asks her without looking at her.

"Yes. After all Shirley was worried sick about you. Oh my darling Lulu." Milly said, trying her best Shirley impression but Shirley quickly covered Milly's mouth so her 'secret' crush wouldn't hear what she was going to say next. They continued to talk and tease Lelouch while they continue to cook.

Secret HQ basement of Ashford Academy, 2:00 PM

Villetta Nu was having a private meeting with her fellow subroutines about Lelouch. They wondered if he truly regained his memories of last year as Zero from the event that has happened during Babel Tower. They continued to talk for about 40 minutes until Rolo entered the room. Tension rise from Rolo's presences. Rumor has it Rolo killed the others because of the geass rumors. They wondered if Rolo does indeed have geass like Lelouch.

Ashford Academy Student council,2:40 PM

Lelouch was checking the news and checking the photos from past events. He looked at the photos from Halloween where Lelouch was dressed as Dracula, Milly as a witch, and Shirley as The bride of Dracula, Rolo a ghost and Rivalz as a cat for some reason. One photo had Lelouch and Shirley as a 'married couple' due to their costumes, the next photo had Milly seducing Lelouch while in the background Rivalz was about couple seconds from beating Lelouch with Milly's broomstick but Rolo was there to stop him from beating his 'brother'. He continued to look at the photos until Shirley entered the room. "Oh Lulu." She says without realizing her crush was there. "What's up Shirley?" Lelouch asks her, taking his eyes off of his laptop. "Don't you have swim club now?" Lelouch asks her. "Yes I do but I have to go shopping for a birthday present." She explain which Lelouch raised his eyebrow. "Whose birthday is it?" Lelouch asks her again. "Miss Villetta, our councilor. They all agreed since I was the one who keeps making her mad. Problem is I'm imperative picking out presents. I do know she like liquor but I don't know what brand she likes…" Shirley said as she started to mumble to herself, trying to figure out what Miss Villetta would like to drink. "Want me to help? I could help select a present if you want." He says which Shirley was a little bit shocked about her crush is willing to help her pick out for Miss Villetta, "You would? " she eagerly said, hoping it wasn't a joke. "Yeah, you ready to go?" Lelouch asks her, she nodded happily, "and I'll meet you by the entrance ok" he said to her as she eagerly left the room to get dress for her 'date' with Lelouch, unknown to them while they were talking, Rivalz was hearing the conversation between them. "OK, I got my scoop. Thank you guys." Rivalz smirked, he ran so he could tell this to Milly.

Chinese Consulate, 2:50 PM

Kallen was thinking if Lelouch would contact her about rescuing the other core member of the Black Knights. She picked up Lelouch's student uniform he gave her during the Babel Tower incident the news calls but she doesn't care about that. She was glad that Urabe was able to survive thanks to the visions that both Lelouch and herself were given. She wonders about those visions most of the time if it was due to Lelouch's geass last year or something else that connects her to Lelouch. She entered the conference room where C.C. was talking with XingKe and one of the high Eunuchs, Gao Hai, about having a secret relationship with the Black Knights. "C.C. wouldn't be easier if you were the Bunny girl?" Kallen said angrily at C.C. from the mission. "You're still mad at that?" C.C asked in her monotone voice, seemingly not caring about it anymore since it was a success. They continue to argue while XingKe and Gao Hai were there.

Omotesandō Mall, 3:30 PM

Lelouch and Shirley were having some fun in the mall, trying to find a present for Villetta. Shirley wonders if it was a real date for them. They head to the nearest liquor store in the mall. They talked about which wine would Villetta would like when she wasn't drinking. Lelouch suggested a mark west, a sweet taste, wine with Shirley suggested a little bit sweeter version. They bought both of the drinks and exited out of the store and they decided to enter a café for a break.

"You ok Shirley?" Lelouch asks her while he sat down in his chair. "Huh? Oh yeah just been thinking a lot." Shirley replied as she sat in her chair. Lelouch thought it was maybe a bad day for her but he had a hunch it was vision she might had gotten during her sleep because of the geass he put on her last year. He looked at his coffee he bought earlier thinking it was his fault that she lost her true memories when he killed her father during the battle of Narita.

Villetta Nu was looking at the mall cameras as they were making sure Lelouch's true memories didn't return or suspect his involvement with the black knights during the babel tower incident. she wanted to make sure that his memories didn't return because it would mean trouble with the emperor and his rule. She sent a couple more spies to make sure just in case, she knew he would be smart as he is one of the few student to excel in all of his classes to pass with a very high A except for his work in gym as he has a low D which surprises her. She thought that a very brilliant student who has the affection of every girl in the school including some of the teachers to her surprise, would get a low grade in gym….

Lelouch's Perspective View

Even if i haven't received a vision, i can guess on what might happen in this mall. With the guys from the student council here, along with the some secret service that Villeta Nu send to look after me, I can make some trouble. With Shirley with me, things might go bad if i dont do my Zero persona. My plan is to go a local AT&T or Verizon here, if my memory is right,hopefully i spot the people that are following me now and geass him and give him false information. Things should go smoothly, the terrorist have a 'bomb' and will 'blow' the mall up if demands aren't met, chaos occurs with everyone in this mall, the guys from the student council will leave, including Shirley.

Normal Perspective view

Lelouch and Shirley entered a near by AT&T and Lelouch ask a clerk for a new model for his phone if the have it in stock. "This may take a while, why don't you try out the new headphones while I'm doing the paper work." he said, Shirley nodded as she went to the accessories. Lelouch went to the desk to fill out the paper work for his new phone. As he was writing his signature on the sheet of paper, he took out his left contact, revealing his awaken geass, "Excuse me but could do a favor for me?" he said, his geass activated as the clerk looked at him. "Certainly, how may I help?" the geassed clerk asked him. "Well it goes…" he said, telling him his plans.

5 minutes later

Shirley was listening to some music that they had installed, not paying attention until she saw a couple about to kiss but she was interrupted when Lelouch came by her to get her attention.

"I'm back. What were you looking at?" he said to her. Shirley was stuttering, trying thinking quickly so she doesn't tell him what she really saw.

"I…I was looking….at that." she said, pointing out a billboard of a local cable kart, this cause Lelouch to cringe because he originally geassed her to erase her memories so she couldn't remember her fathers death and the memories of Lelouch.

"You ok?" Shirley asked, concern about her crush. "Huh? Oh yeah. Just thinking. By the way, Milly and Rivalz are following us."

They went to clothing store, so Lelouch could do his 'prank' to the guys but in reality it was a plan so he can get the secret service off of his ass and geass them to get information out of them. 'Everything is going as plan. Shirley thinks this is a harmless plan , but this is the only way to get away from them.' Lelouch thought as he changed into the clothes Shirley picked out for him and picking up his cell phone and he put on a accessory for his cell to make sure they didn't tracked down his number as he called the mall's office number.

["Omotesandō Mall, how may I help you? The Black Knights?!"] said a security officer in the mall. "We have a bomb in the mall and will blow it sky high if our demands aren't met." Lelouch said in his Zero voice, smirking that the officers will do what he says.

"Paging Mister Maximilian of the hadudkai center, Mister Maximilian of the hadudaki center you have a phone call." said the announcer which caused the workers to stopped because thats a sign a terrorist act is in the mall. This caused chaos as the geassed clerk from AT&T to hit the fire alarm, giving the hint to the costumers and the workers to fled the mall, all were thinking that the Black Knights are about to attack the mall. Everyone including the student council bailed the mall, Rolo wanted to check if Lelouch was there but Milly and Rivalz grabbed him so they can leave, Shirley was dragged by some shoppers.

One of the secret service officers was walking behind Lelouch but as he looked at Lelouch's eyes, he was geassed into giving Villetta Nu and her co-workers false information. Lelouch managed to leave the mall undetected as he went into the Ashford Academy's secret camera room and see every camera that was wired in the school. As Lelouch was walking away from the mall, he put back his contact lens back "hahaha, and thats one easy way to cause panic hahaha!" he laughed out loud as chaos happened around the mall, police officers trying to maintain order and get everyone to safety. "Everything is going as I planned. Now for phase 2." Lelouch said, smirking at the outcome of his plan. He pulled out his cellphone and dialed Kallen's number. "Q1, is everything in placed?" he asked her.

"Yes, just waiting on you to come back here to be Zero." Kallen said.

"Good, make sure that the others don't spot me coming in. Thanks for covering me while I was in school." he said, this caused Kallen to blushed for some reason. She didn't know if he was joking or was being sincere.

"Its no problem." she quietly said. "For helping me, I'll take you out on a date. No joke." he said, smirking as he can imagine Kallen blushing like a tomato. "I hope you aren't joking about this Lelouch. Call me back when you get here." Kallen said quickly as she hanged up on him. This caused Lelouch to chuckled, thinking Kallen was going to be nervous on the 'date' he said to her, "Guess this will help my relationship with her." he muttered as he looked at the camera's, observing everything in the school.

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